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  1. Tough choice between Mnemomic and Dear Leader. Dear leader is probably most likely to succeed, so I'll go with that. That said, I agree with the two before me: Black Lake first!
  2. I'll be honest, I was a bit skeptical, but f-ing hell this turned out to be the prototype I enjoyed most (Shows why I'm not a game developer and you are). I can't even nitpick what I didn't like, the visuals, puzzles, atmosphere, lighting I just really like this. edit: Changed the wording a little.
  3. You should be moving backwards when you are on the millwheel.
  4. Just want to point one thing out in case of a full release version, try to make it so you cannot click offscreen for dual monitor users. Aside from some errors with the message service no major issues on my end. The game itself was of course a prototype, so I assume stuff like difficulty and challenge is second to showing the aspects of the game which I thoroughly enjoyed. Really hoping for a full release!
  5. Funny I hadn't thought about that before but the stamp in papers, please does feel very satisfying.
  6. I agree. I've tried it a couple times and it's just kind of gross. I never seem to have problem keeping the nubbin attached to the peel, that said if you lack the skill it can be kind of gross.
  7. I can see this failing miserably but nonetheless I will be trying this edit: That was easy . It's pretty awesome isn't it? Indeed it was, I'll be doing this more often.
  8. I can see this failing miserably but nonetheless I will be trying this edit: That was easy .
  9. Oh no! I don't open my Bananas like that. I just know you CAN. I still do it the hard way so as to not look like a Complete weirdo. Haha damn, now I feel betrayed.
  10. I think it's like a Rubik's Cube, doing it any other way would be cheating. It does feel like cheating, but once you're used to it you just can't go back. See Levi does it too!
  11. Dear Tim, Couldn't help notice you struggling with the banana so here is some advice; if you are struggling to open a banana the "normal" way turn it around and use the hard black part on the bottom. It is way easier
  12. Something extremely minor and I'm certain I could get used to, but it could be a minor annoyance for others similar to me. During start-up with the "press any key screen" I keep hitting escape without thinking and this makes me end the game, I would personally like for "any key" to really mean any key and not any key except Escape.
  13. Because Tim shafer and Ron Gilbert
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