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  3. You're welcome. I just looked at my Humble Bundle account at all Steam keys I haven't even redeemed yet, and adding all of them to my account and counting them as equals....*shudders*.
  4. I didn't realize that I needed this system in my life until now. Thank you.
  5. Anxiously waiting also for a Mac/OSX version. I tried Porting Kit with the Windows GOG release, too many glitches to be playable sadly.
  6. Well, James Wan is involved. As long as it's a HORROR movie, I have no problem with it.
  7. I really do like IHE and his commentary on dumb social trends and events. Should I also check out Ralph The Movie Maker?
  8. I've tagged the games in my Steam library in basically these categories: "to play soon", "i also haven't played these", and else. What I pick next from my "to play soon" pile depends a lot on mood, and is usually influenced by the last thing I've played. For example, my most recent ones: I finished Episode 6 of The Dream Machine. Awesome game, but very dark and disturbing. So next I played Lumino City, which is colourful and happy. After the very intensive puzzling of Lumino City, I felt like something more story-focused, so I'm playing through the Blackwell series, probably to the end.
  9. Hey, Few days ago I was also facing the same Problem. Thanks for the site, will surely go through it.
  10. It's working perfectly. I just played it last night. Thanks!
  11. I use a method very similar to Cecil's, so I"ll just second his.
  12. Yeah I think that's his 'thing' as in he hates everything and feels demoralised.
  13. It's been a while since I've felt so mixed about film news as I am about the Resident Evil reboot. I mean, I wanted this. I just don't have faith that the new series won't be a train wreck of all new bad decisions. Apparently there's a whole new plan in place that the director(s) will stick to. They have to know that the game fans hated the last series. They have to see that the recent horror game did much better than the last two action games. Right? Right? I don't even buy that. I didn't even hate the first movie as much. I just figured: hey, zombies in a house is overdone(even back then!) and there's a lot of logistic issues with making a backtracking heavy game work in film. Okay, so they did their own thing to start. I wasn't happy with that, but I wasn't mad. Then the second movie was just shit. I have no confidence here.
  14. Seems well argued, but geez, what dull monotonous way he did that video in. But maybe that's the joke.
  15. I make a difference of games I feel dedicated to play, and games I just happen to have in my library. Games that I've been hyped for for a longer time, and bought soon after release, are games I put high on the priority list. I use the following categories: *Favorites - game I play now, or games I want to put high focus on. *Undecided - games I feel somewhat obligated to play, but haven't gotten to yet. If that category is 10+ games, I slow down purchases. *Time wasters - games that are fun, but you cannot really beat. *Why not? - games I've bought cheap, or even have gotten for free, but that I don't feel invested in. *Nah - games I've tried, but didn't click for me, even if they're not terrible. *Beaten - as it says. And the rest of the games I don't categorize, but just have under games.
  16. Use a tool like the Quick n' Dirty Linux Compatibility Checker For Steam, which will give you a nice grid view of your Steam library with banner images and review scores (no Steam login required): 1) Find a banner that looks interesting, click on it and check the Steam page (opens in a new window). 2) If you want to play the after looking at the description, go to #3; if not, go to #1 3) Install the game and play
  17. I'm posting just so not to ignore it. I'm a terrible person to ask career advice from. Graduated High School with all three sciences and a whole bunch of optional courses ranging from Web Design to Nutrition. I couldn't decided what I wanted and was told I had to either pick something to go into or get a job. So I applied at the three closest fast food places since it sounded easy and I like food. I got some management experience and quit after 5 years. I then applied at the two closest grocery stores since I figured I had the skills to do that(management xp, customer service xp, writing product orders, working product orders). Here I am a 33 year old Grocery Manager. I guess it's my career now. It just sort of happened. It doesn't really interest me, but I wouldn't advise you to give up on your dreams. I'm an adult who plays video games, drinks and bbqs on his days off... man, I guess I am living my dream. My dreams seemed better financed though.
  18. Works for me too! The game is awsome. Thank you for your support.
  19. Yeah, thanks a lot Spaff. I forgot to reply. (So thanks Bidiot Bales for posting and reminding me about this.) It was clear that the sales weren't that good, but it was also clear to me that the sales weren't that good because many people just couldn't buy the games. I certainly would have bought Broken Age and Grim Fandango if they were compatible with any of my devices. I did end up buying the Grim Fandango for Android when it featured in a Humble Bundle, and I might play it when I get a compatible device, but that likely won't happen soon. I think it's unfortunate that Double Fine got itself into this chicken and egg situation where the port isn't good enough to be bought and therefore the money doesn't enable making it better. Not that Android is a great market for PC style games, but DF games could have been more successful.
  20. I just checked and I've played 72% of my Steam games. My secret is I basically never replay games (except for a rare few and they're almost always short) and I tend to go back and finish a game I've started before buying or playing a new game.
  21. 506, get good, also I feel sometimes like I spend more time looking at my list of games and mulling over what I should play and less actually playing, but when I do play, it's either one of a handful of standbys I've poured hundreds of hours into. Or one of the new games I picked up in a recent Bundle or sale. Maybe you should add all of your games into a list and put that into a generator that can spit a random result out for you.
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