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  1. Black Lake I really, really wanted* to be made. If you could vote multiple times for one games I would have used them all on this one. The premise made me interested, the concept art sold me, I was in love by the end of the clip. White Birch would be my next choice. I love games about atmosphere and exploration, with a sense of scale and grandeur. Spacebase DF-9 sounds like a really cool concept, I really like games where you can sit back and look at the fruits of your labor. Autonomous gets the last spot for me.
  2. a, f , n(not the cool head n), and p are my favorites. Give the feeling of being independent and self reliant, which I think is important for a character like Sacrifice girl. Could also go with a more subdued, frail look to prove that anyone can stand up for what they believe in, not just the strong.
  3. Really liked the first episode. Good to capture the media attention, but I wish there had been a tiny bit about the funding making mainstream news sites, not just gaming talk shows. (though the NPR bit was nice, i didn't know he interviewed with them.)
  4. One difficulty setting. Puzzles should be the same for everyone, imo. That makes it more of a cohesive experience, otherwise they'll be trying to balance the game's flow twice. Just seems like unnecessary work.
  5. I'd like to see a gritty dystopian future, mostly because I see a lot of potential for humor from that setting while still having a more serious tone to the main plot
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