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  1. This game, development process, documentary, and all the insight has been the most-fun and rewarding experience that I've ever had with gaming. If there's one thing I've learned from this, it's that people never forget quality. Anyone can rush something out the door within budget, but it takes an extremely special and hard-working team to deliver something of great quality. That's what makes this company successful. Thanks for letting us be a part of Double Fine for the past two years. (We can put this as work experience on our LinkedIn, right?)
  2. Hero Name: Synergy Bonuses • Hero groups that include Synergy automatically get a +power bonus. Abilities (ideas) • Synergy will have exclusive abilities, like every other hero. One of those abilities, however, can be any of the other hero's abilities. (e.g., Synergy could select one of his abilities as flaming balls or orbital strike). This would make him extremely versatile for every team, as Synergy is all about teamwork. • I imagine another ability would revolve around removing the synergy from enemy teams. This would cause enemies to become confused and have the chance to damage each other for one round. ("It hurt itself in its confusion!") • I imagine the other ability as something that pulls the team together, providing a synergistic shield from damage for one round.
  3. It would be an amazing game. I can already imagine an evil villain named Synergy. (If that word is in this game, it has to be associated with a Villain.) Also, sorry that your bowels hurt.
  4. I think we'll all agree that Middle Manager of Justice is amazing. The big question is, when will we be seeing Middle Manager of Villainy? Skullface could really use some corporate guidance.
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