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  1. Pens? I still write with pencil if I have the choice. I'm a true purist.
  2. Another "thank you" for the transparency and frankness. 2.2 mil. seems much less than 3.45 to be honest (especially the rewards budget, gosh) but 'm sure you'll put it to good use. Keep feeding us with industry savvy info, we love it and that's why some of us are here!
  3. The percentage of external backers is astonishing. These people have joined Kickstarter just to fund this project and, according to other data I read some time ago, they kept on backing other projects related (or not, in many cases) to video games. This shows that people were willing to try this out, embrace the idea and keep spreading the notion of crowd funding - it was not an "one night stand". A healthy reaction for the industry and a cause for optimism for the future. I expected a much higher percentage of the total sum to have been covered by $15 tier backers. Oh well...
  4. A New Beginning, from Daedalus Entertainment. Not very pretty but wonderful, difficult riddles!
  5. A walking trunk is out of the question, Rinceweed already has one of those. A companion is a reasonable idea, multiple main charactrs on the other hand...with each of them being a companion when not playable...Whadoyathink?
  6. None, none, none. We will all express our opinions but this is someone else's game, not ours.
  7. Spot-on. I can deal with every puzzle around, even the ones I hate, but this particular design gets on my nerves every time. You can use X only after you see the cutscene. I'm also not a big fun of trial-and-error puzzles, but I have seen a wonderful implementation of such mechanisms in a game called "A new beginning". Some of the smartest stuff of that kind I've ever seen. That goes a bit with open design in riddles. I think it's unavoidable to some extend, but maybe DF has something else to say...
  8. Well, I'm here just for the inside look of a game being developed - to see how the industry works. The flow of information is not a major concern for me, but I can see how it can positively (or negatively) affect the process especially if a leak about a fundamental part of the game occurs. Just for discipline's sake, I'd say "keep it private" but I would appreciate a list of things that are off sharing limits and things we can spread around. We are all eager and well-meaning, definitely, but not PR-wise. Videos is one thing that's clear enough, but what about concept art or official announcements?
  9. We the backers alone in a room with Tim Schafer? We're severely outnumbered!!!
  10. Medieval Europe! Or, even better, the Italian Rena╬╣ssance!!! Little to no fantasy world, a plot based on historical elements and real locations. I think it would be beautiful.
  11. I agree with that. It was e very clever, beautifully implemented idea. I think that non-linearity is another way to go, like accessing different areas and parts of the game according to solutions and conversations. You could have two alternative chapter 2s, 3s or 4s.
  12. Definitely, DEFINITELY 2D. With hand-drawn backgrounds and 2D characters, not those funny-looking 3D models.
  13. My thoughts exactly. It's great to be a part of it!
  14. I'm a huge fan of Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer and I've played most of their pont-and=click games as a tender little gamer. I also really appreciated the approach of Double Fine, the whole concept of giving the backers inside perspective of the project, and of course tha fact to back an indie producer whose games I love. It's all about innovation in the gaming industry and I'm proud to be a part of it.
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