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  2. Shepard hack

    Can't seem to use this ability. Seems like there is something missing from the description when looking at this ability. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    I think that one year to plan, design and develop a full game alongside Psychonauts 2 probably isn't plenty of time, unless they're already working on it. Some kind of tie-in would be very cool though, even if it was just something small and purely cosmetic.
  4. Last week
  5. 10 minute gameplay from from Berlin Film Festival

    This is one of the weirdest games I've ever had. If you wanna watch a game and not play anything while animals tumble around everywhere, this could be for you. Quite relaxing and goofy when too tired to actually do stuff while having the itch to play something.
  6. Survival/Solo superstressful round

    Bet that felt good getting your 100
  7. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    That's unfortunate, but that means DF has plenty of time to coordinate a Costume Quest 3 (or perhaps an expansion for CQ2) to coincide with the release of the animated series. ;D
  8. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    I just thought to merge the two threads. To celebrate, here's a link that Spaff pointed out to me: It's about a cast and crew screening, which suggests lots of progress has been made, but it also mentions that we won't get to see the show until 2019 now.
  9. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    oK thanks for informing me
  10. Lol, that is an awesome name, thanks for the fairly quick response and apologizes for not noticing for over a year.
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  12. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    As per the existing thread about this above, it's due to come out "in 2018". The official page says it's "based on" the games (which is ambiguous, but I would take to mean it does not slot into the canon of the games, it is an adaptation of them) and has some art of the lead characters. (There's also some more stills and stuff on the Frederator facebook page.)
  13. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    So I am a big fan of the costume quest series, some of my childhood memories are being stuck on the final boss of the first game and I was delighted to hear that there was going to be a cartoon series but I do have some questions: 1) When is it coming out? 2a) does it follow the main crew 2b) if so is it before the first game, during the first game, in the middle of the two games, during the second game or after the second game? Now I know the next one is a stretch and there is probably no answer for it currently but... 3) if the series goes well will be a follow up like a season 2? A third game? A remake/ remaster of one of the games or a film? So it would be really awesome and really cool if someone could anwser these questions but at the end of the day they don’t have to to tell me as it is private information and they do as they please.
  14. Brutal Legend Legends achiviement bug

    Hi! I recently had a bug where even though I visited all 13 legends, the game didn't track it and I didn't win the achiviement, I noticed something odd when it skipped one of the tales it as supposed to tell, I asked at the discord and after coming up with a solution, they asked me to post it here after some tinkering I got a small solution, if you have the Eye thingy, search the legends locations, if the eye still points to the legend, it mean the game hasn't tracked it, and even though you might already been in it, you need to do it again to have the game track it and give you the achiviement.
  15. BL2

    There was never a Kickstarter campaign for Brütal Legend. Double Fine's only crowdfunding campaigns to this date are Double Fine Adventure (Broken Age), Massive Chalice and Psychonauts 2. During a panel discussion at E3 in 2017, however, Tim Schafer said that a sequel will be made when the time is right, when asked about Brütal Legend 2. Maybe that's what you're thinking of?
  16. The Cave not on Wii U Eshop anymore?

    Ah I don't check these forums enough, sorry for not answering sooner! Thanks for the answer Spaff, that all makes sense (and it's great that you guys are gaining more control over your own properties). Given that the WiiU is a dead platform (and never that popular to begin with) I'm guessing I'm out of luck, but at least I still have the PC version, so I guess it's not the end of the world. It's still one of my favorite games you guys have made, and I don't know how likely a sequel would be, but I'll be there day one if the universe is willing. I've got lovely memories of playing it all night with 2 friends (while maybe not entirely sober) when it first launched.
  17. I'm babysitting a diabetic cat. Love the guy, but having to give him a shot at 6am when I work 2-11pm's really sucks.
  18. I found this very high-quality action figure while on vacation in Albania:
  19. [Steam] camera control with mouse not working

    No, I haven't. I had thought this were the right place for my problem. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do that now.
  20. [Steam] camera control with mouse not working

    Have you tried emailing
  21. Hello, recently I have purchased Psychonauts on steam and for some reason I am unable to use the mouse for moving the camera. I have searched online and have tried all the solutions I have found, but none have worked so far: unplugging any usb devies (only usb devices I have connected are my mouse + keyboard) changing from fullscreen to window mode deactivating smart camera I can run around, use the left mouse button to attack and anything but the mouse-camera. (I really don't want to use the num block) Is there any way to fix this or maybe a workaround I have missed? I have only seen so far that this problem happens to several people and some of them could solve it by unplugging any usb devices. (which is not working unfortunately) I am by far no controller player (that's why I have bought it on steam) and it would be great to be able to play the game.
  22. Secret room

    Pretty sure that's just JPEG compression artifacts. Besides, the logos on the previews are not part of the art being sold and are standard to all Fangamer products, so I doubt they're relevant. Still, you may want to compare the logo with other products in the Double Fine shop yourself to verify this.
  23. Secret room

    Is it just the resolution of the screen preview, or does the logo in the bottom left contain microprint?
  24. Secret room

    I just realized there's another official Hack 'n' Slash merch in the Double Fine store in addition to the T-shirt. I completely forgot it existed because it's not showing up in the "All" category of the shop. Hack 'n' Slash - Landscape I'm not seeing anything special on it, but given the T-shirt incident you never know...
  25. That sounds like a really good foundation. I mean, you know each other really well from before, and you decide to get together based on that. Sounds like the definition of how to start a relationship from a textbook:)
  26. Does. It's just a little odd. We've been friends for 15 years and have both been in multiple relationships during that span. We just started hanging out more and more this year, developed feelings, and decided to go for it.
  27. That's great! Does it feel right?
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