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Greetings and welcome to all readers of and contributors to the Double Fine Action Forums!

Do not fear me. I am but a simple cow. If I seem bulky, if I occasionally shake and tremble (and yes, some times, leak) it is only because I am overly-stuffed… with INFORMATION. Information that I will share with you now. Information that will make your experience on these forums, and in fact your life in general, better.

The Double Fine Action Forums were created to provide Pleasure and Value™ to the fans of Double Fine, a.k.a. the Baby Lovers. So we ask that you use these forums to create a safe haven for fans of Double Fine’s excellent games, website, yo-yos, etc, and let the following guidelines be your creed...

Be nice to everyone

Double Fine is a nice company. We only hire nice people. We try to make nice games. We have the nicest fans anywhere. So be nice on the forums! Let the DFAF be an oasis of niceness in a mean, mean world. 

We believe that our forums should be an open and welcome place for all human beings no matter what type they may be. Everyone is welcome here no matter where they are from, what they believe in or what they look like. As such we ask everyone who uses these boards to make this a safe space for EVERYONE.

Harassment, intimidation, abuse, discrimination, or any derogatory or demeaning behavior by any member of these forums is totally unacceptable, and will result in banishment.

If you post anything that is racist, sexist, or homophobic, the forums will come alive and bite you on the face. It will hold on tight, no matter how much you scream, and not let go until you tolerate all humanity and promise to change your ways. Then it will let go, but by then it will have laid eggs in your sinus cavities, and if you ever post anything like that again the eggs will hatch, and you will sneeze earwigs for years.

We reserve the right to delete any malicious posts, or to just re-edit them to make the original author look like a horrible person.

Don’t post stupid junk. 

For instance: Short, one word, meaningless posts. Multiple, repeated posts. Posts that say nothing. Posts that mean nothing. Posts that no one wants to read. Posts that say, “First post!” Irrelevant posts. Inappropriate posts. We know why you are doing this—You want to artificially bump up your post count and achieve new, incredibly-valuable and hilarious post count rankings. To combat this, we have made sure that the forum post count rankings are funniest at the lower ranks, and they get progressively less funny as you rank up. At the very top, they’re super boring. I think we grabbed the last five from the titles of old Perry Como albums. Do you really want your rank to be, “Como’s Gold?” No. So don’t spam.

Don’t post copyrighted material. 

If someone comes after Double Fine for money because you put up copyrighted material on our beautiful and pristine forums, then we won’t just give them your personal info, we will drive them to your house and carry them up to your door. And in case you try to run, we will let their bloodhounds sniff that sweater you left at our house once. We will not protect any thieves of intellectual property, no matter how dashing, or rugged, or exciting they are.

Do not advertise. 

Baby Lovers care only about one thing: 2hb. They don’t want to hear about your pyramid scheme, hair tonic, or some other, inferior website. Not in the Action Forums, nor in private messages to members. As a member it is totally fine to promote your own stream, youtube, art page, hobby, etc etc etc, we just don't want spammers.

Be not profane. 

Keep your nastiness to a minimum. Do not post dirty pictures. Don’t be inordinately offensive. Why? Because many of us like to read the forums at the office, instead of doing the jobs we are paid to do. So the content on the forums must be safe for work. They must not get me in trouble with my boss, who is a jerk. Why do you want to get me fired? Where, then, would you get your information? What is so exciting about naked humans anyway?

Stay on topic. 

We would like these forums to be of value to everybody. So we would like all threads to clearly describe their topic in their subject line, and we would love for threads to actually contain a discussion of the topic stated in said subject line, and not something else. Something that nobody cares about. If you take a thread off topic you are effectively driving it off the road and into a tar pit where it will die. No thread deserves to die just because you have ADD and can’t focus. And by “you,” I of course do not mean YOU, the fine forum reader. I’m talking about those other people. The jerks. The thread killers.


Discuss only activities that are legal.

If you talk about illegal drugs, how to pirate software, or anything else that violates the laws of cows or man, you will be instantly BANNED across all space, time, and dimension. Nobody will like you, and you will probably die alone. And high.

Troll not. 

Do not make controversial or contrary posts just to provoke an angry response on a thread. And if any of you nice Baby Lovers see someone trolling, please just ignore them. Similarly, do not Flamebait. And while you’re at it, don’t even try to Angerfinger, Poutpoke, or Ragegoose. And if you don’t know real forum terms, do not make them up.


Do not discuss Europa. 

Please avoid discussion of the sixth moon of Jupiter, Europa.

Buy yo-yos. 

Please buy our fine yo-yos.

Please do not do anything that we do not like, even if we aren’t sure yet what that is. 

If you invent some new way of diminishing the Pleasure and Value™ of these forums, a brand-new way that we haven’t even thought of yet, even if we haven’t listed it here, we reserve the right to ban you, mock you, or do anything to you that we think of, to you.

Community Moderators and You

Moderators are here to help. To help make sure that the time we spend on the forums is time spent with you, we’ve appointed a number of community moderators who can lighten the load of day to day cat herding (herding lovable, awesome cats).

Support your moderators! Our moderators are community members just like you. Treat them nicely and remember that they’re here to help make this a better place for all. When a community moderator is wearing their mod hat to deal with something, remember and respect that they’re doing their job - don’t make it personal.

Use but don’t abuse the report button. Every time you click the report link on a post or thread, our lovely community moderators get notified. They will attempt to quickly respond or pass things up to us so that we can stomp in and glare at everybody. The more time we have to spend dealing with escalated issues, the less time there is for us to hang out here in the forums.

Do give feedback on moderation so we can improve the process! We'd love to hear from you, send any one of the moderation team, or the Double Fine Admin team a private message any time!


Make these forums awesome. 

As we said before, these forums are yours. We want to have a place where the growing community of Baby Lovers can entertain and express itself. We want to encourage its expansion, and eventual world-domination. The Double Fine Action Forums are like an empty vessel, defined by that with which you fill it. They can be a sturdy goblet, a fine chalice, a sticky sippy-cup, a trash can, a spittoon, or a bedpan. The choice is yours.

(Except not really, because if you make it any of the gross things, we will ban you.)

Info Cow