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  2. Black Screen My game starts up, i can hear the music, but I'm only presented with a black screen. my device name is samsung galaxy a5 7.0.
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  4. Psychonauts - license key - Steam

    OK great. Thank you for the response and information.
  5. Psychonauts - license key - Steam

    I didn't discover Psychonauts until its revival much later, so I have no idea if the original PC release had any sort of key. My recommendation is to buy a new, digital copy of Psychonauts from the Humble Store, as they currently (right now) have it for sale for $2.49 USD, and then proudly display your original on a shelf. The package from Humble not only gets you DRM-free offline installers for Windows, macOS, and Linux, but it also gets you a key for all three on Steam. You can alternatively buy effectively the same thing from Double Fine's shop (scroll down; powered by Humble, so you'd go to them for your downloads/key) for $10. GOG also has Psychonauts DRM-free for $10; the difference being you get a digital manual and a large pile of art goodies in lieu of a Steam key. And, of course, you can just buy it straight from Steam for $10, without any DRM-free installers or goodies.
  6. I bought the physical CD copy of Psychonauts long ago. I just learned that Psychonauts 2 was being produced, which I'm glad to hear. I thought I would install my old copy of Psychonauts and replay it in anticipation of purchasing the new sequel. Unfortunately one of the CDs did not work right. No problem, I had seen it on Steam, so I thought I would just register my game on Steam and download it. I then discovered that my copy of Psychonauts does not have a registration key. Did it come with a key and I've lost it, or did it never have a key? It has been a long time since I played it and I don't remember. If no key then I presume there is no way for me to register it on Steam, right?
  7. Action Jobs Game

    Hey this is awesome!!! What a great story, best of luck dude!!
  8. Yep. I'm old enough to remember getting the NES with Super Mario Bros. (but not Duck Hunt) for Christmas near its launch, and I remember watching Star Trek IV ("the one with the whales") in the theatre. Thanks! I did. Had ribs from a fantastic local barbecue place in town, and had fun playing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
  9. Belated happy birthday, Chyron! I hope you had a nice day.
  10. I'm quite surprised that you're that old, but happy cake day nonetheless.
  11. I'm not sure I like the idea of 3a. To me, that's kind of like saying if Lucas had actually bothered to make Star Wars: Episode VII, he would have made it differently, and therefore GL's Ep7a is a better concept than TFA is a film. Nevermind that GL wasn't the only person with input on the original Star Wars project itself, despite people erroneously crediting Star Wars as wholly his baby. Monkey Island is what it is. Ron had his shot at creating MI3 back in the day, and he missed it. Curse, despite its flaws, isn't an awful game or even a terrible sequel. So I don't really see the need for Ron's MI3a at this point. MI6, though, sure. Let Ron keep going with the story as it currently is and give him rights to use Morgan LeFlay.
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  13. And Agents of SHIELD got renewed for a sixth season! I may be the only person really excited about this.
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  15. EDIT: Some things are better left...
  16. "I'm not normal. I know it. I don't care" Sometimes, you just have to quote Ace of Base.
  17. Ahhhh nothing like the fresh smell of dumping on completely unsuspecting audience members in the evening.
  18. I think Indy V will be good. Spielberg didn't even want to do IV, but now he has something to prove, and Tintin was incredible.
  19. My Grim Fandango Art!

    Looks awesome!!;)
  20. Last Movie you watched...

    See, even as an Alien fan, that makes me roll my eyes. I can't imagine ever watching this movie. Actually that's a lie, as I'm sure that I'll give it a hate-watch when it crops up on TV. Whereas, I'll be hate-watching Indiana Jones V at the cinema, front row, popcorn in hand.
  21. The test audiences, apparently.
  22. No, but I will now. Thank you very much!
  23. I cannot progress because the Hillbilly is gone.

    Have you tried emailing ?
  24. It had too much of a fairy tale feel for my liking. Sucks, because I appreciated the 30 Aliens references. Okay, so it was more like 5.
  25. I'm going to give it a shot, but man.... The trailer doesn't look promising. Shane really doesn't have a track record for the genre outside of acting. Who knows?
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