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  1. The similarities to my youth are frightening! I've had my first programming workshop in 1988 on a KC87. The one with the longish, painful rubber keys. Your fingertips were almost bleeding after a session of what was a shameless copy of Summer Games. Oh yes, we did some programming in BASIC too. I got my KC85/4 in 1990 after it was eventually affordable to my dad thanks to the German reunion. I've been hoping for a C64 at the time, but disappointment was steamrolled by excitement pretty fast. The KC85/4 didn't even have a datasette. I used a regular radio with tape deck. The ancient Junost monitor I had was thankfully replaced by a proper TV (with colors!!!) a few months later. Memories of the following year are a little fuzzy, but there's been a lot of playing Digger (Boulderdash clone), Enterprise (turn-based strategy game, at the time I didn't even know the Star Trek franchise as far as I remember), and a few other interpretations of western games. Games were usually made by individuals/hobbyists and swapped on cassette tapes. There's even been a short time (short in my memories at least) where programs were *broadcast* by a popular eastern German radio station. You would record them on tape, then hope that the KC was able to read them. Hilarious times. Last summer I finally found my KC85/4 plus the tapes on my parent's attic. I knew it was there somewhere, but burried below lots of stuff. This attic is extremely hot in Summer, dead cold in Winter. Yet the KC works flawlessly. Made for eternity, almost as unbreakable as Russian tech. The tapes are in good shape too. They should be fine as long as they suffer in a dry environment.
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