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  1. Interested too!
  2. Been reading the KS posts as they come so the announcements weren't entirely a surprise but it was still exciting to see Elijah do a recording. Watching the MSO play McConnell's score was amazing! Yay Melbourne! Happy Birthday Levi! Onto the game! Excitement, gonna burst!
  3. Thank you so much and congratulations Double Fine! The game is installing, can't wait to start it. As much as it's said it couldn't have been done without the backers, it also couldn't be done without you and the idea in the first place. It's been a great two years, looking forward to more future fun!
  4. It was so good to see and meet everyone and though the weather was miserable, everyone's spirits were great! Hooray, rainy bbq! Thanks very much Cheeseness for organising
  5. Happy birthday Double Fine! Hope it has been a most excellent day.
  6. Awesome idea, was wondering how we were going to get the cooking on. I will also bring some cookable items and fizz to go with the burnt. Can't wait to see you all again!
  7. The video looks amazing and if it doesn't twinge the strings of people at E3, go eat their hearts. With some salt. More seriously, it's an awesome video, glad to see it show a lovely condensed version of the journey so far with everyone and really loving the music too.
  8. Lacking the appropriate equipment to make a video but really want to contribute... so will this picture do? Thank you Tim for visiting Melbourne last year for the Game Masters expo! It was an exhausting two days and heaps of fun meeting you and the Australian DFA backers.
  9. In the same boat but slowly getting used to associating the title with the game. It's evoking similar personal feelings from when the GameCube was codenamed Dolphin and the sense of disappointment at release of the official name. I still think GameCube is a silly name but the purple was a saving grace
  10. Thanks, gotten the second key
  11. Yeah, definitely! I wasn't suggesting that the forums be removed, just that it might be easier to handle feedback through a system that's designed for that sort of thing Edit: Is it just me, or does the default smiley face look condescending? Default smiley looks like its hiding something... like a fart and smirking because you've noticed but can't tell who it's from. On topic, having not used Bugzilla before but having some way of finding the important/feedback threads would be excellent. We could just sticky everything, but as mentioned before if feedback is required a bit later it'd be hard to retrospectively jam a vote box into the thread. On the plus side, I do like the Update Table of Excellent Contents that DF Chris Remo put up. It's been super helpful for just finding the official stuff.
  12. Hello, it was great meeting everyone yesterday! Super huge thank you to Tim for meeting and speaking with us! Much appreciated and agreeing with kettles that it was a very long day. I hope everyone has managed to get some rest. Aww... it's like some sort of fuzzy dream now and still having that meeting super awesome person buzz This is me on Steam THANK YOU!!
  13. Didn't know anything about the game before I started. When I realised the significance of the moon and worked out the stuff with the boor it wasn't too bad. But after reading Acorino's post about not finding the boor because he started roughly in the "wrong" time seems like an annoyance. Is it confirmed that the moon will shift slightly after completing a Side B Trigon so you can find the boor? Agreeing with Surplus, that if you weren't that invested to begin with, putting the game down to wait a few days means losing just enough interest to never come back. Other annoyances, the touch screen feeling of the game when playing on pc such as needing to rub rainbows? Couldn't work out what was required but completed that bit anyway. Then the pixel hunting, needing to strum on those waterfalls in the "right" bit of waterfall. Doesn't matter that it made the noise, but because I didn't strum it in the right part the puzzle kept resetting. Then random sheep pairing. Was there anything in those areas that sort of hinted as to which order to select the glowing hotspots? Pluses! Because there are some and they're good. The soundtrack is great! The graphics are excellent, really liking that style. The writing makes me smile and Logfella is a good man. Haven't quite finished it yet, but it is shaping up to be a good length game, not too long or short. Does anyone use the Social Experiment thing?
  14. Haha I was thinking the same thing. Thou I would advise against taking the "Fists" path... Take the Wits path or Team with me! I've just called ACMI about the Forum. They say because it's advertised as a two day event, the purchase and the ticket should cover both days. As for printing out the ticket twice, I was told their system should know because we've bought it and shown it for Thursday. He did sound a little uncertain about printing, but assures me it covers both days. If you want confirmation about Tim's talk on the big screen, it's advertised here and here.