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  1. Costume Quest Kids Meal

    I actually tweeted at them before posting it here and their official comment was "That's interesting!" It certainly made my afternoon more interesting. And I did sit down at one of their tables to post to twitter and check the internet for like 10 minutes without buying anything so at least that's one step towards making it even
  2. Costume Quest Kids Meal

    I was at the Solomon Pond Mall yesterday in Marlboro Massachusetts and saw this weird food kiosk that didn't even really have a name. Only sign was that they served official Hershey's iced cream. In addition to ice-cream they had sandwiches and stuff and the picture next to the Kids Meal Menu was the gang from Costume Quest (See image below. Apologies for the terrible picture since Droid 3s have the worst camera ever). I stopped and asked if they had any kids meal toys or how it was affiliated with the game but the teenager working there had no idea and just looked at me funny. Even weirder is I was just googling for the actual image because its such a terrible photo my husband wasn't sure I was correct and for some reason its a mirror flip. I guess to fit it on the sign?
  3. Rewards Going Out!

    I got the light blue backer