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  2. Psychonauts 2 // Official Trailer

    This has me so excited
  3. The game is dead ?

    Hello Flesk. Thank's for the response. To clarify, it is not my intention to slam the developers, but it is worth noting that, whenever a game seems to have promise... Like, a lot of promise. They can't seem to help making it a great product. I like the concept of games like Iron Brigade, where you can place turrets and defenses to slow the enemy's advance, but there are just a handful of problems that could have been fixed, to make the game better or even great, the worst culprit being the shoddy connection to other players. And when it comes to Massive Chalice, it's clear that the intentions were there, but there's still a lot wrong with the game, from starting off the game kneecapped, or having Personality and Traits run counter to each other, with little understanding of how they work. I am by no means saying that Double Fine is a bad developer, far from it, since I've encountered some very bad devs before. But I just don't see many games that have been produced, at least lately, that stray outside the realm of, passable. I want to really like Massive Chalice, more than I currently do, but almost nothing about the game has many redeeming qualities, outside of, it was ok. And that's not something I, or even the community wants, just look at all the bug posts/reports(?), and how people are trying to bring these to the developers to get them to fix certain issues, or problems with the game. There is love here, but the developers have moved on to other projects. Having other projects is fine, but at what cost? I got Massive Chalice back when it was free for gold because I like turn based tactical strategy, and Massive Chalice has that, but the rest of what is in the game, just needs fine tuning, and it could be a game I would have gladly paid money for. As it stands, the community who still actively play, and or enjoy Massive Chalice are finding bugs, and still reporting them from what I can see, and that's something most games these days don't have much of. I liked Destiny and it's clear Bungie wanted the game to be great so they worked hard to give the community what they thought was the best content they could, although they shot themselves in the feet so many times, I think by the end of Year 3, Destiny was in a great place. Destiny 2 on the other hand has always been just following in the footsteps of Destiny, and it will never out grow it's shadow. Still Bungie is trying to make it up to the fans, and the community who have stuck with their game for so long. Now I get that the budget of Destiny is marginally higher than those of what Double Fine has produced, but the point here is the essence of commitment. And as it stands, all I see here is that Double Fine is just OK with "passable" games. I'm not saying overhaul the game, or make sweeping changes that drastically change how the game is played, I'm only a concerned fan who wishes to see the products stand out above the competition.
  4. Thanks for the response. Figured there was a good chance this game is too old for something like this getting fixed. I've run into it a couple times before and it always puts me off enough to take a long break from the game. For as many complaints I have of the game, I really have spent a lot of hours playing it. Would love to see it reworked in some form or another.
  5. The game is dead ?

    @Xenogears666 You're welcome to your opinion about the game, but please refrain from slamming the developers who put a lot of hard work into the game by calling them lazy. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate someone else calling you lazy for doing work that wasn't to their taste or standards, whatever it is you do for a living. Also keep in mind, that game development is an extremely competitive business, and if Double Fine wasn't exceptionally talented at doing what they do, they would have gone out of business long before the almost two decades they've been able to keep doing what they do.
  6. Psychonauts 2 // Official Trailer

    Needs more Pokeylope. I'm going to have to replay Psychonauts and actually bother to buy a PS4 [Pro] and a PS VR for Rhombus of Ruin before this game releases.
  7. Psychonauts 2 // Official Trailer

    Great trailer, very exciting!
  8. Problems with the water shader

    Hi www2, have you tried emailing ?
  9. Psychonauts 2 // Official Trailer

    Check out what dropped yesterday.
  10. [BUG]Impressionable trait giving random personalities

    Can't say I've ever encountered this happening, but I don't think the Devs are working on the game anymore. I've seen a lot of bug reports going unanswered or unfulfilled. I believe in Double Fine's eyes, that if the game is done, and unless they can make more money off of it by selling DLC or something, they aren't going to waste their time on the game. I would love to actually see this game get out of the "passable" state it's in, to something more along the lines of, yeah, "I'd recommend this". Double Fine just seems content with pumping out mediocre games, that only seem to be getting worse each game they make...
  11. Lackluster After Long Break

    I agree with the the topic thread. Very lack luster, but this to me seems to be the trend with Double Fine. I've played a few of their games, and even seen a couple others, and the one word that comes to mind each time, is meh. I remember enjoying Iron Brigade, untill I found out how bland boring and shallow it was once you beat the campaign... And when I found out they made a tactical strategy game I was down for that. However, my experience overall, has been Meh, or frustrated at the stupid systems in place. I can't enjoy the game long enough to want to see it through to the end, because, at least in my experience, I always draw the short end of the sticks... My games usually start off immediately getting Kneecapped by the random traits and personalities, then immediately sets up a keep for future heroes, only to have no, little, or too much childbirth, then the regent dies and I can't change the house to be something else... I mean, it's one thing to have set houses, but it's another when you actively can't change the house after the regent that "you chose" dies... Not to mention the plethora of trait/personality bugs, or how they even interact with each other... Overall, the game has a lot of interesting ideas, there's just no polish, or refinement, they just are... I'm not going to say, the game is done and that's how it should be, but I really with DF had kept up with the game and refining the systems in place, because this could honestly be a really great game, it just needs some TLC.
  12. The game is dead ?

    Hello All, I am new to the forums, but have played a few of the Double Fine games produced, so I'm no stranger to them. Getting to the topic at hand here, I do think the person who made this topic has a valid point. That said, I do understand some of the frustration and even the laziness associated with many of the Double Fine products, Massive Chalice included. While it is true that this game is no longer receiving updates, I think "Dead" is the wrong term to use here. I am sure the playerbase is still quite active, but may not be very vocal. As well as the Developers moving on to different projects... While I don't find the game to be as easy as you claim, I can't say that the person who made this topic is entitled either. Simply asking a question and trying to find logic and reasoning is hardly Entitled. However I do agree that the game is short, but it's far from finished. Can't tell you how many times a 100% shot missed, due to random traits and personalities getting conflicted... Nor can I tell you how dumb it is to start the game horribly kneecapped by poor balancing... All in all, to say that at current Massive Chalice is finished is true, but it's far from refined or perfect, or even good. The problems I have with the game, might not even happen all that often, but things like starting the game off kneecapped because of poor trait/personality selection is not something that should be happening.
  13. Hi I have problems with the Water Shader under linux. The problem is that the water flicker/reflection are not working with my GPU/driver combination. ubuntu 18.04 64bit Nvidia GTX 1060 nvidea driver version 390.77 steam version
  14. Mage's Initiation releases Jan 30th

    4 different classes, each with different solutions to many puzzles, and each have their own specific side quest. Definitely worth replaying!
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  16. look like it has a similar art style to I have no mouth and I must scream game. Looks like you can do mulitpul palythrouths too.
  17. The impressionable trait is suppose to cause the hero to pick up personalty traits from other heroes in combat. I find that sometimes the heroes pick up traits that other heroes do not have. I believe this error only occurs when another hero has the "rebel" personality trait.
  18. Huh, that looks interesting. I might have to check it out.
  19. The game I scored that was Kickstarted a few years ago is finally coming out. You can also now wishlist it on Steam. Adventure/RPG-hybrid in the vein of Quest for Glory but with its own twist, for those who haven't heard of it (or forgot).
  20. Ormagöden the band

    Did you guys know that there is actually a metal-band named Ormagoden? ORMAGODEN 34 subscribers 3 videos
  21. That's definitely the best one so far. The music, and especially the lyrics, work amazingly well.
  22. Audio issues on Android

    Hi emiduran. Have you tried emailing
  23. Audio issues on Android

    I had exact the same problem in my LG G6 with Android Nougat. Please help.
  24. Brutal Legend on PS4

    At this point, I'd recommend picking up a used PS3 (go for a slim, rather than the latest-model super-slims) or an Xbox 360 (Go for the late-model slims; they're better built than the older, larger models) to play the game. These platform are at the tail end of their lives, but they're both still readily available, their backend networks are still up, and copies of Brütal Legend seem to be going for less than $5.
  25. Brutal Legend on PS4

    Maybe one day 🤔
  26. Brutal Legend on PS4

    I hope Brutal Legend will someday come out remastered on Playstation four. I never really got the chance to fully experience and enjoy the incredibility of the game. I haven't found any news that Double Fine will make it available on the PS4 but they managed to make Psychonauts, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango available on the console and Brutal Legend backwards compatible so why not Brutal Legend? But still, it gives me hope that Brutal Legend will come out remastered on the PS4 and it will hopefully get a sequel and maybe even a prequel.
  27. Alot of people have been putting music to the tv ad for smash, i like this one the most. Also just saw the queen movie too.
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