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  1. We backed to make the documentary POSSIBLE. Not to lock it down and go DRM on it. Releasing it is fine by me.
  2. this update rocks! And i have learned so much from this update. Even though you can't rush creativity, it is only on the brink, that brilliance and awesome occurs.
  3. this is watching a dream coming true
  4. this idea intrigues me alot!
  5. this is my first adventure game. So awesome.
  6. Thanks for introducing me to Homestuck and Eternity. Back'd both projects.
  7. "I dont know who you are, but i will find you and i will kill you"
  8. Updates gives me hope to live another month. I dont know about you guys, i used to dislike the opening music, but now i find it therapeutic coz awesome things happens after it.
  9. Oh happy day when sidequest appears! Great video
  10. Oh happy day when sidequest appears! Great video
  11. w00t! Gemini Rue is in the lead. Havent played that and i just got it off bundle in a box
  12. yeah, i lost interest in the game when i missed 2 dark moon cycles in a row. The required "waiting for moons" thing is a double edged sword. I can see how it works on a iPad but with a PC you have to boot up to play?