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  1. I've been playing Rim World. I don't usually buy early access games on Steam, but from the Lets Plays I watched, it looked polished enough to be quite fun. So far, I've sunk more time into it than many other games, and the variability and randomness of it is pretty fun. Smiles
  2. I'd like to play it on my ipod shuffle! Smiles
  3. I'd say keep the cover a surprise. For most, it will be a surprise anyways, since they aren't on the forums. Might as well make it for everyone! Smiles
  4. I'm not a big fan of the overwhelming white, but I've never been a fan of forums with so much white vs gray or some other neutral tone. I'm sure I'll get used to it sometime. Smiles
  5. Do it. Smiles
  6. Pre-ordered the "Inside" game from the limbo developer. It looks great. Smiles
  7. I continue to be amazed at how much work goes in this stuff. I have a greater appreciation of 2PP role in the DFA endeavor. Smiles
  8. AnAnemoneInAnonymity was worried about his vote, he likely kept refreshing. Smiles
  9. Red's Dead Redemptionredhead redemption??? :kiss: Redhead ReDead Redemption: Drop Dead Fred Shawshank Redemption. Smiles
  10. Keep it up! Smiles
  11. It's okay. You really don't want one, we understand it. Keep believin'. Smiles
  12. Well, I know many people buy digital movies and tv from Amazon and itunes. Blu-ray players are becoming more prevalent now due to integration with the internet for streaming. For those without any sort of living room gaming system, or who don't want to stream on tablet or mobile devices, it's becoming more widely adopted. I have a blu-ray that I primarily use to access netflix and other streaming services, in addition to watching some blu-rays and dvds that I do have, since I'm just a PC gamer. In the end, its all moot anyways, since everything will be out of date sometime. Smiles
  13. Keep up the good work. Smiles
  14. I'll give it a play in a couple of years likely. Right now, I'm playing Doom 2. Smiles