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  2. I have been extremely depressed lately.
  3. @epic I wouldn't mind seeing this
  4. Well, I DID find a few things I wanted from the Steam Sale. More than a few things. Enough to not buy all of them. I bought: The Little Acre LEGO Star Wars Earthlock: Festival of Magic and Rocket League: GOTY I might buy Rayman Legends later, but ~$35 for four games was enough for me for today.
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  6. Ron Howard's finishing what was started by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.
  7. Steam's servers are having serious problems with being overloaded.
  8. Why not have a thread about good sales? Shadow of Mordor - 80% off, 3.99€ Headlander - 80% off, 3.99€
  9. Brief footage of Raz at HQ, doing idle animations and walking, at the end of this video interview.
  10. %#$@&! you waited too long. I've moved on.
  11. Did you check to see if the sleeve is reversible...? The Disgaea 5 sleeve was reversible and the cover on the reverse side was better, imo
  12. Dude, I really wanna read Fair & Everett, after all your talk about it. Don't you go denying me that. If you truly love something, you gotta stick by it. If you love writing, then write! No one is stopping you but you.
  13. I just don't know if I got it any me anymore. I think I missed my shot. It feels like I'm deflating creatively and I barely have time to think about the few projects I do have anymore.
  14. I tried to eat it, but just smudged up the screen with various body parts. You got me.
  15. Creative differences with Kathleen Kennedy, apparently. The wording makes it sound like differences with eachother, though. Either way.....*yawn*....wake me up when they finally announce a Kenobi film with Ewan.
  16. You can get in trouble for something your forum members post now?
  17. My sister bought Dishonoured 2 (PC), Doom (PC), and The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ (Switch) today. She's still in school in hardcore mode and has no time to play anything, however, so she gave Isaac to me to play in the meantime. Having fun with that. I plan to pick it up myself at some point. The interesting thing is that the game has new artwork. It was almost a problem with she picked it up, actually, because the placeholder case on the shelf that you have to trade for had the old artwork. (old artwork, left. new artwork, right) and the employee couldn't find it behind the counter. Finally she said "all we have is this one" and it turns out it was just the alternate cover artwork. I think it looks way cooler though. I wonder if Nintendo forced a change that was less...scary? I mean, that's silly because it's a rated M game but still....the new cover looks way more empowering and heroic than the old one. One could say it steps on the entire atmosphere that the game is supposed to be portraying but...whatever, it's just artwork. The game is what counts and the game is awesome. Also, I found a way to mod the original soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky into Rebirth on PC (which has music by an entirely different composer). The new music is good, but there's something about the original that just suits the game perfectly to me.
  18. And then there's the fact that I basically only hang out in Off-Topic. OMG I MAKE UP OVER 10% OF OFF-TOPICS CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!
  19. well, to be fair a couple thousand or so of those are probably from that time i wrote a spam script to inflate my post count i was a cheeky young boy back then, i sure was
  20. I didn't know if this was a statement or a question... So I checked. WOW There are literally more posts in Off-Topic than the rest of the entire forum combined. The rest of the forum together only comes out to ~198k posts.
  21. Huh, I never noticed the post counts attached to each board. That's cool. Also lord have mercy is the Off-Topic board far and way the most popular of the boards.
  22. we should eat pickles in celebration everyone take a picture of yourself with a pickle
  23. Yesterday
  24. p.s. does anyone appreciate the 3d effect on that last image i work very hard on my donair aesthetic you guys
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