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  1. How does working on Broken Age compare to other projects you've done in the past?
  2. Hey animators! I am an animator, too, and have some animation-related questions. First of all, the character rigs look really neat. I really like the painterly art style and facial expressions. Has it been tricky to hit any poses with the way they're set up? What's been the most difficult part of animating on this project?
  3. I'm totally fine with this decision! Not only does Double Fine make great games, their inability to stay on budget makes for really good drama. This is all really good information for us fans to know, especially if Double Fine is going to keep doing more and more Kickstarter / self-funded projects. It's riveting to watch, but I do hope the company reaches a calmer, sustainable method of funding multiple projects at once. The game looks great.
  4. Pretty sure the composer is Jim Guthrie. I like it too.
  5. N, O, S, E But seriously, I like the ruffly bits. I think the wedge-shaped outfits are fun and more interesting than the hourglass figures.
  6. Those dang floating nards. So are the artists constantly painting in Photoshop and then hot-reloading in the game engine, back and forth, until the composition is just right?
  7. - The Feline Coast - Oom-pah Orchard - The Forest of Lies - Plaidland - Odd-bjørn's
  8. Yep, I'd love to work in the game or movie industry. I think my animation and artistic skills should eventually become good enough to land me a job.
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