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  1. I really like the game, my basic criticism it's that it was really easy, way easier that it should have been. Yeah I know it's been said already a million times but I figured one more time wouldn't hurt. I really missed having names/descriptions for the hot spots. When I hover the mouse pointer over a hotspot I just get a different cursor indicating that it's a hotspot but not what the hotspot actually is. Also a button to reveal all hotspots would be welcomed (unless there is one and I missed it). Although it would make the game even easier and it's ridiculously easy already.
  2. They haven't shown much anyway one section allot and rest only small snippets on a game that will be probably fairly sized adventure. That may be true but I still would prefer to look all that stuff when I'll play the game for the first time. And I'm especially referring to future episodes, after act 1 has been released. Most backers will play actI when it's released, and showing more of the gameplay footage may not be considered as a spoiler. However I consider it "visual" spoiler and I'm planning on playing the game after act 2 is released so I really want to see as little as possible. I understand it's not simple to make the documentary without at least some minor spoilers, I was only asking for a separate censored version with blurred most of the game visuals, not to censor the official episodes. I don't know, maybe I'm weird, but when I play a game I want everything to feel completely new, unexpected and unexplored. And I really, REALLY, enjoy watching the documentary.
  3. Great episode! I wish you would consider posting censored versions of future episodes to make them as spoiler free as possible, like blurring all in-game footage.
  4. After seeing some of the paintings on Nathan Stapley's website I must say that I would feel really sorry for any young kid who read a children's book with that kind of images...
  5. I think this video qualifies more as a teaser rather than a trailer. And a teaser's job is to do just that, tease. I think you unrealistically were expecting way too much to be revealed considering how early in the development stage the game is.
  6. People shouldn't be surprised that there will always be whining about elements of a game no matter what you give them. It's just impossible to satisfy everybody. That said I'm sure a lot of people that feel disappointed now will definitely have a change of heart as more is revealed or when they play the whole game. For example, I'm pretty sure there was a lot of whining about Grim Fandango before it was released. Like, I hate the 3D characters, I hate the prerendered backgrounds, I hate the dark atmosphere etc. But now we all know how that game turned out... Personally I'm really happy that it's not a full on comedic adventure (never expected it to be anyway, based on Tim's early description of the game). No one should have any doubts that there WILL be comedy in it, though. I wonder why wouldn't anyone want a game like grim fandango that combined great humor with emotional impact? As far as the trailer goes, I admit I never was particularly excited about the art style, It seemed to me like it lacked detail. I did appreciate it for what it was though, unique and original. After watching the trailer and seeing it all come to life with sound and animation it seems that this game might actually exceed my expectations. And I must say that the music is maybe my favorite thing about the trailer.
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