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  2. I would defer to someone at DF for an actual answer, but, unless it's something super-secret, the only DLC listed Steam Store page for Broken Age is the Soundtrack, which you'll also find on your DFA Humble page.
  3. Is this in reference to the backer versions? If so, I would say it's moot, because the campaign was for the PC versions, and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One discs were campaign addons. Or is this in reference to a theoretical general-release collector's edition?
  4. I have the worst sinus headache right now. On the other hand, I am 75% less sick than the other people with the same thing, so hurray? I'm running out of tea and had to skip my afternoon classes today, unfortunately.
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  6. Sure, you might rather that, however this forum is intended to be a space where all ages can come and enjoy discussion, and although at the moment it's mostly adults, there have been kids on here before and there likely will be in the future, so best to censor anything particularly offensive.
  7. Shit isn't censored intentionally, Spaff didn't think it to be a particularly offensive word nowadays. If you believe it should be censored you can PM Spaff and bring it up.
  8. Hi guys. Can anyone suggest how get 5th Paul trophy? Trying play different songs, random keys, alone, with drummer and DJ, destroy one or several speakers and all without luck.
  9. I am delighted just by watching the beginning of a let's play. All the interactions between the characters inside the jet are wonderful. I would really love to see this on PC, even if just with point and click controls.
  10. I think the Switch looks really neat, but I need to finish playing games on my Gamecube before I go and buy another console.
  11. I rather you guys not censor the swearing.
  12. At least it wasn't lost! Good luck on the second try.
  13. testing: shiP EDIT: changed t to P now, but I originally just typed in the swearword there @Bidiot Bales and it posted with no censorship. I've also seen at least one other person post that swearword without getting censored, so I think the filter is broken at least for that word.
  14. I'm not sure, but @Levering_2pp would definitely know.
  15. I got an email from Fangamer yesterday telling me they had got the package with the boxed copy in return because it was "Unclaimed". I have no idea yet how that could have happened since I got no notifications about the package and the address Fangamer has on me is 100% correct.
  16. Breath of the Wild looks really neat. Out of the releases for the spring, that is the one that's interesting for me. Don't have a Switch preordered, but might have to look into getting one in the upcoming batches. Mass Effect Andromeda is one game I want to be good, but Dragon Age: Inquisition was so packed with mediocre timeconsuming content that I'm not having any real expectations on Bioware even being interested in improving that. If they do, then it will be a pleasant suprise though.
  17. Nee MST3K is out on April 14th.
  18. Still hooked by Overwatch, in a way that I haven't been by a game in a very long time. I should be happy by that, considering that I generally just play it in burts of 15-30 min, and it fits my schedule of things to do pretty good, but I keep looking at my Steam account and have that niggling feeling of wanting to dive back into Civ 6, XCOM2 and Invisible Inc. The upcoming release of Thimbleweed Park should get me some variety though
  19. @Iron Joe If you try and curse it will be censored, so merely swearing won't be too big of an issue, the issue arises when you deliberately circumvent the profanities filter.
  20. Welcome, new people! Yeah, we don't want cursing here. This should be a nice and inclusive place to be, even for kids and others with a low tolerance to swearing.
  21. I owned (might still have them somewhere) and read at least 20 of the Hardy Boys books. I don't remember much of them now though. I think they probably were a bit samey.
  22. Popping back in for a sec. Now back to work.
  23. I'll be getting horizon zero down, but fortunately I'll be getting it either for free or for only a couple bucks, as I have a lot of amazon rewards credit banked.
  24. I'm definitely gonna be all over Horizon Zero Dawn... once I can afford it. My ability to purchase games at the moment is limited until a college grant that's taking its sweet time finally shows up. There's no way I'll be able to get the Switch at launch but I do still want to buy it at some point later this year, hopefully before the holiday season rolls around. I still want to get a PSVR kit at some point as well so I can get my hands on RoR, and it also happens to be the most affordable VR kit, at least considering that I already have a PS4 so that particular expense is taken care of.
  25. I was checking my dfa bundle page on humble for the videos and i saw that i have a new key called dfa bonus dlc i activated it but not sure what it added ?
  26. I just added 16, it might be up there now. I know the download situation with them isn't the best. It would seem fixing this is a lot of work on their end and we're not a very high priority project. Will keep bugging them about it, should be more pressing with our recent inclusion with the Freedom Bundle.
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