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  1. A more bug-free Mac-version is nice. Was just disappointed it wasn't like Broken Age, where us Mac-owners also got to experience the bugginess.
  2. Too bad it's not on Mac yet. I hoped it would be a cross-platform beta, like Broken Age. I tried running it on VMWare Fusion (Windows 8.1), but the game just crashes immediately except when I turn off 3D acceleration, but then it runs too slow. Oh well, patience I guess. All you other beta-testers have fun. ? (Guess I won't be a premium backer on next Kickstarter projects if a Mac beta can't be made available as soon as the Windows beta.)
  3. Best idea ever! SCUBA... LOL!!! Very nice! Maybe in 20 years we'll all be playing Double Fine's classic adventure games via SCUBAVM.
  4. Congrats on the launch! I immediately gifted a copy to my sister and encourage more backers to do the same. Also spread the word via FB, Twitter, etc.!! It's such a cool thing to be able to share our enthusiasm for this game with the world now.
  5. Good luck! I will be buying it again to give as a gift to my sister, who loved the old LucasArts-adventures and I'm sure she'll love this too. Broken Age turned out amazing, and this is only the first part.
  6. Exactly! I would love this too. It's just like in the old LucasArts-adventures.
  7. I much prefer dragging an inventory item out and releasing it on an object/person I want to use it on, than having to click "Use", click the item, click the thing I want to use it on. It's much faster just dragging it... saves me 3 clicks.
  8. I used a guide only once, that was with the peach riddle. And that was due to me over-thinking it way too much. I thought I had to give the pit, not the peach, to the girls. So I tried to feed the peach to everyone, trying to find a place where I could 'catch' the pit so I could give it to the blind girls. I gave a peach to Vella, lost the pit... went all the way back to Cloud Colony, gave the peach to Curtis, but he just thanked me, so I went back to the tree to get a new peach and I just got a little frustrated. Whoops. I felt so stupid when I learned that you just give the peach to the blind girls. Other than that I thought all the puzzles were medium to easy difficulty and I figured them all out on my own, some after a bit of trial and error. Overall my first playthrough of Act 1 was about 4,5 hours long.
  9. I finished the first act last night. Had to let things sink in a bit (spoilers below, so stop reading if you haven't played this to the end yet). After a good night's sleep I can arrange my thoughts on Broken Age - Act 1, so below is my review of the game. Length I'll tackle this one first, because it seems to be something of a divider/discussion amongst backers. I did the first playthrough of Act 1 in a little over 4,5 hours. Length-wise I don't have a lot to complain about thusfar. But I'm a very thorough gamer and try to hear and see all there is to experience in the game. Assuming the second act is about the same length (which might be a misconception, because maybe Act 2 is way harder), the game will be about 8 to 9 hours total for me. Which I think is fine, considering the price. But expect the puzzles in Act 2 might be a little more devious, so who knows. Overall, I wasn't disappointed with the games length. Graphics There are things I absolutely love about the graphics. The painterly style is awesome and the lighting effects (rim lighting, etc.) really add something. I also liked the small head joke with Shay and the fluidity of the animation. I'm not the biggest fan of cut-out animation and it showed some of the limitations of this style here and there, but hey... I totally understand the choice to not go for hand-drawn sprites. I was disappointed with some of the pixelated backgrounds during close-ups early in Vella's story (Vella's house and the main hub in Cloud Colony as the biggest culprits) but thankfully the rest of the game didn't have these cringe-worthy moments. I hope there's still time to fix some of these issues. I liked the animation overall and the characters all had a nice distinct way of moving. In summary, I think the graphics are mixed, but overall look really good, especially on my 2560 x 1440 iMac screen. The lumberjack forest especially looked like a dream. Sound and Music Wow! I love the soundtrack and sound design in this game. The maiden's feast at the beginning had some hard to make out voices if I recall correctly, but overall there were very few balance issues. And Peter's music is really something else. I loved the use of real instruments and it really grounds the game. Nice! Story As I said earlier I had to let this one sink in for a moment. I think the story is the best part of the game. There are some parts where it feels a little rushed, but overall I really enjoy it. I expected something dark and sinister was up with the rescue scenes from Shay's side, but I still didn't put 2 and 2 together. I was genuinely surprised when Shay came stumbling out of the beast's mouth. I'm really excited to play the first act through a second time, knowing the big reveal now. How's that for replayability?!? Tim has crafted his best twisted tale yet I think. Who'd have thought that I couldn't wait to play an adventure game again right after finishing it, because I usually put these games away for at least a few years before I play them again. So kudos Tim, kudos! Conclusion Broken Age is not perfect. But I got that old vibe again that I got from the LucasArts games. And on top of that I got graphics and sound that were way better than those old games. I really hope the second act will be even better/longer (and maybe a little more challenging? ) and this could be the best adventure game of the modern era. For me, Day of the Tentacle still reigns supreme, but I doubt that game will ever be topped by anyone, even Tim himself. That said, Broken Age is amazing, money well spent (I already had more than my money's worth with the awesome documentaries by 2 Player) and I can't wait for the conclusion. Oh, and I hope that Double Fine doesn't let this engine go to waste and this is the first in a line of amazing adventure games from a group of amazingly imaginative and talented people.
  10. When you try to use the air tank on the yarn creatures during the ice cream mission, their subtitles don't appear.
  11. Hi. Minor suggestion here. In old SCUMM/Lucasarts-games I was used to using the UP and DOWN cursor keys on the keyboard to select dialogue options during conversations and pressing ENTER would choose that piece of dialogue. Much faster than a mouse imho. Can this be implemented? Pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry?
  12. Noticed the same thing. I'll try to get a video of this problem up on YouTube when I get off from work.
  13. Same issue here, on multiple occasions, but I first encountered this while talking to the guy with the three offering bowls in Cloud Colony. He started to talk, but because the camera was still zooming in, the English language subtitle was cut off a bit on the right side (Platform: Mac OS X Mavericks, 2560 x 1440 screen).
  14. Same bug, but right after the grabbing the cute creatures game with Marek. Also, the game crashed on me during the beeping. I've sent more details, along with a crash report and save files via e-mail. Hope you can squash this mean little bug.
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