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  1. Okay, no worries. I don't know if there's an established term for it, I'd probably call it something similar to your description - two-tone cartoon art.
  2. Ron's blog post about it, containing a few important rules: https://blog.thimbleweedpark.com/library_books
  3. No need to get snippy, I was just answering your question.
  4. Cel animation is short for celluloid animation - i.e. hand-painting onto celluloid in the manner of old cartoons - so I can see why you associate the term with two-tone shading but it doesn't apply to FT either.
  5. Is this a use of 'cel-shaded' I don't know? I take it to mean the technique used by games like XIII or Zelda Wind-Waker to make 3D models look 2D. I assume you don't mean it's cell animation?
  6. It could just be that they've filtered it for publicity shots like this because they felt it would look silly out of context, and it will be brighter in the movie. Let's hope...
  7. Wait, which art is?
  8. I was reading the MixNMojo feature on FT and realised that a lot of the sites it links to are now gone - the Kickstand fan-site and lucasforums.com especially. Are these archived or re-hosted anywhere now? This could also be a good thread for features old and new we find about the original FT, its sequels etc
  9. That makes sense (why make the poster artist remodel the bike from scratch?), but I would think it likely that it was fully retextured/painted over for that poster. There certainly seem to be a few differences to the bike seen in-game. Anyway, depending on how the Remastered Edition team convert the vehicle models to 2D (converting it to match the 2D character art may be a lot trickier in HD), the level of texturing on the 3D models may not be that important...
  10. I'm not sure the level of detail on the poster art would correspond to in-game models...
  11. It is literally a square object from a place full of round objects.
  12. Well, he isn't literally, but that is a very cool observation!
  13. Not really, I watched all 8 episodes and didn't acquire a taste for it (beyond quite enjoying it).
  14. This was well-made and pretty enjoyable but it really is a collection of tropes and 80s references (which I'm kind of over now) to the point where it does nothing original or unpredictable. I don't know if I'd bother watching a second season...
  15. Well done!