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Achievements for Triple Decker Tank Engine won't unlock

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I've completed Stacking 100%, but the three achievements for the Triple Decker Tank Engine level were never unlocked (Doll Antiquarian, Loco Motivated, and Triple Train Trickster). Is there a way to tell it to re-check the achievements? I'm playing the PC/Steam version of the game.



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Potential spoiler.

I found I also couldn't view some of the concept art so I tried to fix this problem. I couldn't find an easy way, but I did come up with a bit of a shortcut. I edited the file:


and deleted the entries:









and changed TheWarmEmbrace=4

This reset the game back to being in the train level with three tasks left:

1. Stack into Rosie (guarding the women's lounge)

2. Hug one more person for Warm Embrace

3. Scare the guard at the end with the clown.

I then just played the train and final levels again.


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And that worked? You got the achievements?

Sorry, missed your post. Yes, it worked, and I got all of the achievements. I essentially set the game back to before the achievements were done and just had to do the last step of each again.


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