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  1. Awesome. I didn't realize the iCloud was turned off by default.
  2. Is the game set up to share saves between different devices? As in, can I somehow configure it so that I can play on my iPhone while I'm out and about, and when I'm home fire up the game on my iPad and have it working off the same save data? Right now I have two different games going, but I'd really like to have only one.
  3. Same issue here too with the bus missions. Get the Approval stamp, but nothing happens. I can hear bgfx playing in the background, so I know its not totally locked up. The back/approve buttons can be touched (and light up when done) but the actual missions never seem to load. Kill the app, restart it, and everyone is back in the building. I have a new iPad 4G 64GB if that makes a difference. Oh, and on a more positive note: I'm enjoying this game a lot more than I thought I would. I can't wait to play the full version when it comes out.
  4. If you look at this post by fangamer, the button is definitely more baby blue like yours. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/7429/P75/#237027
  5. I received #21, which I thought was the most boring one. When put next to all of them, though, I feel it stands on its own pretty nicely. But, I voted for #26. There is something about it that is just simply awesome. Love it.
  6. That looks like the last one! They said it was like 21, but different, so that looks like it
  7. Give it a day or two. The USPS site is notoriously bad for tracking when you first get the number. Sometimes, for me, it doesn't update properly until the package is delivered.
  8. First? Technically I think it was the original Police Quest, but I didn't have the patience to spend a lot of time with it. A friend gave it to me, but I didn't really like it. Eventually I got hooked on the other Sierra 'Quest' games. I would guess it was either Space Quest or Hero's Quest (Quest for Glory) that eventually got me hooked at first. Sam and Max and Full Throttle really made me fall in love with adventure games (especially the original Lucas Arts style ones). I also really liked all three of the Legend of Kyrandia games, though you don't hear too much about those ones anymore.
  9. Just wanted to say that these episodes are amazing. I didn't think I would enjoy these half as much as I do. Also, are there any openings at Double Fine?
  10. I think I'm the first to post the most boring of all of the buttons! Plain white, no text Edit for slightly better picture
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