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  1. I absolutely love it. Having not had the computer capability to playing it first time round I bought it from steam in a sale only to find that my laptop didnt have enough ram to play the game. Disappointed was not the word, but when said lappy packed up and went to lappy heaven I purchased a new one with enough power ,ram et al, to do me for a few years. Pleasantly delighted at how well the game lives up to the hype of the past. Its a classic and will be played many times as do all my fav point and clickers.
  2. How about you and anyone else with this crappy attitude take it to some other thread? I started this one to talk about something that Double Fine might reasonably do to improve a game that so far I adored in almost every way. There are plenty of other threads you can visit to crap on the idea that someone might actually like this game, and I don't like that reasonable discussion is continually being trampled by people that can't accept that there are plenty of Adventure game fans who are largely satisfied. I hate to rain on your parade but this is a forum for all opinions even if they don't agree with yours.
  3. I've seen this sentiment a lot lately, but I don't agree to it. This game was very well funded by a kickstarter project with the mission statement to "make a classic point & click adventure". Therefore that is what backers should be expecting in terms of puzzle difficulty. If they want to "devote a significant portion of the game into easing in new players, thus growing the Adventure Game audience and community" they should have put that goal into the kickstarter page. I am not saying this isn't a worthwhile goal, but it also isn't what many investors asked for. Whilst that's a fine sentiment, 3 million to spend on the game is nice and all, but I'd imagine they have some desire to make money off the game, so just pleasing the backers really wouldn't have much of an effect. If they didn't want to please the backers they should have just funded the game themselves.Asking the backers to fund an old time classic point and click adventure and then change their mind once they get said money to please the modern market is fraud. I would never have backed this project to the extent I did if I thought this was how it would be. I would have waited until the game was inevitably reduced at ridiculous cut price costs before I bought. I was backing an old time classic and I have not received that. This game is designed for 3 year olds and morons,
  4. disappointedely easy. I thought it was supposed to be an old time classic? In all honestly the germans are miles ahead in making adventure games. American adventure game makers are now kaput and have lost their way.
  5. I didn't see my name.I was bored waiting for the "ms" to arrive and when they did it whizzed past me too quick for me to see my name. I'm not bothered though. Oh! and yes I did back at $100.
  6. I have both steam and gog and have bought games on various other digital download sites but for ease of use I would vote for steam every time.
  7. I must admit that I was slightly disappointed in how easy the game was.The kickstarter project was supposed to be about going back to point and click adventure routes but it turned out even easier than telltale games. The game was gorgeous to look at but it lacked depth and even humour. I'm hoping the second half will make up for it.
  8. I was totally engrossed in that episode. I especially loved the music segment at the end. I found myself nodding in agreement with Tim about the game not ending up being only two hours long but felt reassured by Gregs prediction that it will be at least 8 /10. I'm so looking forward to this game.
  9. I don't know how I have managed to reply to other posters and have been trying unsuccessfully to delete them. I loved this sidequest though. I could easily have been the wife to his father.lol.
  10. I know for a fact that I will have to play the first half of the game when it comes out. I will probably restart the game just before the second half is due to be released so that I can experience continuity. That is depending on that I think the game will be worthwhile enough to do so(which I think it will) No pressure!
  11. Fine by me. I'd much rather have it that way than a shortened game altogether.
  12. Great video and I love getting to see more little snippets of the game.
  13. Suuuuper awkward. And believe it or not, it took TWO HOURS. I was sitting at Ray's desk, with Lee. But it took so long Lee had to go home and so Levi sat in. But you can see two hours of love in that shot, right? I think we can agree that my acting is amazing. You look quite natural Tim.You're a natural,didn't you know that?
  14. I just read the name of the game on adventuregamers a few minutes ago and I too was surprised not to know anything about it previously. I thought we backers were to be kept up to date on all development of the games before it went public. I see now that there was a poll for the name of the game in the forum but not all backers read the forums regularly. Something like that would have been better to have been included in a kickstarter update. I've backed lots of games on kickstarter and don't have the time to read or even join all their forums but expect to kept up to date on progress of said games through kickstarter updates.
  15. I'm really loving the look of the game from the little teasing snippets that we get to see.
  16. I like M in happy mood and f when p*ssed off. L is good for adventurous mood.
  17. Mines arrived on the 17th here in the uk. I can't remember getting an email to say it was shipped but its here anyway, hurrah!
  18. I just can't imagine Tim making an old style adventure game without any humour.
  19. I've played most of those games mentioned in their english translations. All I can say is "thank goodness for german adventure game studios" as without them adventure games would really have died. I say that as a "brit" so have no vested interest.
  20. I absolutely detest timing puzzles of any kind.
  21. I upped my pledge from $15 TO $110 in the last few minutes of doublefines campaign. I got caught up with the excitement and spent more on a game than I ever would have thought possible. I consoled myself with the fact that I have probably bought something that could turn out to be collectible in the long run. Maybe doublefine could sell t. shirts that say"I backed the project but it wasn't enough to buy me a t.shirt"
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