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  2. Man, I can't explain how happy I am that Japanese games have become popular again. I can't wait to see if any JRPGs make a big splash at E3 besides Kingdom Hearts.
  3. Some more hot video review action coming at you.
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  5. Sihan: Samsung A5 2017 uses Mali, which according to the above posters is not supported.
  6. Sadly, I can't think of a single case where a petition has worked and even if there is an occasion, then it's the exception to the rule.
  7. You can use this page to get a password recovery link sent to the email you used to register your account: Note that you will probably need to log in again on devices where you are currently logged in. EDIT: I think I misread your question: Do you mean the main page with the action blog? I don't know if that's possible, actually. It still uses the old content and forum software, as far as I know, and since comments on the blog were disabled due to spam, I think its only functionality would be to like blog posts. The shop is handled through Fangamer, the support uses an email form and the forums are on new and modern software, so I don't know if there's much use in logging in there anymore.
  8. It's now even in the news! As someone put it, "Let's feed the Disney snake 🐍 an ipecac flower with pancake syrup and get them to vomit Monkey Island back up"
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  10. Not only is The Curse of Monkey Island not an awful game or a terrible sequel; in my opinion, it's one of the best adventure games ever created (admittedly, the last act is a bit gubbins though). Ick! No. Tales of Monkey Island irritates the heck out of me. I liked it plenty, upon its initial release but in hindsight, it feels like an official piece of fan-fiction (which it essentially is). It felt as much of a betrayal of the universe of Monkey Island as the fourth game, possibly even more so. I don't ever want to see Moran LeFlay or any of the other original characters from that game, ever again.
  11. Last Movie you watched...

    Solo: A Star Wars Story I've finished watching the movie and overall it was better than I had expected. It certainly went some way towards washing the bad taste of Rogue One and The Last Jedi from my mouth. Having said that, it's still very much a Disney-era Star Wars movie. Solo is overly long, inconsequential and features a plot with incredibly low stakes (the MacGuffin is dull, dull, dull). One professional review said that it feels like an extended pilot for a TV series and that statement is bang on the money. It's very unsatisfying in how it doesn't feel like a self-contained movie; it leaves a few key plot threads dangling as a means to setting up a sequel. I very much liked the main antagonist, played by Paul Bettany. I'm ambivalent in regards to the droid character, L3. Donald Glover was decent but is given little to do. Alden Ehrenreich was alright but he sure as heck ain't no Harrison Ford and aside from one particularly ballsy (and Special Edition shunting) moment towards the end, the character felt neutered. The soundtrack is excellent, just as it was when I first heard it in the original trilogy (there's a lot of reuse of John Williams' score in this). There's a ridiculously on the nose Western scene and some of the dialogue was eye-rollingly self-referential to lines from the original (and better) movies... "Move along, move along." "Flyboy." "They don't even serve our kind here." "I hate you." "I know." There's also a recreation of the "my hands are dirty" scene from The Empire Strikes Back, complete with the kiss being interrupted by C3PO/Beckett. 6/10
  12. Hi everyone ! I forgot my password of the DF website and I don't see any option to reset it. How to proceed ? thanks in advance for your answers.
  13. Yeah. I'm in a pretty somber mood about that. Even, though it came down to just podcasts, it was nice that he was still trying to make content right til the end(well up to 3 months anyway).
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  15. Please bring this to Xbox one and Ps4

    @B Dawg Thank you, means a lot! been dying for some more BRUTAL VICTORIES!
  16. Please bring this to Xbox one and Ps4

    Get a PS3 or PC if you don't have one of them already, and play on there, there's still dudes who play
  17. Music

    Justin bieber I love you !!!!
  18. Grim Fandango wall mural - Now at poster size!

    It is great!!!
  19. Tim you have a very good game! Thank you. you inspire all of us.
  20. Welcome to the new Action Forums!

    Thank you, I really like this forum.)
  21. I just want some brutal victories in my life again! Please Tim, you're our only hope!
  22. Sorry, I missed your birthday, good sir. Glad you had a good time.
  23. Maybe if more of us chime in? I like rice!
  24. Black Screen My game starts up, i can hear the music, but I'm only presented with a black screen. my device name is samsung galaxy a5 7.0.
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  26. Psychonauts - license key - Steam

    OK great. Thank you for the response and information.
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