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  1. Hey DF, just backed it! Best of luck to you guys (and girls)!
  2. Hey, I finished THE WHOLE GAME a few minutes ago. Absolutely loved it. I was suprised by the twist of the story and (like someone stated before) loved to see the characters get together in the credits. This was one 3 years ride, wasn't it. I hope DF has more Adventure to come in the future (since you have an engine now). I ordered a boxed copy, just for my collection
  3. who said that there will not be an android version?
  4. For anyone interested. The game is in the Steam Top Ten again, at the moment, due to the 33% discount.
  5. It is the game that most of us asked for. It doesn't have hard puzzles (so far) and it's not complete yet. But it is an adventure game from Tim Schafer where you point & click and get a story told. The genre in itself is old school. It lived on in europe, especially germany and the east european countries and evolved. It's not SCUMM anymore and I didn't exspect DFA to use anything near it, from the start. Yeah ACT 1 could have had more puzzles but it still is a great piece of art. I think many did exspect it to be the new "best Adventure Game of All Time", because 90.000 people gave their money to get it done. But it is as it is. You cannot satisfy 90.000 people. It's absolutely impossible. So I don't know where the "we" comes from. I am not dissapointed. I got what I asked for.
  6. Nice to see you hint us at the other KS projects. KING ART Games backed Massive Chalice. Great, isn't it?
  7. Just speaking for myself: I thought the puzzles would be harder, but that is the only criticism I can really state. But it is too early to judge the whole game, if Act II will be harder the game will have a great balance - like many other adventures too) I think that both characters are well designed. Vella has that warrior spirit, like her Grandpa used to have. She definetly knows that she made the right choice and not an easy one knowing her family might suffer from it. I also love the way she speaks and comments, though and sweet at the same time. Not bored on my side. Just replay some other Tim Schafer games, the biggest things you get to know about his lead characters are often to find somwhere between the lines. That's what I love about his writing.
  8. I just made a news on gamersglobal.de: http://www.gamersglobal.de/news/81620/broken-age-act-1-trailer-zum-verkaufsstart Trying my best to spread the word about the game! Once again: great work DF!
  9. I already played the game about 11 hours (finished two times). I love Act 1 (a masterpiece of art and storytelling); you already know puzzles in Act 2 need to be harder, though. Bought the game again as a gift for a good friend who had her birthday last week. Hope it sells well: it is up in the top ten list on steam (4th) at the moment Congrats Reds! Well Done.
  10. Hi there, my overall experience with Broken Age? I am loving it! Thank You Very Much Doube Fine. But, as you should have recognised by now. Act 1 is too easy. I don't think that's bad, because Act 2 will be harder (Tim already said so in the last Epsiode) and the game as a whole will have a good balance. Once Again, Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this project.
  11. Na, the question as always is. What does a 9/10 stand for? It is a overall individual fun/excitement rating, isn't it? There are some 9/10 rated games out there, where I really think: For what? Like ehm.. Crysis. Yeah I played it through. Looked good and had great mechanics. But I consider a game like Dreamfall (which e.g. was an adventure with no riddles at all)a much more fascinating game. Because It hooks me from the start and I just don't want to stop playing (even missed school for "The Longest Journey" back in 1999). From a technical point of view, I would say e.g. Dreamfall was a 6/10. But I will remember this game forever. And that makes it a 10/10. And the same goes for Broken Age (as far as I can tell after ACT 1) The question always remains. What does the numbers mean for you personally. And that is a discussion going on since the start of Game/Music/Book -Reviews.
  12. and a 86 from: http://www.pcgamer.com/review/broken-age-act-1-review/ and a 10/10 from me What a blast.
  13. Great Episode. And !whoa! the game looks fantastic. 8 bit mode is awsome and should be included just for Old-School-Love. I think the looks will raise the bar for other adventure developers out there. I don't remember a (adventure) game ever showing off that much atmosphere. It ain't far from here, friends
  14. Hmm, Black Mirror (1, 2 & 3 are good too, but not as 1) Tales of Monkey Island Sam & Max series Deponia 1 & 2 (3 released tomorrow) Back to the Future Dreamfall (not really classic Adventure though, but wonderful story) A New Beginning Chronicles of Zersura puuh, gotta look in to my shelf for more.
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