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  1. It's a question for the Broken Age development team. Obviously that's too much for just code changes, so I'm really intrigued Thanks!
  2. I have voted "Absolutely Yes", but in fact it exceeded my expectations. It was great and I was expecting it to be only very good I trusted Tim's talent, of course, but I guess I thought it was just impossible for him to create a graphic adventure as good as the Lucasarts classics after so much time. I'm really glad I was wrong. All the magic of classic games is there, and current technology allows to do things like close-ups that really enhance the experience. Adventure games are not dead! I loved everything, really: story, humor, art, animation, music, voice work. Even the puzzles had the perfect difficulty for me. It feels great to be able to complete a graphic adventure without having to read a guide There are bad things too, of course: lots of bugs Counting the days for Act 2...
  3. I played all Vella and then all Shay, and loved the ending. I definitely wouldn't do any of the two things you suggest
  4. This has happened to me too. I had a savegame in which I had played with Vella until arriving to the cloud city, and hadn't played with Shay at all. Then I quit the game, and Steam downloaded an update. I ran the game again, loaded the saved game, and was in the cloud city, all right. But when I switched to Shay, I was back at the start of Vella's story. However, the game state had not restarted completely: when I entered Vella's house the lights were already on, and when I talked to Vella's sister it played the final, repeating conversation: "Cupcakes! - Oh my God! Yay!"
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