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  1. Considering the documentary is going to backers above a certain tier as a DVD/blu-ray, it would be very odd if 2PP/DF didn't offer it for sale as well.

    As for creating a DVD, it's very easy. There are tons of programs to walk you through it, many of which are bundled with a new computer or DVD recorder, so you may already have one. And there are free ones, such as dvd styler.

    But you'll have to get your hands on the video files, in other words rip them from the vimeo stream, which is probably not entirely legal.

  2. Don't be afraid of having a romance/love element. Lots of people dismiss it because it's rarely (almost never) done well in games, or maybe cause they're just too manly men, but secretly we all do respond to it emotionally. Japanese games seem to be the only ones that include romance as a regular element. We have it in every single movie and TV show but for whatever reason, it's not common in games. But as games like To the Moon show, serious themes and emotions can be done well and add a whole lot of emotional attachment to the story.

    As for puzzles, I think the key is immersion. For me, adventure games are all about immersion. Good puzzles add to that feeling (Colonel's Bequest, concept-wise, is the best example I can think of), while bad puzzles detract from it (7th Guest......any hidden object game....etc).

    Oh and I love the two worlds boy/girl idea, it made me think of Korean films like Failan and Il Mare (it's a whole genre over there).

  3. I liked Dear Esther and am happy to support it with my $10 or whatever it cost. But it's not a game, it's not particularly good even. It's just doing something (telling an emotional, dramatic story in a slightly artsy way) that we see so rarely in games (unless you play lots of "visual novels") that everyone is easily impressed. No offense intended, I'm one of these people myself.

    But I love seeing games like dear esther made and I hope the attention it has received inspires others to try it too. It's high time games stop just being "only" games and start being a creative medium that can be used for anything. Just like comics became "graphic novels" and cartoons became "animation".

  4. At least we currently have the option to break the law, but some years from now, we'll see a lot of games disappear into nothingness. Single-player PC games aren't a problem but multiplayer and console games have a more risky future. Not that I normally care much about those, but more and more interesting stuff is showing up exclusively on those.

  5. My impossible dream adventure game would be one that has an immensely detailed, living world, where the story and relationships etc really can take just about any turn your mind is able to cook up. Basically, because whenever I play a game I love (grim fandango, gemini rue, etc) I always wish I could go on exploring it, pulling a groundhog day and seeing what happens if I did something completely differently.

    Of course, this would mean AI on a whole different scale than what we're capable of, so I'm not holding my breath.

    Something like A Mind Forever Voyaging, except 100 years more advanced.

  6. The profits are in the game, not the engine. Unless you're in the business of licensing engines, but there's probably little market for that in the adventure gaming scene.

    Ergo! Open sourcing the engine would be a very nice gesture, with little or no disadvantages (one can argue), and the community would certainly be most grateful.

    Having said that, DF can do whatever they want and it's probably safe to say we're all here for the game. So they have my love anyway. Releasing the engine would just be a nice bonus.

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