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  2. Knights and Bikes Screenshot Festival

    Fairly sure The Goonies is a key influence alissa violet
  3. Oh yeah. If this movie doesn't get an Oscar for costume design it'll be a crime. It was just so perfect and detailed.
  4. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    While I love reading those sorts of books (my favorite series in that genre is Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins), I don't think I could write one. I don't really have the knack for making preteens interesting, I guess.
  5. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    One day I'd love to write a Portal Fantasy in the vein of something like Narnia.
  6. What is Knights and Bikes?

    When is it coming out? TBC What platforms is it on? PS4 and PC confirmed, so far. regards: application integration
  7. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    It's inspired by Alice In Wonderland, Locke & Key, and The Chronicles of Narnia.
  8. The Spectacular Marvel Super-Thread

    Saw it for the second time today, and it still doesn't feel like enough, it's so good. I'm obsessed! With everything about it, the cultural and political inspirations and impact, the direction, the actors, the themes of the movie, the costume design (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ruth E. Carter should get a goddamn Oscar for it!) and the MUSIC!!!
  9. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    Yeah! I can see that. I still like that premise though Noname.
  10. hey guys post more im bored

    I mean it's basically like 5-7 people in there with a bunch of lurkers. We don't even post that much, it's usually pretty likely that 6 hours will go by between conversation.
  11. I'm visualizing T'Challa's progression as spending so much time Avenging and not enough time kinging that Shuri has to take over. But since the she has to invent a super suit to replicate the Black Panther powers.
  12. Well, I do *like* Discord, I just can't keep up with any group bigger than like eight active posters.
  13. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    This reminds me a lot of the episode 'Mabel World' in Gravity Falls.
  14. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    @Alcoremortis So I have an idea for an 80s style kids adventure movie about two brothers and a sister who move to New England with their mother after their father's passing and things become vitriolic between the siblings. The girl then discovers a playset mirror locked in a secret room in the basement that is actually a gateway into another dimension molded by a being with the mind of a child, whose world resembles a large blank void until someone with an active imagination steps in and everything they think of comes to life. It gives her everything a little girl could ever want, but unknown to her it is doing everything it can to keep her from leaving. So the brothers must venture into this strange Wonderland that can be both magical and sinister and try to save their sister. The dimension inside the mirror is basically made to resemble a world built of toys, candy, an amusement park, the world of a fairy tale, stuff like that. But when it begins to collapse as the two try to escape with the sister, it begins to look more like a melting, psychedelic blank canvas. The being inside the mirror cannot create on his own. He needs to always have a muse, someone whose imagination is greater than his. Which is why he abducts children. But eventually the children he has abducted have in turn deteriorated mentally due to becoming gaunt as a result of constantly having to create this world for the being and inevitably crumble into inhuman shells, so it's a race against time. A main theme of the movie would be the kids coming to terms with the passing of their father, the grief they feel, and ultimately using their love for each other to repair broken hearts and to push forward.
  15. hey guys post more im bored

    I've been on the forums pretty regularly since 2007, minus the year I took off, and for most of that I was here for the community, not for the game news and speculation about the company. Its been a shame seeing how quiet its gotten.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Sorry that Discord wasn't for you, but you're always welcome to talk to us. As for forum inactivity, that's because DF hasn't done anything product related in 2017. Forum activity should pick right back up when Knights and Bike and Psychonauts 2 news/releases happen.
  18. The Spectacular Marvel Super-Thread

    Her Black Panther should be slightly different though, because I totally see her as the next Tony Stark in terms of genius and ability. Those gloves she built for instance.
  19. Discord is kinda like Skype, but geared at managing much larger chatrooms. So it's real time.
  20. I hope if they do a second Black Panther movie, they follow the comics and Shuri also becomes a Black Panther. I can't remember why she had to in the books, I just remember that it was awesome.
  21. Has Discord replaced the forum? I don't really know what Discord is, and I don't understand it by googling.
  22. The Spectacular Marvel Super-Thread

  23. I liked Shuri the best, closely followed by Okoye.
  24. I'm still around. I just don't have much to say. I haven't been in a very positive mood lately.
  25. The Spectacular Marvel Super-Thread

    Who was everyone's favorite characters? I mean I'll cut you some slack if it's T'Challa, because he's pretty great, but for me it's a three way tie between Nakia, Oyoke and Shuri!
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