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  1. No Publisher. No A**kissing. No Bull***. No Influence over the press.
  2. Go for subs, if their is money left over perhaps.
  3. Gotham City Impostors. Rocket launchers, ninja blades, deathmatches. Nuff said. That and Minecraft.
  4. Hallo! Grüße aus dem Süden Österreichs ....
  5. In terms of adventure design, the villain or villains should be pro active, countering the players actions, like try to lock player characters into prison cells or locking doors behind them, try to take away objects from the player character by knockin them out cold or stealing them from them.
  6. Yes, criticize todays Cooperations and their culture through satire. Go after people who trying to profit of the internet without actually understanding the technology or the damage they are doing to society at a large.
  7. We can have it both ways, simply use the DOTT approach use both genders in different story parts, or have a group of characters for the player to choose from like in Maniac Mansion.
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