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  2. Needing to update DFA backer info

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  3. um i got a razer deathadder but it broke after a couple years so now i have a logitech g500s
  4. It looks a hell of a lot better than Bandidas and Bad Girls, that's for sure.
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  6. A Near Dawn, "a stylish humorous thriller blending Point & Click and Visual Novels", needs our help. Only 30 hours left.
  7. The Dig - Remastered

    That would be awesome! The Dig is one of my favorite games. The adventure game world isn't that big and Tim probably knows the guys that worked on The Dig. I think it would work if DF would project manage and bring in people like Brian Moriarty and Ben Tiller.
  8. @Tiny Dust! @Alcoremortis Welp, here's your female centric western.
  9. I’m playing Psychonauts properly for the first time! I tried it two years ago, but I didn't have a proper controller back then, and it was impossible without. I’ve been having a bit of a bumpy ride, where a couple of the first levels were not that fun for me (the disco level in particular), but I just finished the lungfish level and the milkman level, and they were great! I think I may have glitched through something, though, as the story snapped from one thing to another just before the lungfish level, and I’m confused about what’s going on. All in all: I’m more excited to keep playing this game than any other game in a long time!
  10. Yeah, here you go: They vary in quality. Some haven't aged as well as others. Most were written in high school except for the Avengers fic and the Doctor Who attempt that turned into nothing. Man I forgot some of the stuff I put in this. 'Jack cupped her delicate chin in his hand and stared at her with his eyes, chocolate orbs, melting with passion, "Just say yes." "Your eyes make me hungry," Raven whispered.'
  11. Are they still up? Because you had my curiosity, now you have my attention.
  12. Oh, completely intentional. My first fanfic ever was a Mary Sue parody fic that still makes me chuckle sometimes. Though my favorite is probably this Yu Yu Hakusho fic I did, though I can't completely claim credit for it because my brother snuck on my computer midway through and wrote a hilarious interlude that I had to keep in because it killed me.
  13. Intentional or unintentional? Just about every fanfic I've read reads like bad comedy, with the exception of certain Sherlockiana.
  14. I kinda just figured out that my nano actually is based on some really depressing themes... maybe nobody else who reads it will notice, but it just suddenly struck me this morning that I'm just writing more about helplessness in the face of an unstoppable uncaring existential threat.
  15. First thing I ever finished was a comedic short story that was a play on Abbot and Costello's Who's on First It wasn't awful for an 11 year-old I wouldn't say that I write comedic stories in terms of concept, but my prose can be very loose and silly.
  16. I like to think I've succeeded at it. 100% of my fanfics ended up being comedy.
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  18. You can get it for free today on pc and keep it forever
  19. Y'all Della Reese died, and now I'm sad.
  20. The Cave and iOS 11 claim

    Hi there! Last summer we had as little idea that there would be a cut off point for the game as you did. This new ios version is a special one that insists all apps run in 64 bit. The Cave is a 32 bit application, and so will no longer work once you upgrade. This sadly is out of our hands, as we don't own the publishing rights to the game. Even if we did though, updating these games is costly and time consuming to us, and so we have to choose wisely. I think it helps to think of the new version of iOS is like a new console hardware generation, it's like moving from PS3 to PS4. When that happens we typically don't move all our old games to the new hardware. We're trying our best to bring as many over as we can, but some of them are harder than others, or just don't make sense to devote time and money to. Please see here: Where did you send us an email by the way? I couldn't see anything in our support queue!
  21. I hid your post because it was in response to a now-deleted spam message. If I had left your message there, a four year old thread would have been bumped for no reason. Please don't reply to spam posts, because we will delete them and your reply will thereby fall under the "stupid junk" forum guideline. As Bidiot has decided to necro this thread anyway, I've unhidden your post on this occasion.
  22. Who deleted my post and why on earth?
  23. What mouse did you get in the end hot?
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