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  2. Mark Darin is still there. He did some amazing design work during Telltale's early years. He's leading the final season of Telltale's The Walking Dead. I doubt that episode 1 and 2 will be much different than what came before, since going by past comments by Telltale's designers, the design document for those episodes are probably locked in now. It would be great if Telltale gave him more leeway for the remaining season though. I'd love to see what Mark Darin could come up with in the universe of The Walking Dead if he had creative freedom to make the game his way. I doubt they'd give him complete freedom, considering the IP, but hopefully they can give him enough to noticeably leave his mark on the game.
  3. God, me too. Me tooooo. The Verge article is giving substance to what a lot of us felt and suspected for many years. Maybe a bit of a cheap move by Farokhmanesh to point at just one responsible person at the end, but at the very least she's putting the whole case file into a background of woes that the entire industry suffers from. Telltale, with its episodic game structure and therewith perpetual crunch time, has always been an extended cautionary tale of sorts. At least now we have that in writing. And, honestly, not just Telltale should take note. I e. g. see this kind of company strategy at work at Double Fine just as well (or at least saw it at work during the time the DFA was produced). This is horrifying. It must stop, and that may be particularly difficult in the US game industry. I must say, I don't really see how something good can come from all of this. Telltale won't change course, won't try something different. I guess for six years now they've been trying to remix the TWD formula into something that clicks with their audience just as well. The company has become increasingly more risk-averse. What kind of 180 can they pull off in this situation? Wishing them all the best, though of course now none of my heroes still remain there. They're all gone, each and every one. By the way, I've checked the Telltale forums and there's of course a thread on the same article. However, the contributions to that thread are surprisingly balanced. Something you'd expect from an adult community. I'm impressed.
  4. It's a shame that the sudden fame got to Kevin Bruner's head. Conversely, I'm glad that Dan Connors was mentioned as being a decent guy. He always seemed genuinely nice whenever he popped into the forum back before Telltale got huge. Now that Kevin's out, and the environment there is less hectic and the staff is less creatively stifled, I'm really excited to see their game play changes. I haven't really played a Telltale game in a while, even though I used to be a massive fan. I have Minecraft Season Two, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Batman Season Two just sitting on my Steam account and I really haven't had much motivation to play them. I'm glad they're now given some creative freedom, so hopefully they can pull out of the slump they've gotten themselves into with the repetitive gameplay. There was a post by AlfredJ in the comments at the International House of Mojo that summed up my thoughts on Telltale too: Hopefully something good comes out of this. I'd love to enjoy a Telltale game again.
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  6. Deep dive into the layoffs and working conditions at the studio. Also a good jumping off point to talk about how this kind of stuff is a huge problem in the industry at large.
  7. Texture flickering on PS4?

    Have you tried emailing (If you included the vid link it would probably be useful.)
  8. Texture flickering on PS4?

    Have I stumped everyone? I recently upgraded to a PS4 Pro, and the problem persists, so it's definitely not a hardware issue. In case it helps, I recorded a brief video of a conversation in the early game to show what I mean:
  9. Some Recent Brutal Legend Fan Art

  10. The House of Da Vinci is 25% off.
  11. Sorry, I've been having a really rough couple of weeks. I haven't really been around or even thought about it.
  12. My Fan Art - By Nasubionna

    Great works, Nasubionna, really cool. I especially loved the Sasha and Milla space picnic
  13. I decided to go for the $3 mystery hat even though these things are always a crapshoot, and I actually got a game I wanted: Worms Armageddon. St. Patrick's Day is my birthday, so I guess I've got a little birthday luck going on this year.
  14. My Grim Fandango Art!

    Wow its new and cool
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  16. [Linux][BUG] Keyboard input is not working

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  17. Spoon

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  18. Rhombus > Psychonauts 2 changeover [PitRoR SPOILERS]

    Maybe there will be a recap at the beginning of Psychonauts 2 that sums up the story from Rhombus of Ruin?
  19. Some Recent Brutal Legend Fan Art

    I did this one of Eddie Riggs for a good friend of mine! What do you think?
  20. My Grim Fandango Art!

    Check out this Grim Fandango piece I did a while back!
  21. Let me know if you guys want to partake in the DFAF Brackets Challenge again this year. You have until Thursday to make up your mind and complete the bracket.
  22. so, it's been said that rhombus of ruin was a story tim didn't intend to tell, psychonauts 2 always beginning right after the psychonauts get back from that mission, being like "what a fun mission, right guys?" and i figured it'd be like that still after both ROR and PN2 were announced, but there were actually a few big things in rhombus that i'm struggling to figure out how they'll be dealt with smoothly. mostly with regards to doctor loboto. i assume he's going to be dealt with in psychonauts 2 some more (what with him being stowed away in the overhead bin) but him being still alive and being a lobotomized psychic seemed like pretty huge reveals to me. so, having said that ROR isn't a required play to fully enjoy psychonauts, how are they gonna make those two big reveals come off smoothly and satisfyingly when loboto pops up in psychonauts 2? i of course have the utmost faith in tim's writing, but i still wonder how he's gonna pull it off. thoughts?
  23. I've looked through the scripts myself with my own eyes, and I'm a developer (albeit web) by trade. I was also the person who launched "Grim Fandango Deluxe", which was a fan attempt at doing what DF would do themselves with Remastered.
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