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  1. I've heard it becomes a proper adventure game (somewhat modernized but still lots of "use item on thing" puzzles) once you get past that point, it's just the beginning that has that weird QTE stuff. Not sure who's idea it was to make the beginning of the game play completely differently than the rest. *shrug*
  2. My ball python's name is Frank. But he doesn't know that since he doesn't have ears.
  3. To my knowledge, a lot (if not all?) of people that made Telltale what it was in the early days aren't there anymore. Old Telltale is effectively dead and gone, I don't think anything can bring it back. I'd love to see more Sam & Max, but I'd rather not see what Telltale would do with it at this point. At least Steve Purcell still has full ownership of it and can license it out as he pleases.
  4. Both Alex Hirsch and Justin Roiland were on DF's No Man's Sky stream today. And while I know that hanging around and playing a game for a bit of an evening =/= two weeks of game development, I can't help but add some fuel to the speculation fire.
  5. On the Alex Hirsch end of things, while he is presumably busy with whatever secret thing he's cooking up at Fox, he did recently hang out with Greg Rice, sooo... And yeah, I see nothing wrong with having some fun and making likely unrealistic choices, as this thread is a "who would you like to see" thing rather than a "who do you think it'll be."
  6. I'm holding off on No Man's Sky right now both because I'm broke as hell at the moment and also because I can't help but be a touch skeptical after all that hype. I've heard good things from people with early copies but I'm curious to know if it can continue to hold interest after the initial excitement dies down.
  7. *enables dark mode* Quotes look kinda messed up in the reply box since it ends up being black text on a black background, but otherwise, it's glorious.
  8. Ooh, embedded Twitter. Fancy. Anywho, if it was to become a theme that the guests are people who make cool creative animated stuff, my picks would probably be Justin Roiland, Alex Hirsch, or Rebecca Sugar.
  9. If the old laptop is still working, it may just need a keyboard replacement. I used to work in a repair shop and we had loads of cases of laptops getting drinks spilled into them, and very few of them were actually toasted by the ordeal. Replacement keyboards usually don't cost much, but it depends on the make and model of the laptop for how difficult installation may be. If you shop around, you may find a small mom 'n pop repair shop that'll install a new keyboard for a reasonable price, if you want to try to salvage that laptop.
  10. Then steal away! That'll cover most of our emoticon needs.
  11. I'll throw some ideas around with Cheeseness later and see if we come up with any goodies. I wish we could steal borrow some of the gems from the Idle Thumbs forum, like this one:
  12. By the way, a nice feature of IPBoard is the ability to @ people to get their attention. I'll give it a whirl here and see if it leads to a fix for the post editing issue. @Spaff
  13. Just tested it on Android, it also looks just like that. I wonder if there's anyone on here that actually has a Windows phone. Maybe they'd be able to see comic sans while on the go.
  14. I've been attending local gatherings of Pokemon Go players and those sorts of things are definitely the highlight of the game right now. I've heard of some cool stuff in the works but the game itself is pretty bare-bones for the time being and far from the Proper Pokemon Experience™ you'd get on a Nintendo handheld.
  15. I've been playing. Level 17 Team Mystic, caught a Magmar outside of my college yesterday. There's no Pokestops near my house, which sucks, but I'm constantly in range of two of them when I have classes, so that's been my chance to stock up on Pokeballs.