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  2. Secret room

    I just realized I previously made a mistake, and that the last sentence isn't quite accurate. Gaussian elimination is not really possible for the general case because you can at best multiply by the negation of a coefficient, which automatically eliminates the variable. So it doesn't seem like there's anything better than just feeding in values and see what sticks to come up with formulas. So the approach I would do then is to pick an output variable and make it equal to the logical disjunction of all 128 conjunctions for which it's equal to 1, then convert all disjunctions to XORs by using the equivalence x V y <=> x + y + xy and all negations to XORs by using the equivalence ¬x <=> x+1, and then finally simplify the formula, which can go up to 256 XOR-separated clauses of up to 8 conjunctions. Of course, that needs to be repeated for each of the 8 output variables. So unless the result turns out to be relatively simple somehow, trying to mix in 256 boolean variables (the key) and a few constants through XORs and applying the 8 resulting formulas 14 times (the number of rounds) just doesn't seem like a realistic approach to me right now.
  3. Grim Fandango Collection

    That's a nice collection. I only have a boxed copy of the game that I bought on eBay many years ago. Where did you find the items in your collection?
  4. Hey, show me your grim fandango collection. Here is mine: Picture Not easy to find grim fandango stuff.
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  6. Hi Everyone, For a study, I would like to ask for your assistance by participating in a survey. The study aims to find out what motivate gamers to play games on gaming platforms, such as Smartphone, PC, Console. In this survey, you will be asked to answer a series of questions about your prior experience in gaming. It will take under 20 minutes to complete the survey. Your answers will be used for research purpose only. Anyone who has played video games on any platform can join the survey. Please follow the link to participate: Thank You!
  7. A new puzzle...

    I just had a new idea today: Since one of the codes is on the front of the cartridge and the other on the back, maybe you need to flip the back one before merging the images, and most likely horizontally to match the text orientation of the original labels. Well, I didn't find any interesting results, but I didn't test all permutations either (rotations, flips, reversing colors, AND vs OR vs XOR, order of operations), so that's still something to explore. Here's a picture where I attempted an XOR after an horizontal flop of the back code.
  8. The cave on GOG/HB

    Hello! I just noticed on the Steam's page that the publisher of The Cave is Double Fine Productions. Does it mean that you guys acquired the rights for the game? I really want to buy it on GOG. Please?
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  10. Draw Your Own Creepy Treats!

    @pvpayton, I know MY reply is way too late, but I love the Bit-O-Squirrel! I hope everyone has a metal Rocktober 13th.
  11. Psychonauts Missing from the Greek XBOX Marketplace

    As a German fan for Psychonauts, I'm also hoping that the game will ever be available again outside the US...
  12. So the forum is basically divided in two. There's the gaming side and the 'everything else' side. The hangouts section for each basically consists of dedicated topics for longterm discussions. So hangouts on gaming side are generally topics dedicated to specific game series or systems (like there's a breath of the wild hangout thread for example), hangouts on the etcetera side tend to be little communities (like there's a writing community, a film community, a politics community, etc). The Gaming/Etcetera primary forums are specifically for new news that won't have a lasting discussion, life questions, amusing anecdotes... basically anything that is expected to have a thread lifespan of a week or two max. This designation was primarily done so that longterm discussion threads wouldn't clog up the forum for people who just wanted gaming or real world news. And also so that if there was an overactive longterm discussion thread for something uninteresting to the vast majority of the forum, it wouldn't constantly be thrown in the faces of everyone (like the very active WWE hangout thread) Generally, I have a handful of hangout forums that I'm a member of and that's typically where you get to know people and they get to know you. And then the primary threads are where I browse to get news about recent events and movies/games coming out and stuff.
  13. The new episode of yugioh abridged this time with more duling.
  14. Final episode of dbza, sad but they are doing season 4 with buu.
  15. They let me in. ...okay wait. I have no idea where to ask in there, and can't create threads yet so... what exactly is the point of the two Hangouts forum sections? I really don't understand what the difference is between EtcetERA and EtcetERA/Hangouts
  16. Rocktober 13, Ninth Anniversary

    I'm off work and will be online all day!
  17. New members here!

    Welcome, Juliedang and DesmondDez! We also have an introduction thread, which has a bit more activity:
  18. Apparently Skybound Games is going to finish off Telltale's last Walking Dead season, according to Robert Kirkman.
  19. New members here!

    HI! My name is Desmond! I came here because of Broken Age
  20. What would you do-o-o-oo. For a Kevin Bruner bar. [toilet flush noise]
  21. Ah, I remember that first free Nick Bounty game ("A Case Of The Crabs") getting some buzz when it came out.
  22. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    *That moment when you realise you have to wait another year*
  23. I remember playing and enjoying the two first games. I hope they make Linux a stretch goal, now that they've reached the base goal.
  24. That's a relief. For a moment there, I thought that it was a tortoise.
  25. Mark Darin of Telltale fame has a Kickstarter for his latest project with a few other collaborators: Nick Bounty and the Dame with One Blue Chewed Shoe, a comedic noir adventure game. Check it out!
  26. Nice to see a few familiar avatars here. @GuruGuru214 is correct - every game from Telltale Texas Hold'em to The Walking Dead is now DRM-free on Telltale's website. If you're having trouble logging in (whether on the website or on the game launcher), Telltale alum John Seggerson posted over at Mojo that Telltale is using Symantic Legacy Certificates. These aren't allowed in the latest Chrome beta. Using stable branches of browsers should work, but of course, that only will work until the beta changes don't become part of the stable branch. I posted a big bunch of answers to other FAQ's regarding problems with Telltale's games here if you're having other problems.
  27. Rocktober 13, Ninth Anniversary

    Bringing back this thread again for the same reason as last year and updated it again as well. I am also reminding everyone who reads on here that the 9th anniversary of Brutal Legend is next Saturday. Happy 9th Anniversary to Brutal Legend.
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