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  2. Well, I also didn't know anything about Batman until like 2010. I also haven't seen the Godfather since it's confession time. I have seen Jaws though. Weirdly my parents were okay with me watching lots of thrillers, but gangster movies were just a step too far.
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  4. It's just that it's a bit like having never heard of Jaws or The Godfather. Star Wars even. Rocky was to the 70's and 80's what Marvel is now. The movie is iconic. People who have never seen the movie know scenes from it because it's referenced and parodied a lot in other media. Not judging you btw, its just odd for someone to not have heard of Rocky before.
  5. Nope, I've never heard of it. Though it doesn't really sound like the sort of thing I'd see on my own either. Not anything negative against the film, it's just there's certain genres that I won't really dive into without a recommendation.
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  7. The Humble IGN Merger

    Settle down there. They still have indie games in the bundles and to be fair, the old bundles would give you 1 or 2 great indie titles along with 3 or 4 backlog fodder games that few people played. They still have charity and the indie games that they do include are alongside a triple A title, so that developer sees a lot more sales and a lot more people trying it out. I repeat, they still donate to charity... and a lot more than before. This is nothing like Starbucks.
  8. Huh, I'll have to check it out sometime... though possibly after NaNo because it's like two weeks away and I have basically no outline done.
  9. As opposed to Darth James Earl Jones?
  10. Psn sale for Stacking?

    Like the title says, will there ever be a sale for this game on psn? I've had this game on my to-buy list for a long time but I never saw it drop in price. I'd personally snatch it up if it was 9,99$ or less. Please think about it. Good day.
  11. Soon the forum's voice will change and it will start growing hair in strange places.
  12. Europa

    I came into this thread to post that Prozzak song, but I see that I already did it. heh I'm funny.
  13. The Humble IGN Merger

    +1 But snarky cynicism aside, the thing that is truly sad about it is that this is a company that started as Humble Indie Bundle. HUMBLE. INDIE. And it really was both of those words. And it was for charity. Then it was successful and started growing into something else. People got sick of the constant bundles. It became its own store that sold the Call of Duties and the Skyrims. It wasn't even close to indie anymore. Now its assimilation into a major corporation (and a kinda lousy one at that) means its even less "indie" than ever and certainly a far cry from what the "humble" originally meant. It's watching something that was pure and good and real turn into Starbucks. I haven't purchased a bundle in ages, pretty much for the reason Cecil said (it's just backlog fodder); but I am still sad to see a pure/wholesome thing get swallowed by the capitalist machine.
  14. I downloaded and tried out Snake Pass last night. Verdict: It's definitely very interesting and very original, and I will definitely continue to play mostly out of novelty/curiosity, but a few things seem more unnecessarily frustrating or annoying than they really ought to be. The camera is a real antagonist in the game, often adjusting itself when the player doesn't want it to. The snake's head seems to move relative to the camera in the default control scheme, which makes this even more of a problem. The camera also has a knack for giving you a view of a wall. A smarter camera and/or the ability to lock the camera angle would help. Coiling yourself tightly around poles seems more frustrating than it needs to be simply because the "grip" ability (which causes the snake to tense up and coil tightly instead of coiling loose/limp) causes the snake to STOP completely, which is frustrating because in order to both coil tightly AND keep coiling forward, you essentially have to tap the grip button while also managing the careful tapping of the head raise/lower button. If you are using the default control scheme, you also have to manage the tapping of the "move forward" button as well. This is way too many buttons doing too many things simultaneously. If the "grip" button merely significantly slowed the snake while also gripping tightly, this would be much more satisfying and less frustrating. Finally, Doodle needs to shut up. I think we have finally met a flying "helper" friend who deserves more scorn than Navi. The fact that you have to listen to all of Doodle's lectures every time you replay a level to try and get coins you missed makes it even worse. (And there is no way to skip or speed through dialogue, which is even more torturous.) Doodle also likes to continuously give you level 1 tutorial tips when you are in world 5 and have the hang of it now. Really, it's like Navi times ten. BUT ALL OF THESE ANNOYANCES ASIDE, it is a very clever and original game. Controlling the snake is a unique and fun experience, and when you are able to successfully make the snake slither up a mess of bamboo poles to reach a high platform, it feels like an accomplishment. Furthermore, slithering out onto a mess of bamboo poles hanging over a gap feels tremendously dangerous and is terrifying and challenging to manage. I'm trying my best to enjoy the good things about Snake Pass while dealing with the annoyances, but if those things were addressed in a Snake Pass 2, I could see the game being something really truly special. /^\/^\ _|__| O| \/ /~ \_/ \ \____|__________/ \ \_______ \ `\ \ \ | | \ / / \ / / \\ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / _----_ \ \ / / _-~ ~-_ | | ( ( _-~ _--_ ~-_ _/ | \ ~-____-~ _-~ ~-_ ~-_-~ / ~-_ _-~ ~-_ _-~ ~--______-~ ~-___-~
  15. The Humble IGN Merger

    Don't mind this that much. It's not an important platform for me, considering that they provide download links and steam keys, that I can get from other places if needed. I liked they're original mission, where everything was released with proper DRM free downloads and PC, Mac and Linux versions for everything. That's something that has been watered down in many steps now, so what IGN does with that is not really concerning. Most of the bundles now are just backlog fodder, where everyone spends money to get more games then they need.
  16. It's one of the greatest movies ever made. And one of the better love stories out there too. Okay so how do I sum it up so you get what I'm after in the comparison. Basically Rocky is the story of this guy who lives a hard, lonely life, barely making rent, with a dream of boxing, acting as an enforcer for a local crook. He's a thug, but he's got a good heart, and he hasn't really got it in him to do the job right. The only thing Rocky likes more than boxing is Adrian. This mousy spinster who works out of a pet shop where he buys his turtle food. He keeps trying to get her to agree to go out with him and she, too shy and self-conscious to agree, even though she wants to, keeps turning him down. Most of the movie is the story of this guy's difficult and lonely life, before he finally breaks down Adrian's walls and they begin to find happiness with each other, while at the same time opportunity comes knocking at Rocky's door, a televised match against the greatest boxer in the world, Apollo Creed. It's the story of a man's redemption and triumph over the adversity of his situation. It has my favorite movie ending in the world, it makes me cry. Seriously just go watch it, it's amazing. But what I want to emulate with Soar is that Mari has a kind of shitty life. She fights to keep the lights on, and to try and take care of her mom, who doesn't make it easy for her. She dreams of leaving this place she's in, but can never quite make enough money to do so. She's crazy about this other girl, but while her flirtations get nibbles of interest, she hasn't been able to reel in an actual date with her. Mari is lonely, and broke, and nobody really respects her. Then something happens and it derails her fighting career, and she has to come back from that, and in doing so these powers she's always had begin to grow and she starts using them to help people, rather than fight, she starts to make inroads towards an actual romance with this other girl, and she actually begins to embrace the community she's been trying to escape, realizing that they're all in the same boat, and what all these people need is a hero.
  17. Okay, so weirdly, in one of my tabletop games... we had a very similar plot to this. Well, it wasn't a plague possession it was a demon that was so hideous to look at it makes anyone who sees it go mad and tear out their eyes and then anyone who sees any of the eyeless people also goes made and tears out their eyes. (does not know what Rocky is >.>)
  18. So I think Soar might be Rocky but with superpowers.
  19. The Humble IGN Merger

    At the end of the day, if Humble keeps making Bundles I want and giving money to charity than I don't really have an issue.
  20. The Humble IGN Merger

    IGN reviews have been the butt of jokes for years. So now when they give a mediocre game 8/10, it'll be because of invested interest? This doesn't really bother me. Now, if this was metacritic and they started deleting negative reviews... It'd be another story. Invested interest exists all over the place. Especially when news sources want interviews, exclusives, announcements...etc. You know when they have an interview coming, they're not going to trash their new game in a review.
  21. I backed A Hat in Time on Kickstarter ages ago, and it's finally out. I'm loving it so far, but I noticed an ad for it on Steam claiming the game has content from Psychonauts 2 in it. Without spoiling anything, whereabouts in the game can I find this content?
  22. What are you playing?

    A Hat in Time has an impressive amount of polish for a game of it's budget. The lengthy development time definitely did wonders.
  23. The Humble IGN Merger

    Game Informer is already owned by GameStop which started publishing games last year. I don't remember the games they published getting glowing reviews in GI. That's not going to stop the people who know nothing about how these publications actually work from jumping to conclusions though. Those people probably would have found something else to use for ammo if it wasn't for this, however.
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  25. The Humble IGN Merger

    Why is it so hard for people in this industry to keep their noses clean? Hell I'm not even saying IGN and Humble are setting out to do anything untoward, but they both had to know that this acquisition was gonna raise some eyebrows/hackles. If that's the reaction your business deal is gonna have, maybe don't.
  26. The Humble IGN Merger

    Jim Sterling pointed out an interesting observation. Humble is a game publisher. A games media company now owns a games publisher. That is weird. Will this bring the ethics in games journailsm debate to a whole new level? (#gamergate2.0?)
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