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  1. Very enjoying and satisfying second half of the adventure. The credits were fantastic, lots of cute drawings, I laughed a lot harder than I should have at the spork baby.
  2. Wow, I'm an idiot, haha. I figured it out. I have no idea why I didn't think to play with that. Thanks!
  3. I'm going to white text this because I feel like I'm being very dense here, especially considering I've been working on this puzzle for the past couple hours. So I noticed that the console was a separate highlight from Marek with your previous hint, but I still don't see any way or reason to interact with it. Obviously, I can't hit the console while he's standing right in front of it, and the door that it opened earlier where the maidens are being held just won't let me through because Vella doesn't want to be seen by Marek. The passageway from the Weaver's room is also blocked by debris. I feel like I need to find a way to distract Marek somehow so that I can either hit the button on the console or enter the room from one of the alternate entrances and steal the star chart. Am I forgetting yet another door? That would be rather impressive for me considering I've walked the ship end to end a few dozen times at this point.
  4. Remember that he got a new pair of shoes every year, and each year they had a different color and pattern. Closer hint #1 A chart will help you a bunch here. Go oldschool adventure game and write it out with pencil and paper Closer hint #2 Start mapping out what you DO know.
  5. Hmm. Still nothing popping out at me and no ideas. I feel like I might be missing an inventory item or something. I've cleared most of the ship and only have the trigger, hook, and knife. I'll keep working at it I guess!
  6. Okay. I've got one more: How do I get the star chart? I see where it is but can't get to it. All logical alternate routes seem to be blocked. I even think I know how to reroute to where I actually want to go once I grab it, but I can't figure out how to get a hold of it.
  7. Ooooh, thanks, Now I have something to play with and I think I'm starting to see how this works, thanks!
  8. For the life of me, I can't find a reference to the hexipal wiring for Shay on the ship. Am I missing something incredibly obvious?
  9. I doubt they'll release it early for backers, both for the reasons you mention, and because doing so last time kind of burned them. I'm fine waiting with the general non-backer peasantry until it releases if it helps with exposure!
  10. Is the full speech up on youtube? I heard snippets of it that sounded really funny on youtube, but I'd like to hear the whole thing.
  11. If that is a thing that is possible, that would totes be cool. ditto Thirded. It would make for a nice capstone to everything. While we're wishing for things that would be very time consuming, I'd also like to request a feature length cut. The documentary is something I'd love to show non-gamer friends and family, but it's hard to sell the idea of 15ish hours of episodes to somebody who doesn't already have a vested interest. It'd also be kind of cool to see a cut of all the footage done with the knowledge of how everything turned out in the end, allowing to tell a more focused story.
  12. Go for it! As others have said, I think we've gotten more than our value out of it through the virtue of being able to watch it in 'real time'. My only caveat would be that backers should get to see any new episodes or content first going forward. I'm not sure if it'll convince the haters, but it remains a valuable and interesting look at game development that I think is good to have in the public.
  13. Wow, some really excellent and reasonable feedback here that I totally agree with almost point for point. I seem to remember really early on about discussons about a relationship mechanic but it ended up getting scrapped as out of scope. However, I think the ideas being bandied about at that time were significantly more complex than what you have here. I think the random chance to develop friends/rivals/lovers with some simple straight forward buffs is a relatively simple and powerful mechanic. Tying it into the bloodlines wouldn't even necessarily need to be as complex as you've detailed, it could be as simple as friends/lovers being more likely to have children and any existing children would end up with slightly higher stats. This could lead to some really interesting gameplay decisions where you end up choosing to pair a regent with her lover rather than the badass level 8 caberjack with crazy good traits you've been grooming for her.
  14. Nice! Combining your last names is super cool and sweet, and you managed to do it without the ridiculousness of hyphenating them.
  15. I remember seeing mentions in some places that they plan to release the entire 2HB engine as open source at some point. Of course, this could have changed, but I haven't seen anything to indicate that.
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