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  2. I remember you asking for intro advice on Fair & Everett, and I said do a chase scene. Well I was gonna do the same thing but I saw a bigger opportunity to just head straight in with a big battle scene.
  3. I wrote a 125 page script for a Kung fu movie as part of a class assignment in high school. The assignment itself was to write a 20 page story and have it be set during a certain dynasty in Chinese history. I was already working on it beforehand (I called it One Hundred Flying Fists) so I turned it in just to see where it would get me. He gave me an A, told me I was unnaturally dedicated to what was essentially a minuscule project for that semester, and then admitted he didn't read the entire thing. It was set during the Tang Dynasty and revolved around a blind martial artist who was raised by his Shaolin monk uncle and sets out to take revenge against the warlord who slaughtered his family and blinded him. To get to him he has to take part in a brutal contest in which he and four other competitors must fight their way through a series of booby trapped catacombs and face down one hundred former monks who are trained to kill in the most horrible ways. It mainly a smorgasbord of throwbacks to classic Kung fu movies like Enter The Dragon, 18 Bronzemen, House of Traps, pretty much me just having fun.
  4. I wouldn't call movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or House of Flying Daggers true Kung Fu movies but their own seperate genre of Wuxia.
  5. I love Ip Man (check out a related movie called The Grandmaster, but make sure it's not the version released in American theaters), but I love the ones I put down even more. My wife saw the list and went "What, no Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?" I think that movie is pretty ok, but again, it's a matter of personal preference.
  6. There's no need to throw shade, here.
  7. No Ip Man? When I watched that movie it blew my mind. Even the early, less serious scenes are freaking fantastic.
  8. Precisely. And what Kung fu scenes are present in the two movies for the most part pale in comparison to the real stuff. Gimme Gordon Liu, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Chang Shien, Donnie Yen, but don't try bringing Uma Thurman to the table. I got my own top 10. The Chinese Connection/Fist of Fury Rumble In The Bronx Five Deadly Venoms The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Enter The Dragon Master of the Flying Guillotine 18 Bronze Men Drunken Master 5 Fingers Of Death House of Traps Bonuses: Big Trouble In Little China, The Invincible Armour, Come Drink With Me, The Way Of The Dragon
  9. .... Kill Bill is not a Kung Fu Movie.
  10. The eclipse is really going to disrupt my retail job. Why can't they do these things at night? So inconsiderate.
  11. So I'm binging Kung fu movies for no reason and also for no reason I decide to take a look at what some online lists on movie sites offering opinions as to what the greatest Kung fu/martial arts movies are. Now I know this was the author's opinion, but the one on Complex pissed me off. Because what do I find at the very top? Kill Bill Vol.1/Vol.2.
  12. I think a fair number of people will see it actually.
  13. Anyone going to see the eclipse tomorrow?
  14. Last Movie you watched...

    Logan was very good. 8/10
  15. Yesterday
  16. A few days ago, I had a big old chat with HexDSL about Puzzling Dream's "cinematic platformer" The Way. We dive deep-ish into gameplay, style, inspirations and story, and also take time to muse over the game's meaning/messaging. I loved the hell out of this game and have been waiting for a year to find someone to have a conversation like this with There are some pretty significant spoilers in here, but if you'd like to watch without hitting those, the Youtube description contains timestamps for relevant topics and indications of where spoilers are.
  17. Hello. I bought dirt remastered some time ago because I wanted to relive this classic I played when I was a kid. I also wanted to take the opportunity to introduce my son into de world of graphical adventure games. But alas, our native language (that is Spanish) is not available for the voice acting part. My son seemed to be enjoying the game until my simultaneous translation killed the fun and the interest. When I saw you were releasing Full Throttle, which was one of my favourites, first thing I did was check the voice languages available. Although it was nice to see you widened the range to include French and Italian, I was disappointed to discover that, once agaim, you failed to include the third most spoken language in the world. The first being Chinese Mandarin and the second, English. I love Italian, but it doesn't even make it into the too ten list. Today Steam offered me a discount on Full Throttle, but I don't think I'm going to buy it until Spanish voice acting is added or my son gets better at English. And he's barely starting. Congratulations, anyway, and thanks for revitalizing this classics.
  18. What are you playing?

    Massive Chalice really really clicked with me now. Have gotten to around year 230, so I'm not sure how it holds up over repeated playthroughs, but I'm really having fun with it now.
  19. Hello, ia have a Problem with the text. I can not see it Not in the Menu and also no Text in the Mouse Over Tags is displayed inside the Game. I like to use it in German, can i set an other language anywhere which is posibly displayed? Or can anyone help me to display the text? Thank you Best greetings Ron
  20. Well, Telltale's version of Riddler was decent.
  21. Last week
  22. Long time, no comic. So, let's continue from the last one, shall we? Oh, and regarding the edits I made to the posts above, the edits were nothing nefarious, I promise. The pictures didn't play nice with the forum converter during the switch-over
  23. BTTF is a terrible adventure game. Its only saving grace is the story which is great and was written in consultation with and received blessing by Bob Gale. That's the only reason I care. I care nothing for Telltale or anything they make otherwise. And if they actually made a BTTF2 game and it had the annoying timed dialogue choice sequences everywhere, I wouldn't play it. I recently gave a copy of Minecraft Story Mode a go on the Wii U and I couldn't believe it when I saw those same dialogue sequences there. What does that have to do with Minecraft?? Is that really what kids are looking for in a Minecraft Story Mode? That Story Mode title carries a lot of weight and is quite misleading. It makes it sound like Minecraft's gameplay but with story. But this is just another post-TMI Telltale game with Minecraft window dressing. It should just be called Minecraft: A Telltale Series like the rest of them. Alright I'm done now. Exiting thread.
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