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  2. I'm around 8 episodes into Steven Universe and finding it to be a little grating and childish (where shows like Adventure Time or Powerpuff Girls aren't). I'm told that it starts getting good around 20 episodes in, so as they're only 10 mins each and I hear adults rave about it, I'm going to keep going with it.
  3. Steven univers just got done watching the new arc, it was carzy
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  6. Move into the light, Johro. You're spooking the kiddies, spook.
  7. If they haven't made a single mod since the game has come out, I doubt they would start now. Although, the modding tools have remained under the radar for quite a long time, I still doubt they will because it's an old game not many people care about at this point. I mean, I've done a lot of Multiplayer videos over the last 2 years, and made a few mods, but I doubt even as many as 10 people actually used any of them (not counting friends) Also, there already is a trainer for Brutal Legend, I use it for quicker testing.
  8. Into The Badlands, - Just got onto the second season and I'm really enjoying it. It's an AMC show, set in post-apocalyptic America where they've reverted to a variation on late 19th century society, but with more martial arts. It looks great, the acting's all strong and the fight scenes are absolutely fantastic, probably the best of their kind I've ever seen on a tv show. Ash Vs Evil Dead - Overall, I wasn't a fan. It occasionally had some stand-out great sequences, but I didn't like the sub-Supernatural lore-ification, I didn't like what they did with Ash (for some reason he's a racist lech now), I didn't really like any of the supporting characters and it overall just felt quite repetitive and unimaginative. I would have much preferred them to cobble together a few million and make a low-budget Evil Dead 4 that followed up on the original ending to AoD (or that did that alternate universe thing they were planning at one stage which made both endings canon). Terrace House - a reality tv show that avoids all the gross elements of that genre and instead provides a really chill, interesting look at modern Japanese social culture. Takes a while to get into, but once you know the housemates and the commentators, it's engrossing.
  9. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    I am very much sure that it would be a great idea to run by Wemod. These guys make the best mods and am waiting for them to release a trainer for Brutal Legend too. Hope they will work on one soon.
  10. Secret room

    Back at it again! First of all, I got as a gift an official Hack 'n' Slash T-shirt, and I figured it might be interesting to describe the package contents here for completeness. The T-shirt itself looks exactly like the pictures in the store, except the inner part has the T-shirt size instead of "MD". There's no hidden label hidden inside it or anything. The plastic wrap had a nice little sticker with the same design, the T-shirt size, the Double Fine URL... and the string "HACK N' SLASH", with a missing apostrophe before the "N". Inside the plastic wrap, there was also a small Fangamer swag package, including a Fangamer marketing brochure, an untitled holiday 2017 postcard by Laura Wilson, a Super Smash Bros. pin, and a Final Fantasy VII... um... thing - it feels plastic-y on the printed side and like paper on the other side, and if it's a sticker I can't peel it off. Interestingly, the postcard's "From" and "To" labels are printed using the same retro font as the one used on the T-shirt. So pretty cool, but at first glance, nothing interesting that might relate to this puzzle. However, upon closer inspection, I realized that the Hack 'n' Slash logo printed inside the T-shirt actually contains a hidden barcode! You can read it on its top and bottom edges - it's the same on both. Heck, it's even visible on this official store picture and we all overlooked it: So I blew up the picture, rotated it horizontally, put a few monochrome filters onto it, and send it to an online barcode decoder for analysis. Turns out it's a Code 128 barcode which reads: I'm assuming you're supposed to concatenate "hacknslash" with "" for the URL, which is unfortunately the same URL than one from a previous puzzle, which redirected to the store page to purchase the T-shirt in the first place, and it doesn't work now anyway. So in other words, it's a really cool discovery, which revealed absolutely nothing. Oh well. But the fact that we missed this for so long suggests that we might have overlooked other hints. The other thing that I wanted to mention is that I continued looking into AES, specifically the multiplicative inverse in the finite field GF(2^8) transformation step in SubBytes() as it is the only non-linear transformation of AES. The official specifications mentions using the extended Euclidean algorithm to perform this, but I couldn't wrap my head around that concept. Instead, after playing with equations for a little while, I came up with a nice way to find the multiplicative inverse, which is as follows: if abcdefgh is a non-null byte, then it's multiplicative inverse in GF(2^8) ABCDEFGH can be found by resolving the following set of equations (addition is the XOR operator, and multiplication is the AND operator): (a+c+d+h)A+(b+c+g)B+(a+b+f)C+(a+e)D+dE+cF+bG+aH=0 (b+d+e)A+(a+c+d+h)B+(b+c+g)C+(a+b+f)D+(a+e)E+dF+cG+bH=0 (c+e+f)A+(b+d+e)B+(a+c+d+h)C+(b+c+g)D+(a+b+f)E+(a+e)F+dG+cH=0 (a+d+f+g)A+(c+e+f)B+(b+d+e)C+(a+c+d+h)D+(b+c+g)E+(a+b+f)F+(a+e)G+dH=0 (a+b+c+d+e+g)A+(a+b+c+d+f)B+(a+b+c+e)C+(a+b+d)D+(a+c+h)E+(b+g)F+(a+f)G+eH=0 (b+e+f)A+(a+d+e)B+(c+d)C+(b+c)D+(a+b)E+(a+h)F+gG+fH=0 (a+c+f+g)A+(b+e+f)B+(a+d+e)C+(c+d)D+(b+c)E+(a+b)F+(a+h)G+gH=0 (b+c+g)A+(a+b+f)B+(a+e)C+dD+cE+bF+aG+hH=1 It's possible to solve this system of linear equations using elimination of variables or Gaussian elimination, but doing so appears to cause formulas to blow up, so I haven't done so for the general case. I'm interested to see what the final solution looks like to see how strong is the nonlinearity of AES is, but I don't have a good way to do so right now. In any case, with that it's possible in theory to remove all references to GF(2^8)'s polynomial representation for mathematical analysis and focus exclusively on pure bit formulas to represent the result of AES, which is pretty neat.
  11. Opportunity to fix bugs?

    Unfortunately the list of unfixed bugs has been removed when the support forum was removed? Edit: My bad, they're here:
  12. Hi all! My name is Julie and I am new to the forum. I am so happy to be here to make friends with you guys.
  13. I think that song is about 90 seconds too long. It's not that I dislike it. It just feels like it should have ended.
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  15. You think death is a valid reason for leaving work? Nononono.
  16. I guess I should stop going to work then.
  17. That's exactly what a person who's not alive would say. *narrows eyes at Ghost Johro*
  18. Sorry, Cheeseness. Thank you for the (re)clarification.
  19. No, I'm generally curious if that was what was been implied. There's no hostility behind my question, just a desire for clarification.
  20. Is this you being a purposefully obtuse git again?
  21. Yes. That's daft. There's a few cases of that kind of nonsense with successful Hollywood movies. I trust that you aren't implying that Solo is such a case though?
  22. Cannot access Save

    Have you tried emailing ?
  23. Bad performance on Android

    I've bought The Cave yesterday on Android and seems to have some performance issues. Looks like frame skipping while my chars are walking. Tested on two devices: Redmi 4x and Xperia Z3 Compact. Both are having bad performance.
  24. It's an aside, but Return of the Jedi still hasn't made a profit. Film accounting is difficult to take seriously at the best of times.
  25. There will always be a degree of variance, to an extent but in the case of Solo; it hasn't broken even. Not even close. The production budget is listed as $275 (Hollywood accounting; it's probably closer to $350, given the reshoots). That does not include the marketing budget. It's a bomb, plain and simple.
  26. Cannot access Save

    So I felt like playing this game for the first time in a long time and I got a cannot access save game error. I play using Steam with a Windows 10 system. Any help?
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