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  2. I'll try not to spam my own thread TOO often. But for now, try some Guacamallows!
  3. Huh! That was a pretty rad trailer. Hope the movie holds up to that.
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  5. I'm not at all happy with paid online subscription. Just another reason to stick with my computer. I'm not much of an online player anyway, though. I mean, I already pay a ton load for internet service. I don't need another bill just for playing games with people. This is why I don't play MMOs that aren't F2P either.
  6. I'm letting other people do the yelling about that. Mainly since I don't care about that part. My only interest in Switch is for classic single player Nintendo games, and that they have a high quality. I will yell if it turns out that they once more tie game purchases to hardware, but that's about it.
  7. I got all excited about the prospect of getting a pair of Raz's goggles, so I went and got 1 month of the Gaming Loot Crate. What concerns me is that, when I end up at the landing page linked from the email blast, it tells me that the Gaming Loot Crate is "$24.95 USD / MONTH PLUS SHIPPING AND HANDLING"; but, when I select 1mo from the duration dropdown, select a t-shirt size, and click Check Out, suddenly the price is $29.95. I'm going to ping Loot Crate about the discrepancy, but it would be nice to know what DF's thoughts on this are (if any). Edit: Nevermind; they lump in shipping and handling on the checkout page but not on the product page.
  8. It is the future. It is a world of automation and pleasure amongst the stars. It is a soundtrack AHEAD of its time. HEADLANDER. Iam8bit presents a Double Fine and Adult Swim production of the mind-blowing score to the epic, retro sci-fi adventure HEADLANDER. Composer David Earl has created an analog-synth fueled masterpiece, inspired by the electronic music of Vangelis, Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and more. From the ambient chimes of the Pleasure Port to the haunting collapse of the Computer Core, this expansive score will transport you to the future. While your EAR HOLES will be elated, your OCULAR BALLS will be indelibly seared by the album art created by writer & director Lee Petty. Featuring a full gatefold spread image, custom sleeve art and psychedelic spattered platters, it is a sight you will not soon forget. Pre order here: Preview of the songs:
  9. noice!!! no, but i was actually just thinking about writing one! i'll have it done by monday or your money back!!!
  10. I didn't realize how worried I was until I heard you were ok.
  11. Cover for the new Ayreon album. Though, it obviously won't be animated like this. However, it makes me really wish that we'd created that invention from Bill & Ted for album covers.
  12. Agreed. There is plenty of yelling going on. I don't think people are yelling about paying for the online service as much as they are yelling about the fact that Nintendo is already charging a buttload for all of their peripherals and add-ons, and the fact that they are not offering a very good deal for their monthly service compared to their competition. Nintendo being stingy?! Who'd have thought!
  13. Aaaaand this is the trope the guys and gals on the Idle Tumbs forum ingeniously are calling "Baby got backstory". As much as I'd love a female protagonist in the Zelda games, drawing on the central established male protagonist instead doesn't feel particularly disappointing to me. However, the whole "Linkle" debate revolved around her being a merely derivative, gender-switched form of Link, and that may in fact have been the "Ms. Male Character" disappointment had they done it in a main instalment of the series. Upping the female protagonist headcount in itself isn't the holy grail, making female protagonists actual characters is.
  14. Hey hot written any more twines lately?
  15. Oh there's yelling. There is yelling!
  16. I mean, Photoshop and Gimp are both complex, incredibly powerful image editors. The fastest way to learning how to use them is to get into the thick of it and play around. If you have a specific thing you want to do and you don't know how, Google it and watch or read one of the many, many tutorials there are out there.
  17. I'm learning Photoshop and Gimp at college this semester. How hard is it?
  18. Threw that together in 5 minutes on Photoshop and looking at it up close, it made me realize just how little effort they put into this poster.
  19. You made that movie poster look a lot better.
  20. Why is no-one yelling at Nintendo for having a subscription service? That's the thing that pisses me off most. It's such a terrible idea, given Nintendo's online track record and the information they've given out about it. Seriously - pay however much a year for online play and one NES/SNES game a month? Just... no.
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