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  1. Yeah i know, i just think it might be good to differentiate the types of puzzles that people find boring or a blocker or whatever and i can imagine that puzzles involving people are uninteresting more seldom .
  2. Hey. It's not that much psychology really. The archetype thing is also disputed, but i think it fits in some discussions. Quote from WP So the idea basically says that there are types of characters which are pervasive or universal to all cultures. Everybody knows what a "hero" is, no matter how he looks what he does etc.
  3. Hi, just watched the latest Video and i figured i contribute my thoughts. 1. People like hearing stories about people (not necessarily humans, entities in the broadest sense, anything that seems to have a sense of self and that they can relate to). 2. People can relate to archetypes especially, i do mean Jung's here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jungian_archetypes In that sense, i think certain types of humor (the ones you guys at kickstarter have) are archetypical or relate to them somewhere. (?) 3. Maybe puzzles get less of a story-bump if they involve people. Not "make that machine do something" but "Resolve this interpsychological situation" or, put more egocentrically: "make that protagonist do something". I think that is what make Psychonauts so great. Regards & Love Fabian
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