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  1. Got my package from FanGamer yesterday! So took nearly 3 weeks to get to the land of OZ. That's about average, I think. Kudos to 2PP for for such a great documentary, and for probably the best looking bluray menu system I've seen. Packaging is also something special. This is going straight to the pool room (watch The Castle if you don't understand that reference). Works great in my player, and also the PS4. Noticed that the text in Tim's notebook, right at the start of Episode 2, was all blurred out. Wasn't that supposed to be removed? Well, guess I know what I'm watching over Christmas.
  2. Ahhh, sorry to hear. I got my shipping confirmation a little over a week ago. Though it'll likely take 3 weeks to a month for it to get to me (Fangamer estimate up to 6 weeks, but I think that's a generic estimate). Hopefully it'll get here just in time for Christmas.
  3. That's true. Not sure why that is. I presume there is a threshold of ratings to be reached before it is shown on the combined page. But anyway, you said you couldn't see the star ratings for DFA. Now you know how to see it.
  4. You're looking at the "Combined Details" page for DFA. ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2261469/combined ) Click on the "Main Details" link to the left. You'll see the star rating there. You could also click on the "User Ratings" link as well.
  5. The new forum is looking pretty spiffy. One small bug to report though, with notification emails sent after following a post. The email text/plain version formats the linked comment URL incorrectly. The URL contains an "&" html symbol, where a plain "&" should be. Means I can't easily copy and paste the URL into a browser. No biggie. Just a bit of an annoyance, and an obvious bug in including html codes in plain text messages.
  6. A surprise! Keep the cover a surprise! That's my vote anyway. Cheers for the update.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, but as the shaver dude pointed out, all reports say it's the PS2 version. Though, if you played it without the numerous audio glitches, near endless save/load delays, and a frame rate that slices and dices, then there's hope yet. Plus, they changed it to widescreen! That's a godsend. http://www.videogamer.com/ps4/psychonauts/news/psychonauts_hits_ps4_in_north_america_but_europe_has_to_wait_a_few_weeks.html
  8. Nope, you're not stupid for wanting to play Psychonauts. Hell, I want to replay it as well, even if I'm a bit sceptical of the PS2 port. I own the PS2 version. I've experienced how badly it was ported. Yes, you do sound pessimistic, especially when you throw unfounded accusations around. Not a very cool thing to do. I may not know who you are, but I can gain an insight by what you write. Yes, it is disappointing not to get some feedback from the company, but there may be reasons for that. No idea what they are, but you should acknowledge the possibility that there is a valid reason, rather than decrying the company for lack of caring. I mean, seriously! These are a bunch of hard working people, working for our entertainment, and you so callously accuse them of not caring?! Pessimism was the least of what I could have called that behaviour. My advice: sit, wait, and monitor the PEGI twitter. When you see Psychonauts appear there, then complain if it doesn't show up in the Playstation Store.
  9. Spaff usually keeps us informed of how things are going, but looks like he hasn't logged into the forums for a week now. Perhaps he's on holiday at the moment. Anyway, a conversation in the Playstation blog seems to confirm it's a PEGI related delay. https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2016/07/05/new-on-playstation-store-this-week-the-banner-saga-2-furi-hawken-more/ Search for the psychonauts conversation.
  10. Or it could be something out of their control, like, say, a delay in getting their PEGI rating. Without which they cannot publish the game in Europe. Of course, you could also assume that they don't care, but that would betray your tendency towards pessimism.
  11. Yeah, I received an email from fangamer a week ago. Perhaps it got caught in your spam filter? Otherwise, contact support@doublefine.com . They will help you out.
  12. What a fun menu! Can't wait to get my hands on the final product.
  13. That sounds pretty good to me. I consider decent chapter points an unexpected convenience, anyway. I'm not expecting them, but when they're done well, I do appreciate it.
  14. Thanks. I was just being droll with the last bit of my post. But you know what, it's nice to hear I'll have the power to control my own viewing destiny, rather than have it ripped away from me by shadowy studios bent on pushing their agenda. OK, I'm still being somewhat droll. Somewhat.
  15. All I can say is I really appreciate how 2PP are putting their heart into this project. I'm sure the end result will be glorious because of it. Plus, it's actually pretty interesting reading all these status updates. I have a new-found appreciation for the DVD/Bluray authoring process. Every time I pop in a disc, I'll value more the work that went into creating it. Except those unskippable ads and piracy warnings. Whoever came up with that must die a horrible death.
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