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  2. Games i'd love to see for the PS4

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  5. I got it once, but had to start the game over again. I played through a whole game and didn't get the option to research this,so How do I get it?
  6. Is there anywhere the Director's Cut can still be purchased? is down and it sounds like it is for good. Source:
  7. Can't select/cancel items iOS

    Sorry to hear that you're having issues. Have you tried emailing
  8. Can't select/cancel items iOS

    Tried reinstalling for no more success. Then by taping a lot on the words or by holding my finger, it seems to finish to work after some times. Still, bad playability and non-intuitive...
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  10. I have an iPhone 6s, just bought Grim Fandango for 7$ and I can't even select or cancel items. Whatever I do it just "Examine" the items, I then have to close the game to be able to move Manny. It sucks... Waste of money, gonna ask for a refund iOS 12.2
  11. Some Recent Brutal Legend Fan Art

    That's totally excellent. It's lively. five nights at freddy’s
  12. For score based games, Spelunky might be a good pick. You can find lists of best runs at Speed running is also a good way to measure your skills up against other top players in a specific game, and you can find lists with different sort criteria for different platforms at Beating records for one of the more popular games definitely won't be easy though, and will likely require months of practice.
  13. I want to play some hardcore games or some score based games but I don't know what to start with so can you tell me what are the most well known hardcore games that catch the attention of people cus I want to make videos of myself beating the game or the record thx
  14. Game freezes at end of Year 3 on iOS

    I will try. Thank you
  15. Game freezes at end of Year 3 on iOS

    Have you tried emailing
  16. Game freezes at end of Year 3 on iOS

    Dear Sirs Up concerning the Nintendo Switch version of the game that has a glitch at Year 3 when operating the crane. Are developers currently thinking of making a patch to resolve this problem ? Thank you in advance.
  17. I am really sensitive to motion sickness and can't play VR at all without getting sick, but after finishing the first game I really want to play RoR. Is there anyway to play the game in a non VR setting right now or no?
  18. No fullscreen option for PS4 port?

    The PS5 will allegedly run PS4 software, so I doubt a PS5 port would be warranted. Based on my experience with both Broken Age, the full art is in 4:3, with direction that makes it playable in 16:9; so, if you want to see all of the art, you need to play the game in 4:3 (pillarboxing); and, if you want it to fill the screen, you're going to end up with a cropped and zoomed image. It's the same situation in Grim Fandango Remastered--the original art is all 4:3, and the 16:9 mode simply crops the top/bottom and zooms in; although, there is also a second 4:3 display mode that fills in those pillarboxes with static art. In order to see all of the art and have it fill your screen (and not screw with the proper aspect ratio), a bunch of the art would need to be redone to not only be 16:9-native, but also be usable in 4:3, which would take a significant amount of time, effort, and money, and then you'd end up with the same situation where one mode shows the full art and the other crops it. Perhaps it would be beneficial to patch Broken Age to add border art to its pillarboxes. Even if there was border art specific to each environment, I would think that would be cheaper and easier to implement than redoing the existing 4:3 art, and it should satisfy those who are averse to black pillarboxes while maintaining the original artistic intent.
  19. No fullscreen option for PS4 port?

    Hi Vic, thanks for your response. With the announcement of the Playstation 5, if Broken Age ends up getting a PS5 port I hope a stretched fullscreen image option is included. I don't know how high of a resolution the game can be designed to run at, but a higher resolution would make stretching the image far less stretchy and much more native. As for the black bars, it just feels like the vertical letterbox display is way too squished and small and that the black bars are pretty huge on both sides of the screen, that's my opinion anyway.
  20. Game freezes at end of Year 3 on iOS

    Hi, I am playing the Switch version of GF Remastered and it glitches just before in the adventure. I try to leave the crane at one of both areas: Manny walks out, but I have no control on this, the sound effects play as if I was still in the crane, and the controls get me back into the crane. I did not do any other saves, so I am stuck here, except if I speedrun back to the same spot, and I have no time for that. Will there be a patch for this glitch ? Thanks It is apparently known:
  21. I for one would love to this game to come to Nintendo Switch, along with any other games that could make the journey (both technically and legally.)
  22. No fullscreen option for PS4 port?

    Hi there. Indeed, Broken Age is designed with 16:9 monitors and televisions in mind, with the additional option to display in vertical letterboxed mode. While we tried to accommodate as wide a range of display options as possible, the native art is only so wide. In this case, the team chose not to include an option to stretch the image because it was designed for widescreen from the start, whereas the option in Grim Fandango Remastered was included because that game's native display is only in 4:3 and some early feedback suggested users might like an option to stretch the image so that it may fill the screen. There are no plans for updates to the PS4 version, but hopefully the black bars aren't too distracting.
  23. Digital Store Exclusives

    With the recent news about some games becoming Epic Games stores exclusives (including some crowd funded games that were previously promised for other digital stores), I just wanted to register my hope that this will not happen with Psychonauts 2. I am perfectly happy for the Epic Games store to be one of the digital stores where the game is available for purchase. Competition is great, but I hate exclusives. Steam has many features that I like, and I generally prefer to purchase my games there so that I can take advantage of those features. Anyway, thanks for listening. Hope development is going well, and I'm looking forward to the next update. All the best.
  24. My cat Liz from a few Christmases ago.
  25. Backer Reward Pictures?

    Well, that's a coincidence! I haven't been on the forums in ages, but I've been sporadically saying stuff in the Fig comments. I wanted to post a comment with an image in it, but couldn't, so I turned to the forums instead. Looking for which thread to pick, I came across yours. What I wanted to say is: the figurine looks great! And the same goes for the earlier rewards! The velvet poster is really awesome, I had never seen anything like it before. And the t-shirt looks totally epic. People recognise it as well! I'm really happy about the rewards and looking forward to what more is in the pipeline. Obviously I'm looking forward most to the game itself, though! I put the figurine next to its older brothers and sisters that were sold in the Double Fine Action Shop. No time might have passed between Psychonauts 1 and (Rhombus of Ruin, ~) Psychonauts 2, but I couldn't help but notice how much the little guy has grown! I put my original figurines on a pedestal not just because of my great regard for Psychonauts, but primarily because they were incredibly instable and very brittle. Had several breaks in the figurines before I glued them down.
  26. No fullscreen option for PS4 port?

    Hi TimeGentleman, thanks for the quick response! Work has been hectic and I'm just getting around to replying. So anyway, I partially agree with your reply, but I wish that Broken Age on PS4 had a similar fullscreen option as Grim Fandango Remastered, where there's an option to stretch the letterboxed screen to look like it's native widescreen (but at the cost of the image being stretched). Currently the only fullscreen option for Broken Age on PS4 is the "Horizontal letterboxed" viewing option, however the top and bottom slivers of the screen are cropped out so some of the graphics aren't within view. But also, from what I've read about the PC version is that it received an patch sometime after the game was released to have a natural widescreen/fullscreen viewing option, but i could be wrong about that.
  27. Didn't see it earlier, but your question forced me to search for) Will share if find anything.
  28. No fullscreen option for PS4 port?

    Hi Doc, sounds like the game is working as intended and your tv is simply more widescreen than the game. It's not a 3D game so it can't simply change FOV or whatever to fit any screen. I believe DF did try to make sure that nothing important would be missed out if it was cropped for the more widescreen devices, though. Basically, it's like playing a 90s game or a 30s movie on a modern telly - pillarboxing is inevitable. I know this bugs some people but personally I don't see the issue - those black bars are no more distracting than the tv's bevel or the outside world surrounding it. I'd much rather have the full amount of visual information than have it cropped to fit my screen - it's like buying the Mona Lisa then cutting a few inches off the top and bottom because it doesn't fit the frame I bought from B & M.
  29. Comprehensive List of Licensed Merchandise

    Ohhh those are gorgeous. Love the black velvet designs!
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