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  3. Made a new, much better, explosion today. You can see it in action in this video Alex recently posted. BY THE WAY THE VIDEO ALSO SHOWS SPLIT SCREEN MULTIPLAYER AND THE GAME IS FUN
  4. oh wow i'm not really one to care about trailers, but that was a sexy trailer
  5. Yesterday
  6. A very big thank you to @DF Anna for joining us on fairly short notice! That was a great chat with some helpful insights
  7. No worries, it's a tricky business trying to make something with this much improvisation. I've had a quick go at a background beyond the concept art, if you're up for putting it in @Jenni Not happy with the window but I feel it's more presentable than the concept at least.
  8. Change of plans! We've got Anna Kipnis joining us in a few minutes
  9. LOL, Jeb Bush now owns a baseball team like his brother did.
  10. Some progress was made today! Thanks a lot to @flesk! Here's the starting scene with the dialogs working, yay! When she picks up the pipe there'll be a cutscene, then she can move around to pick up the rest of the objects.
  11. I skimmed through the thread, so if I missed someone else talking about this, I'm sorry. After trying out the remaster just now, there is one small annoyance. The high res red CD thingie in the upper left hand corner. It seems to be impossible to turn off. It looks very jarring when trying to play the original. One can make everything else exactly like it was back in 1995, but that damn red thing keeps popping up, and it's annoying. Will there be an option to turn it off? For the sake of all the purists?
  12. Nice! SPLOSIONS! \o/
  13. I added myself to the team photo but feel free to do a better job!
  14. I love don't hug me I'm scared and the photo is looking soooo good!!! I really loved little pink best buds but there aren't many good photos out there but here is my attempt.
  15. af2017
  16. @kednar: That is freaking awesome.
  17. 1. i saw what you did 2. HOW, i tried for two minutes and can't figure it out
  18. Thank you ;P erm I love Costume Quest. Perhaps put me in a costume? or something thank you for doing this
  19. Lookin' handsome! Any prefs. regarding DF's games?
  20. heya looking cool. Nice one Here's me. Hello
  21. This is what the bundle is for imho.
  22. Yeah they're more than a full week behind at this point. I know the humble bundle was scheduled to end not just when the games were done, but also when the documentary was done so we could see the final products we were buying. I hope that this doesn't effect the humble sales since only half of the 'daily' documentaries will have come out when the bundle ends.
  23. I need MOAR, people!
  24. I don't see genders. Only skin colors.
  25. I was also a girl this whole time.
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