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  2. A full throttle rehearsal is completed for the progress of the groups. The induction of the sites like are admired and perpetuated for the citizens. The doubling of the goal is intricate for the feeble stances for the persons.
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  5. Mage's Initiation releases Jan 30th

    Mage's Initiation now has a Coming Soon page on GOG. Go now and wishlist it if you're one of those anti-Steam/anti-DRM fellows.
  6. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    Took me a while to figure out how to make him a playable avatar, at first I thought it was impossible since he is missing so many things an avatar should have, but as I kept messing around with the files I found out that it was actually possible. Surprisingly, he functions much better than I thought he would, even has animations when turning around (something none of the avatars have). Had to delete the Ormagoden Axe and the Tenacious D guitar as they were messing up his animations in multiplayer (single player worked fine for some reason, this part drove me nuts until I realized those two weapons were the ones causing him to glitch lol. Good thing I didn't have them equipped in single player, otherwise I would've never found out about the cause). He only has 3 solos though (Buff, Face Melter, Fan Tribute), and like you said no cooldowns on attacks, but even at that state he is a pretty fun character to play as. Thank you! Although I'm not actively playing Brutal Legend nowadays, just wanted to check out the modding aspect of it, I'll make sure to join!
  7. Wow. very impressive. You even retextured (or edited the materials of) units that didn't have Lyonwhite counterparts (in which case, I would have just used the Alternate colors of Ironheade lol, that's what I did in my Emperor Riggs mod for enemy Lyonwhite lol) I once thought about doing a playable Lyonwhite faction but didn't go through with it as Lyonwhite's avatar was unfinished (lack of combo attacks and no cooldown on screams). Gonna have to share this on the discord (just found out the old invite link posted was expired so here's a new one if you want to join it):
  8. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    Here's a mod I've been working on, it makes the Hair Metal Militia a playable faction:
  9. Grim Fandango Remastered was made possible by taking the original engine codebase (written in C) and modifying it compile on modern systems for both 32-bit & 64-bit environments. A cross-platform wrapper was added to allow the original game code to interface with the target platforms, since we had to deal with newer graphics, audio and input APIs. The Lua interpreter was also modified to run in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments so the game could save & load just like it had always been (although old 1998 GF saves and new GFR saves are incompatible). Most of the Lua scripts didn't change, except for very specific cases. Additionally, there was a list of bugs that were fixed and patched into the Lua bytecode.
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  11. I took most of yesterday and wrote a script that extracts background resources from a Sierra game, converts to PNG, and upscales with ESRGAN. I'm doing all the Sierra games and uploading them to a Google Drive folder. I'll upload more as time goes on: For PQ4 (and some screens in PQ3) I'm going to try a different model that's more accustomed and trained to restore low resolution live photos. It's coming out more like a painting, and while that's cool, I think it can do these better. For QFG4, all the backgrounds are in pieces with foreground objects as different picture resources entirely so I'm going to take more time with that one and stitch them all together before upscaling.
  12. I'd say this could certainly provide a solid base for remasters. The Grim Fandango backgrounds look incredible, and would already work much better in the Remastered version than the upscales used now. Here are many more from Grim: and Also Escape from Monkey Island... wtf?
  13. I agree it's not perfect, but especially with these shots I've shown above, the remasters look either blurry or washed out completely while the upscales preserve a lot more detail. Especially in Full Throttle's case where most of the remastered backgrounds were just upscaled with inferior filters and hand-pixel edited on top for certain areas.
  14. I'm not sure I'd agree that it blows all of these remasters out of the water, but it's definitely very impressive and cool that AI can do this stuff.
  15. All due respect to those involved with the LA adventure game remasters, but this kind of blows it out of the water. This was done with ESRGAN and a Manga109 dataset-trained model. This requires a bit of GPU memory to run through. This method has also been used to great effect for upscaling sprites and textures in 3D games like Doom, Hexen, Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VII (you have no excuse now, Square), Mario 64, Metroid Prime, and tons more. Full Throttle Highway: Full Throttle: Kick Stand Full Throttle: Inside Jet (original, upscaled, remastered) Sam & Max: Street Grim Fandango: Office Hallway Grim Fandango: Office Entrance Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Throne (in order: original, upscaled, special edition, original scan) Monkey Island 2: Cliff Face (original, upscaled, special edition) Monkey Island 2: Big Tree (original, upscaled, special edition)
  16. No cutscenes on Android

    I will try that.
  17. No cutscenes on Android

    Hi Moonman, have you tried emailing
  18. Just bought the game from Google Play. Installed it on a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The game runs fine but cutscenes are skipped. Anything I can do?
  19. High or low fps?

    I prefer middle of the road. As close to even as possible, favouring graphics just a tad more. Obviously best case scenario is high quality graphics and high framerate. In these days of 4k norms, I'm happy to be on my GTX 970 enjoying 1080p graphics on highest settings most of the time with 100+ fps on my 60hz monitor.
  20. Thanks for the response glad to hear!! The figure looks really good and hopefully this should put other slacker backers like me at ease a bit haha
  21. Psychonauts 2 Kickstarter - figure survey/updates?

    Hi Draymora! As far as I'm aware, no surveys have gone out and no further info is needed from you at this time.
  22. Hello!! I’m a late slacker backer for the Fig Psychonauts Kickstarter campaign (just this Jan) and I was wondering if there has been any survey or information requests regarding the figure reward to backers? I’ve seen the campaign update that the final design has been confirmed in late December but wasn’t sure if I’ve missed anything (aside from the shirts/posters of course) and need to send an email or take any actions. Love your guys’ games and can’t wait for Psychonauts 2!!
  23. So with Grim Fandango Remastered out on Switch. Can we expect this one to come too? I assume the exclusivity deal with Sony will end this year, if we take into account the time it got released originally for ps4.
  24. Easter egg on iPad?

    Guys thank you I thought I was the only one ! And I’m playing the remastered version on Nintendo Switch ! I was in the forest on my way back to collect some bones for the fire hedgehogs.
  25. I absolutely adored this game, from the visuals to the characters and everything, and I would love a sequel or late released dlc or something, the writings amazing and I just loved the game to death, how likely do you estimate the chances of a sequel?
  26. scott campbell painting timelapse

    I got my posters in the mail. Love em!
  27. Nice. I backed it on Kickstarter and look forward to playing it.
  28. Xbox one version?

    Well it seems GRIM its out on Switch now, maybe this is next?
  29. Nintendo Switch?

    I bought Grim and Broken already. Please bring psychonauts 2 to switch and also day of the tentacle and full throttle remasters.
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