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  1. So it occurs to me that with the forum changeover, we all lost the threads we were subscribed to
  2. Awesome stuff, Jenni So far as storing the script goes, even the wiki can get out of sync with the game - it's particularly tricky since so far as I'm aware, GitHub doesn't give notifications of wiki changes. The dialogue is stored as a Python style array of dictionary objects (Godot's scripting language is effectively a re-creation of Python syntax rather than Java/C/C++). Mixed whitespace and inconsistent indenting might be making things harder to read than they could otherwise be, but I'm also wondering if maybe there's a way we could find a format that's more accessible for prospective writers that still contains all of the information we'd need to generate the dict syntax and do that at runtime. In the long run, I think it's better for everybody if we can empower people who want to work on writing to be able to write into files that the game will use and see their changes locally before contributing/committing changes.
  3. I should point out that a few people contributed to this guide! I think I wrote a small part of it and suggested areas that we should cover, but if I remember correctly, GoldenHeaven, InvaderErik and Bobsayshilol did most of the legwork!
  4. They're talking about the in-forum chat room rather than the forums itself. I think it happens when there hasn't been activity in 10 minutes or something (switching back to it from other browser tabs seems to be enough to keep it alive for extended periods).
  5. Alrighty, there's a github repo up (plus an extra one for asset source files)! Jenni has started creating "issues" where we can discuss and allocate tasks and should have an initial codebase up soon. At the moment, Jenni and I are the only people who can write to the repository (we can add a few more people, but the typical workflow for a git based project is for people to contribute their work to "forks" and do "pull requests" to get those into the main repo - for anybody who that's gibberish for, myself and others will be happy to walk you through it on IRC!) If anybody working on a solo project wants a github repo on the DF Game Club account for theirs, let me know (email me your Github user account at ). Also, take a few minutes to check out my Jam Survival Guide for some tips on how to get the most out of a short-duration game dev project
  6. Not slowing down. But my laptop is getting rather hot. I've noticed Grim Fandango does the same thing. OK, well so long as the game's performing well and not damaging your computer, there's less panic that I need to feel I've got some things I'd like to poke around with that will hopefully reduce some of the CPU usage on one of the threads. If there's scope for a patch, I'll see what I can address there. Beyond that, I'm wary of doing anything that pulls the Linux port farther away from the codebase that the other platforms are using since that will make it less likely to be maintained and less likely to benefit from any future general optimisations if DF decide to pursue any.
  7. The let's make a game while the forums are down thread has been updated with a poll to choose the game concept we're going to pursue
  8. Alrighty, popped those poll results down in the third post there and added the list of concepts as poll for us to select the group poll from. Let's get a decision made as soon as we can so that we're good to go with moving forward when the forums go offline
  9. What kind of system are you running there? Dell XPS L702X laptop - Intel i7-2860QM 2.5GHz quad core - nVidia GeForce GT555M Debian Jessie 64bit (vanilla) And the game is slowing down due to CPU usage?
  10. What kind of system are you running there?
  11. Although I can't get it to work. I've emailed doublefine support about the issue but no reply yet. The logs show that libfmod wasn't found. This library ships with the game, but there's no mention in the readme.txt about it or if I'm supposed to do something with it. Sigh. EDIT: Ok, it does work but no sound. It still complains about "Unable to initialize FMOD: File not found" Just to clairfy, that's not FMOD not being found, that's FMOD not being able to find a file (in this case most likely 32 bit audio libs). The instructions in the readme are for Ubuntu's packaging, and libalut0 pulls in libpulse0 or whatever is appropriate for your system. I think I got queried regarding your issue (or someone with a similar issue) a few hours after release and shot some advice back. I reckon that you'd probably still be able to get it running with Testing, but if you're up and running now, that's all good. As for CPU usage, is that primarily during cutscenes or do you experience that during normal gameplay as well?
  12. Finally got a thread up along with a genre poll for the game dev project based on our discussions earlier today. Looking forward to seeing what further ideas and decisions we come up with
  13. I'm not expecting to be able to contribute much across the forum break (I'll be around to help coordinate and lend people a hand with stuff like GitHub though!), so take my suggestions with a grain of salt. Thinking about what can be pared back to a small scope, would be fun to work on, and could be scaled up into something larger if we get a lot of people chipping in without requiring significant redesign work, Feddlefew's "Keep a villain monologuing until you can escape" idea sounds like the best fit to me! That could be implemented as a text or hypertext adventure, a point and click or a visual novel and be primarily a bunch of dialogue puzzles. This concept could be expanded to add more puzzles, increased branching, voice acting, etc. but could still be done in an interesting way without all that stuff. Looking forward to seeing everybody else's thoughts!