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  1. Weekend Deals at FireFlower: Concursion - 75% off QuestRun - 80% off Reverse Crawl - 50% off Song of the Myrne - 75% off The Weaponographist - 66% off ULTRAWORLD EXODUS - 25% off
  2. Spring Sale at FireFlower April 18~25.
  3. Hello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet.
  4. Women's Day at FireFlower.
  5. Dwelvers: A real time strategy game inspired by classics like Dungeon Keeper and The Settlers. It's a friend of mine that's making this game so we would appreciate your support.
  6. DRM-free Adventure Weekend at FireFlower Games Febuary 26-29.
  7. Yeah, crowdfunding seems like a lottery sometimes. Might be because a high goal might scare off some people, I don't know. But they'll probably make it:
  8. Downfall:
  9. Put some mustard on the doge.
  10. Yeah, it looks great, but how did it manage to get that much funding already? I think the dev got some attention earlier through this: 2B9Jyp7nCNw , and maybe he knows the right people?
  11. Pinstripe looks pretty interesting. "A bizarre and beautiful 2D adventure about a minister in Hell made by a one-man team."
  12. Downfall is now available on FireFlower with a 10% launch discount.
  13. do any of these have mature content? No pixelated nudity unfortunately.
  14. Pixel (He)art Weekend at FireFlower Games.