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  1. "Nice, I hope 2pp is involved in this. *scans page* Yuuup, this is getting all* my money." * all money was actually already pledged to MST3K, so this is getting all my imaginary future money.
  2. I'm counting something like 17 sidequests already, but let's not be nitpicky (and the more, the merrier). I'm looking forward to watching this one later, I usually enjoy them just as much as the regular episodes. Still hoping for a 2PP-focused sidequest, though.
  3. I seem to remember about a dozen DFers saying that they were working on unannounced projects during the initial AF standups. I would guess that this is not the only thing they've been working on "in secret".
  4. Hm I think it's the same music as in 2012. I found this thread, which says that it was composed by DF's Paul O'Rourke: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/8124/ Unfortunately it was not part of the AF2012 OST, but maybe we can get him to release it this time around.
  5. This was a great sidequest, I'm just hoping people won't miss it. As of now, it is kind of hidden in this post about the DRM-free release, and is not mentioned on the backer site or in the table of contents.
  6. To be fair, even though we as players are doing these missions for the first time, Shay has probably already done each of them dozens of times. I mean, they have dedicated entire sections of the spaceship to these missions. Still, if the players never did the hug attack mission, they will be very confused.
  7. Yes, I'd suggest to have this as the standard binding, makes the gameplay much smoother. Also, the drag-and-drop bothered me maybe for the first 30 minutes, but it wasn't bothering me afterwards, once I got used to it. Still, clicking an inventory item to select it and then clicking on the screen object for interaction would be nice as an alternative and feel more intuitive to many adventure gamers.
  8. If I remember correctly, Alex also referred to "Project Dandelion", which might be the code name for the "find a new planet" mission, so I assume the planet was already screwed up back then. One other thing that I vaguely remember is that Mog Chothra is only the name of the current Mog, i.e. there's a new Mog every ~14 years. So what happens to a Mog (and its operator, aka Shay) after it has collected Maidens and returns to its homeland (the forbidden area "where the Mogs, it is imagined, breed")? The robot life cycle idea sounds interesting, but it does not quite fit with Alex, since I think we can believe him that he actually was a space traveler who crashed on this planet. I don't know if we have enough information yet, but I can only come up with wild guesses. Maybe the ship's AI was left running and came up with the whole Mog spaceship charade as a way to keep carrying out its original mission, even though there was no way of going back to space...
  9. Was going to post the same thing, the yellow creature sounds too quiet if i remember correctly.
  10. If this is still possible to include, I would also argue for a different way of handling the inventory items, i.e. clicking on them once to select them and then clicking on the object you want to use them on/with. I suppose you chose the current way so that everything might be handled with the same mouse button or on a touchscreen device, but for playing with a mouse or a small touchpad this isn't ideal. You would of course need a different mechanism to handle the investigation of inventory items (currently done by clicking on them), for example a "Look at" button in the inventory, a double click or something similar...
  11. My account name on Amara is psim, as the previous poster I am also a native German speaker. The concept of Amara sounds pretty cool, so I'll gladly take a look at the German subs you already have (or any new ones submitted by others). I don't know how time-consuming this is, so I doubt that I would be available for translating newer episodes... but who knows, this might be really fun...
  12. This is looking great, as many before me have said. One minor point of critique is that the dynamic lighting of the character outline seems a bit excessive to me at times. In some instances it works very well, but in others it makes the character look surrounded by a strange halo (see around 1:20 in the video). But from what you wrote in the post, you are still working on making this seem more natural, so I'm not worried too much
  13. My deductive skills have failed me while trying to draw a map. I think one or two posts listing distances to at least three people will be necessary. On the plus side, I now have a sheet with 30 names and a lot of circles!
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