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  3. DRM-free option on Humble Store? is working...i just bought it for $13. DRM free downloads. No stinky steam client required!
  4. Deuce tips

    If you have similar control issues in other games with driving mechanics, I would recommend playing a few hours of a two or three racing games, particularly arcade or kart racers that use a similar control scheme (joystick for steering, analogue triggers for acceleration/braking). You can also try simulation racing games like Gran Turismo or Forza if you like or if that turns out to be your cup of tea, but I think the arcade and kart racers will be more accessible and more applicable to Brütal Legend's gameplay.
  5. Deuce tips

    Hey there. I just started playing BL again -- tried it when it first came out 10 years ago (side note, I am old), and stopped because I couldn't control the Deuce well enough during missions like the convoy. Started playing it again recently and I"m having the same problem. Are there any car-control tips, or am I just lousy at playing this game? Thanks.
  6. Does Stacking have vibration/rumble

    @nmalinoski Oh, I see. Thank you for your thorough answer! This answers all of my questions and more. And saves me quite a bit of time. Edit: I checked the Linux version and there is no rumble there, either, but I didn't expect there to be. I'm using a logitech rumblepad 2.
  7. Does Stacking have vibration/rumble

    There is vibration in the PS3 version (and I imagine the Xbox 360 version as well) when you stack and unstack, and I believe there is also vibration when utilizing certain special abilities (could be wrong; it's been a while). Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the Steam version does not support vibration. I tried the game with both a DualShock 4 and a real 360 controller with an Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows (Verified rumble works in DiRT 3 Complete Edition), but I didn't get any rumble where I get it in the PS3 version.
  8. Does Stacking have vibration/rumble

    Does stacking have any vibration/rumble with gamepads?
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  10. A couple days ago I released the complete digital soundtrack for Mage's Initiation. It's got over 2 hours of music in 80 tracks (and 12 bonus tracks, some of which were themes that went unused in the final game!). It also comes with 4 variations of the album cover with D'arc wearing the various elemental garbs. $12 CAD (or $9 USD) Some kind quotes about the score: "Mage’s Initiation features really impressive music throughout: sometimes a light classical ambience, and sometimes a more prominent, heroically inspiring piece, all with a bit of a medieval vibe. I have actually been letting the light acoustic guitar-based town theme play in the background as I write..." -Adventure Gamers "The music is simply a treat, especially if you have a fondness for the sort of stuff you’d hear in King’s Quest; it’s all ambient, Medieval-style works that change to reflect a location or a mood." -Respawning "The music is what really impressed me about this game, though. The whole soundtrack is just really well done, and was the main thing tugging at my nostalgia heartstrings. The tavern music in particular reminded me of the tavern in Raseir from QFG2. Everything suits its area. I never tired of the combat music even after hearing it for the fiftieth time." -Impulse Gamer "The soundtrack including the voice acting is great."
  11. Demo of Point & Click Adventure about: Self-centered CEO trying to save his company from bankruptcy forced to rescuing whole town from impending disaster. DEMO - Steam
  12. Ah, great, I look forward to seeing loads more cool stuff, then! Loving Sanic, btw.
  13. There was an NDS at the start of the Beta but it was lifted near the end. MM's own youtube channel has tons of user created levels. And everyone is free to sare their stuff now.
  14. What's MM's attitude to sharing Dreams creations at the moment? I thought they were being pretty strict on it at the mo...
  15. All I've been doing was play the Dreams Beta. Sadly it's gone now I've recently finished Theseus on PSVR, absolutely fantastic game. Been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider, but the game is so disappointing it's a chore. Any day now I'll muster the courage to push it to the end and never look at it again.
  16. Hey there. I made some stuff in the Dreams beta. I'm not an artist, animator or programmer, so it was a big learning experience, but I intend to go deep and actually start making some good stuff once Dreams is out. I know the guys at Double Fine are friends and fans of Media Molecule team, so I think this is actually a very appropriate place to post this. Especially since MM site doesn't have it's own forums. I know the stuff below is rough...the Sonic and Simpsons stuff are purposefully shitty for comedic effect, and were also my first creations. The Homestar Runner model actually came out quite good I think, I put more effort into making it look and animate right, even though it was very quickly thrown together. The Cemetery Gates one uses all repurposed assets from people who are way more talented than me, but I did the scene composition myself and learned a bit about the tools along the way. Hope you guys enjoy.
  17. New iPad Pro 2018 has an issue with full Screen where there are black bars at all sides. Is this game still supported on new ios devices?
  18. Mage's Initiation releases Jan 30th

    It's out! You can pick it up at Steam, GOG and Humble for 10% off!
  19. I actually did. Didn't get much attention, though. It's in the Junkyard section. Probably should have posted it in the General section. Laserschwert here gave it some attention at least.
  20. Just picked up my pre order of kingdom hearts 3, so excited. also been playing onimusha and re2 remake. best game month ever.
  21. Also Musically, would you like to make a similar post on ScummVM? There's no need for the remaster comparison part, but it would be nice to figure out a way to integrate these into the games, just as other communities are doing.
  22. This is very cool, and it eliminates the biggest cost factor for the remasters, which is redoing the backgrounds. Had the artists had these to start with, we would have had much better (and cheaper) remasters coming out. It doesn't take care of the character animations though. Most of the characters were originally designed as pixel art, and upscaling them using this algorithm would therefore create unwanted artifacts. I'd swap out the DOTT and especially the FT remastered backgrounds for these ones though.
  23. Problems with the water shader

    The water reflection is not working ...
  24. I got the message that says "Sorry, this offer is not available for your region"
  25. We've also been discussing AI up-rezzing here - it would definitely be cool if GF got a good-looking HD background mod from this. Perhaps this combined with new character models could be Grim Fandango Deluxe's new raison d'être, @ThunderPeel..!
  26. So there's been a lot of progress in the Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX modding community recently about using ESRGAN and Gigapixel, two deep learning AI programs for upscaling images, to upgrade the low-resolution 2D backgrounds of these games to high resolution, and there's currently discussions on how to apply a similar technique to upscale FMVs. I couldn't help but immediately remember that Grim Fandango Remastered had these exact issues and would be a really good candidate for this treatment, either through an official patch or by fans (or both). You can find more information about the techniques used here and here along with screenshots. For reference, here's an example of an original Final Fantasy VII background vs a 400% upscaled version from the work-in-progress Remako HD Field Mod:
  27. Mage's Initiation releases Jan 30th

    Mage's Initiation now has a Coming Soon page on GOG. Go now and wishlist it if you're one of those anti-Steam/anti-DRM fellows.
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