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  2. Bug: Mine Road Skipping Plank Weapon

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  5. Switch version this year?

    I heard that we can. Even Valve find the way to portate the dota2 (dotaunderlords). So, i think switch version will be created this year.
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  7. 10 minute gameplay from from Berlin Film Festival

    you did a great job, it's amazing
  8. GNOG free on Epic Games Store 8-15 Aug

    It hasn't gone live yet, but should be up soon. (NB - if you would like to have a CIVIL discussion about the Epic Games Store, please start a new thread in the Universe Outside Double Fine board. Any posts related to that in this thread will be deleted.)
  9. Possible bug with the ramp?

    Well, I ended up replaying it, turns out the game is MUCH shorter on the second replay Got through it now. I do suggest saving as soon as you reach the cave for the first time... Gday yall.
  10. Possible bug with the ramp?

    Well, this is not good... I am hitting the same bug, and my completion rate is 45% at this point. My last autosave is already having the bug, and my last manual save before this is at 33% ("the kickstand"). If I have to replay it from 33% it would easily cost me another 30-60 minutes. And the mine road racing is an unnecessarily and unexpectedly boring and drawn-out section I'd really not like to repeat, especially with the cave finding after that (a lap along the mine road takes four minutes IRL, and if you miss the two second window you apparently have to do another full lap!) And you can't do manual save while riding the road, so every time I would hit this bug, I would have to do that entire thing again. And then I don't know what to do with the ramp. (Although I might google a walkthrough.) Did any solution for this come up over the past 2 years?
  11. I heard that they are doing a gameplay video of The Hero tomorrow, also a rumor that virson 4.0 is coming out on Wednesday too. Last time that happened, they drop joker. Heres hoping that the hero will be out before the end of the week.
  12. A little bit late to the party here, but WOW. This is very interesting. I'm actually currently playing through Grim Remastered and spotting all the annoying bugs that remain. (And the iam8bit special edition was a huge waste of money! ugh!) Don't forget that one fan did a pretty amazing job of extending the backgrounds to widescreen, too:
  13. Is there any possibility of a Rhombus of Ruin port/export to Linux? I recently received my Valve Index and it's craving native Psychonauts. Thanks for supporting Linux all these years.
  14. Broken Age removed from Google Play

    Same happens to me. I bought this game and now I want to play it in my phone, or even lend it to my wife. It's completly gone from Google Play and you guys have no mail to contact. How can I get my game again? What happens with the money I paid for?
  15. Grim Fandango crashes after first play on Android

    Have you tried emailing
  16. Game Just crash

    I have a similar issue with my Mi Pad 4. Did you ever get a response on how to solve this?
  17. I purchased Grim Fandango as part of a Humble Bundle. I've downloaded the APK to my device (Xaiomi Mi Pad 4). It installs fine and one first run, it downloads the additional files and runs correctly. This issue is when I exit the game (no matter how far I have gotten on the first play) the game shows the loading screen and then crashes back to the android home screen. As much as I love the game, I can't play it all in one sitting and the only solutions I've found are to uninstall (which has me lost all my saves and thus start again) or go and delete the game files (where it will download another 3GB of data!) and then I have the same issue again as soon as I exit that game. Is there a fix for this?
  18. Farewell, friends <3

  19. Farewell, friends <3

    Thank you Cheeseness for all that you have done and good luck with all of your endivers. Hope to see you around.
  20. So I am posting this on some different forums so I’m really sorry if this keeps popping up for you, but… I am a games design masters student in the UK currently researching how video game music affects us as gamers. Without going into too much detail right here (I’m trying to maintain validity), the following is a link to a study I am conducting on video game music and player responses. If you feel interested in taking part, the survey will only take a maximum of 15 minutes. You must be 18 or older and you need to have had experiences playing video games, but there are no other requirements. However, the survey may end earlier for some, depending on the answers given - if this happens please don’t panic, it’s just part of a screening process. You can only partake once. Thanks!
  21. Broken Age removed from Google Play

    Hi Doublefine, I would also like to know what happened to the Broken Age app in the Google Play Store. Google support only told me that either a) you removed the app on purpose or b) the app was removed due to violation of their terms (Google did not tell me which is the case). Either way - I paid for the app and I would love to be able to play it again. Please tell your loyal fellows (and paying customers) what is going on. Oh and I forgot to mention that I already sent a support request which you didn't answer to...
  22. Hello, why is Broken Age removed from Google Play store? I have purchased this game some time ago and wanted to install it now to play it but I am not able to do it because game is removed from Play store. Is there some problem with Google policy? Will it be back? Thanks for an answer.
  23. Telekinesis Training Glitch

    Thank you for the info!
  24. Telekinesis Training Glitch

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I've encountered this issue as well. In my case I was very careful not to press any extra buttons while doing the telekinesis tutorial, and the issue still happened. At this point, I decided to try playing the section of the game on a different computer (I have it on my laptop as well as my main gaming machine) and surprisingly enough, it still occurred on an entirely different system with the same save. I was able to work around the issue by saving the game, although the screen was black, the escape menu would still come up and I could save the game. After that I loaded from the save and the black screen was gone.
  25. I'm playing this game again just because I finally received the physical release in the mail from iam8bit, so I figure why not, it's one of my favorite games. Last time I played I seemed to have run into the same bug as I did now, except I'm not absolutely sure if it is a bug. I wasn't sure what I did last time so I reloaded a save from Year 1. But now I can consistently reproduce it. Also not sure if this is in the original release at all. I can't seem to find anyone who has mentioned this except one guy on Reddit that had no response to solve it. So this is what happens: When you talk to Nick in the high rollers lounge when you have to get him to leave his cigarette case by flattering him and saying you want the best lawyer, then talking to him again and finally bringing up telling Max and him and Olivia. That's what's supposed to happen. However if you do what I do sometimes and try to hear all the lines of dialogue possible before saying the right thing in the conversation, it seems like you can't finish the game if you offend Nick in the midst of flattering him AND run out of things to say you need a lawyer for. So let's say you exhausted all three options in the conversation on why you need a lawyer (not the dunking booth one), and then say something like any mouthpiece will do or make the lawyer joke last. After that the next time you talk to Nick and tell him you need a lawyer, he will tell you people only need lawyers for status, which seems to be the only way to hear this dialogue. However what happens after that bit of dialogue is it completely exits the conversation and zooms out to the wide shot of the tables with Manny standing there and you have control of the character again. If you keep trying no matter what you can't seem to get to the dialogue options where you can threaten Nick by telling Max about Olivia. Just the same status speech over and over. Is there a bug where it's not supposed to exit the conversation there and you get the same options to flatter Nick? Are you supposed to do something else and come back if you blow the conversation? Is there something you have to use if you end up doing this in the course of the conversation? No walkthrough seems to mention everything else but I get the feeling not many try to say all of the wrong things on a very obvious choice. Was this always like this in the original? I guess these forums are a ghost town but if anyone who is more knowledgeable about the game than me sees this, I'd be pretty curious to know.
  26. Farewell, friends <3

  27. Some sheegor fanart

    That's great!
  28. Some sheegor fanart

    Hello I just made an account on here so have a drewing of sheegor
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