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  1. Hi, Any chance I can see it on Vimeo's site ? I want to see it on my big screen and without adding it to my vimeo queue it is a hassle, Thanks
  2. After the first marryk mission right when I got the seconds star chart and were supposed to open the terminal to rescue someone the screen went blank, only the cursor shows and marryk voice in the background (music too, probably)
  3. Guys, this DRM discussion crap was already over in page 10, why do you bring it back up? leave it be or open a new thread. We are just excited about today, don't ruin it for the rest of us. Thanks.
  4. Well considering that it's 6:33AM right now here in EST and DoubleFine is based in California; It's about 3:30AM where they are. They probably don't get into the office until around 9AM, so I would say 6 hours minimum left. So hard to be patient. I was only half joking, so thanks for taking the time to answer me.. I wonder if humble bundle has some automatic going live feature.. 6 hours is a lot.. and it will be night over here
  5. Ok, its the 14 and its afternoon here, where is my beta??? :-D
  6. This was done so well. I must admit I had my doubts but you blew me away with this one
  7. Didn't see the movie yet, but I wanted to say that amnesia fortnight's movies were amazing and Tim, you committed to a game in a budget of 400k, do not take money made from other channels for this game, on the contrary, you should have some money left for pr and stuff. the game will be great but dont forget its all a big experiment and you dont know if people will buy it (other than us the backers) so you are taking a huge risk investing more money into this.
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