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  1. Gus. Even tried to jump down the holes in the cloud but I guess I must have done it from the wrong angle cause I didn't get the sequence until like the third try. Other than that I wasn't stuck for very long. Took me 5 hours to play through, which is a good length for half a game these days : )
  2. I got lucky on this one aswell. Digested the riddle for about 10 minutes or so while trying out other puzzles. Tried the stump, and then realized that it must be the peech. But the VERY FIRST THOUGHT that popped up in my head when solving the riddle was: "Oh my god I'm so happy I decided to bring the peech from cloud colony just in case." So it's a pretty mean back tracking thing if you miss the peech.
  3. HERE COME THE FEEEEEELS: The moment that I decided to back the project 2 years ago(?), this was more or less exactly what I was expecting. Pretty, short, good puzzle & story quality. Bulls-eye! But after getting so involved in the project through the documentary, and establishing an emotional bond with the production of the game rather than the actual result, I think the whole thing got a little bit too "hyped" for many backers. Hyped expectations are seldom fullfilled, and knowing this I took the hype with a grain of salt. Thus I am a very happy customer. Those who expected to re-live the feelings they had when playing [their favourite game by Tim Schafer] however, were DOOMED to be disapointed from the start. It's a nice game, and the studio acheived what they set out to do. IN DEPTH THOUGHTS; Vella and Shay are pretty normal personality-wise, but live extraordinary lives. Add a little bit of humour to that, as is the case with Vella, and you get a very laidback, funny and calming game-experience in a quirky adventure-setting. Playing as Shay is more of a contemplative, philosophical experience where the audience are puzzling together the importance of being in control of your own life. Naturally, playing as Shay might come off as more "boring" than playing as Vella, but that on the otherhand is what gives diversity to the game. Serious questions contra quirky adventure. To top it off, the two stories are intertwined through the best twist I've been mindhumped by in a long time. But I DO wish that I hadn't known so much about the game before playing it. I think that fresh impression of a work of art like this is very important in order to fully appreciate it. That being said, I already knew I would feel that way when I was watching the episodes last summer, and I do think that the joy the documentary gave me is a good trade off for the fresh impression of the game. GOOD WORK DOUBLE FINE!
  4. I liked that both Vella and Shay have very normal personalities. That is to say; They reacted to things in the same way I think I would've reacted. Other than that Vella represents the fun and Shay the serious side of the game. Which makes for nice contrasts.
  5. Reporting in: Didn't see it coming. Felt pretty knocked out from behind as the twist came. Veeeeeryyyy niiiiiice!
  6. Oh dear Majus. Anyone remember when this popped up on da internets? Feels like ten years ago.. Maybe it actually was, since flash was still the shit. And look at him now. All grown up. *tears*
  7. OoOoh DAT BOOK lying around on the concept artists table! "Taboo - the art of tiki", I have a feeling that if I ever get a copy, I'll be riding monkey island vibes through each page. (Seems pretty rare, though) The episode is very neat, maybe a little TOO neat! I'm starting to feel like I'm spoiling my experience of the game by getting a premature first impression : /
  8. Yes, voice acting wanted. I agree with lithos though! Find some cheaper unknown talents out there. Lord of the rings style!
  9. April Ryan from The Longest Journey is probably the best female main character I know of. Mostly due to her being wittily sarcastic while retaining an actual persona and not becoming a cartoon both inside and outside, which I feel is quite common among adventure game characters. I actually remember "the line that sold it to me" when it comes to April; If you clicked the examine-button on herself, she would say; Sometimes I just feel so self-aware... Another nice character is Olivia Ofrenda from Grim Fandango. Everything about her and the blue casket was so mysterious and suggestive. She was definitely a cartoonish character, but she remained mysterious by not overdoing it. I actually wrote a "song" about The blue casket a few years ago; http://himlakropp.bandcamp.com/track/at-the-blue-casket It's got the poem's in it and everything
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