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  3. No fullscreen option for PS4 port?

    Hi TimeGentleman, thanks for the quick response! Work has been hectic and I'm just getting around to replying. So anyway, I partially agree with your reply, but I wish that Broken Age on PS4 had a similar fullscreen option as Grim Fandango Remastered, where there's an option to stretch the letterboxed screen to look like it's native widescreen (but at the cost of the image being stretched). Currently the only fullscreen option for Broken Age on PS4 is the "Horizontal letterboxed" viewing option, however the top and bottom slivers of the screen are cropped out so some of the graphics aren't within view. But also, from what I've read about the PC version is that it received an patch sometime after the game was released to have a natural widescreen/fullscreen viewing option, but i could be wrong about that.
  4. Didn't see it earlier, but your question forced me to search for) Will share if find anything.
  5. No fullscreen option for PS4 port?

    Hi Doc, sounds like the game is working as intended and your tv is simply more widescreen than the game. It's not a 3D game so it can't simply change FOV or whatever to fit any screen. I believe DF did try to make sure that nothing important would be missed out if it was cropped for the more widescreen devices, though. Basically, it's like playing a 90s game or a 30s movie on a modern telly - pillarboxing is inevitable. I know this bugs some people but personally I don't see the issue - those black bars are no more distracting than the tv's bevel or the outside world surrounding it. I'd much rather have the full amount of visual information than have it cropped to fit my screen - it's like buying the Mona Lisa then cutting a few inches off the top and bottom because it doesn't fit the frame I bought from B & M.
  6. Comprehensive List of Licensed Merchandise

    Ohhh those are gorgeous. Love the black velvet designs!
  7. No fullscreen option for PS4 port?

    Greetings. So unless I've overlooked it somehow, there's no fullscreen option for Broken Age on the Playstation 4? The only two choices seem to be forced Letterboxing, either vertical with huge black bars on the left and right side of the tv screen or horizontal which does give fullscreen but at the cost of having the top and bottom of the actual video image cropped out. Any chance a patch can be released to make the game fullscreen or at least do a proper fullscreen port when the Playstation 5 comes out in the next year or two?
  8. Comprehensive List of Licensed Merchandise

    Tim shared some photos (tweet 1, tweet 2) of the Psychonauts playing cards on Twitter today (I'd not seen them previously)!
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  11. Backwards compatible for xbox one

    It happened Sept 2018 according to Major Nelson's twitter feed.
  12. Does anyone own the Pack of Brutality?

    Also bought it, but got the right sized shirt! I wonder where I put the zippo... I have the record but haven't tried it on a record player yet.
  13. Brutal legend is now backwards compatible!

    I wonder if the audio bug has been resolved? I look forward to seeing if I can hear the conversations around the fires and at the beach party...
  14. Brutal legend is now backwards compatible!

    By the fire of Ormagodden - YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! That is a fantastic way to end a Friday workday. I'm starting a new playthrough tonight.
  15. Deuce tips

    You can also just drive around, one of my favorite things to do in the game - let the music play and have some fun! Console or pc?
  16. Do you think we'll ever get a sequel?

    I also really enjoyed The Cave. I don't think it's very likely that it will get a sequel though, since Ron Gilbert is off doing other things now.
  17. Costume Quest 3 Petition

    I found a petition for QC3 which i doubt will go anywhere as Tim is the only person who can make the call, but let see if anyone here is willing to show the dev team we want another game. Change . org link:
  18. Lungfishopolis IRL

    let's hope Kochamare doesn't get involved
  19. Sam and Max Hit the road remaster

  20. Broken Age PS4 Weird Bug?

    Ive had this glitch too. Changing from widescreen to the fullscreen with black bars on each side fixes it like others said. I wish they could do a game update to fix this glitch. I wonder if error is due to when manufactured the disc like somewhere along the process. I never had the issue when I played on Steam in my computer.
  21. Any chance of an Xbox physical disc release?

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  22. Or 4K HDR Xbox X enhancements?
  23. Howdy, y'all Just got word about the new P2 Raz figure now ready to be shipped. I haven't heard word one about the Official DF P2 Custom ViewMaster, though. It isn't even mentioned on the crowdsource page any more. I hope it hasn't been forgotten about in all the hubbub. Bub.
  24. PC no sound via HDMI to TV

    Hi CQGamer, have you tried emailing
  25. Hi, I know one of the dev's posted in CQ2's steam forums but there is no way i've found that works in the first game by adding a command like the 2nd game to display PS icons. in 2nd game you add it to user.cfg but in the first game it doesn't work with the number changed to ps3 since that's the only PS controller referenced in the Input file in data. Since this game uses Buddha.cfg like brutal legends i assumed that it would be the following command, but its not sDefaultControllerIcons = "PS3"
  26. PC no sound via HDMI to TV

    Hi, My GF just bought the games over a week ago and is playing it on her pc after having played both games on ps3, and 2nd one on ps4. she loves the franchise. Since there wont be a 3rd one anytime soon she wants to enjoy the game on TV but when connected via HDMI the sound defaults to laptops speaker no matter what we do to the sound settings it refuses to use the tv. Looking at the sound menu it seems like there is no output choice in game at all and on windows if you default samsung tv as default and even turning off the laptops own sounds system it doesn't play via hdmi. Other games she has work just find via hdmi.
  27. Costume Quest on the Nintendo Switch!

    My girlfriend would buy it, She has purchased it on PS3, and the 2nd game on PS3 & PS4 and just last week both games on her gaming pc's steam account.
  28. DRM-free option on Humble Store? is working...i just bought it for $13. DRM free downloads. No stinky steam client required!
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