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  1. Okay...my thoughts. (I must confess I didn't read the whole thread - something about Werewolves and Vampires?... I don't care... ) When I signed on for the Kickstarter (Before the goal was reached BTW) the promise given (by Tim Schafer) was never for a great game, or even a game. It was to be a part of a journey and get to see how it went. IIRC it was $300,000 for a 'game' and $100,000 for a sort of documentary to see if it could be done? The Kickstarter raised nearly 10 times that. IIRC too - the promise was never for a great game. In fact I seem to recall that we were told (up-front) that it could be a spectacular failure. At this stage I would say the project has both succeeded AND failed. And that's a good thing. Why? Since the Double Fine Kickstarter Adventure it seems to have become all the rage for practically every man and his dog to sell concepts on Kickstarter and sell games in both "Alpha" and "Beta" stage. And while I support the idea (Except selling Alpha and Beta as if they were complete!) - the reality is that many of these projects are totally unrealistic in terms of what they promise (features), time frame and budget. In the case of the Double Fine Adventure, we have a known developer with a respected name and a professional studio who have 'failed' to deliver a project on time and in budget. The project has suffered from project creep (or bloat?) and the and experienced designer has over-reached himself. I am sure, like me, many of you have watched many subsequent projects on Kickstarter? That is important. That is exactly what we need to see. That is exactly what many people involved in the current trend of 'crowd funded development' (both developers and backers) need to see. $3.3 million dollars might seem like a lot of money - but what does it actually buy you in terms of game development these days? That's something many 'gamers' need to see. (As an example Camelot Unchained only asked for $2 million http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/13861848/camelot-unchained?ref=live - realistically what can that deliver?) And, if you are given $3.3M what sort of pressure does that put you under to succeed? That's something many 'developers' and 'gamers' need to see too. So, I think even the 'failure' here is a success. I have no doubt Double Fine will deliver something. How and when... doesn't really matter to me. Whether it's good or not is yet to be decided. But frankly the lessons learnt here are important. IMHO The Kickstarter Double Fine Fine Adventure really opened the Pandora's Box on crowd funded development. And I hope the results can at least help close the lid a little again - restoring some kind of balance to the force of realistic promises and expectations?
  2. Well, actually, it's more like fraud... the real world "go directly to jail" type. Kickstarter's own info says So if publishers are in fact doing this - I would say "fraud" because it's falsely advertised. In fact some countries have laws about this sort of thing. I am sure Kickstarter would be furious to see this... after all - their reputation is at stake too.
  3. I just read this really interesting article on Australia's Atomic Mag forum... http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/News/316172,are-game-publishers-sneakily-trying-to-use-kickstarter.aspx?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=Atomic+MPC+All+Articles+feed If it's true - it's more than a bit worrying. Some selective quoting (by me)
  4. LOOK BACKPACK does not work PICKUP BACKPACK does not work TAKE BACKPACK does not work Neither does BAG USE BACKPACK does not work USE LIGHT does not work LIGHT ON does not work TALK TO GUY does not work BURST ANNOYING STAR BALLOON does not work USE LIGHT WITH BACKPACK does not work PUT LIGHT IN BACKPACK does not work Will there be a wipe at the end of this Beta Test? I want to keep my character.
  5. Nah... there are companies that do this. For example http://www.surveymonkey.com/ What you should do is contact them and explain who you are... and link them to the Kick Starter page Then explain that if they do this survey they will be famous forever! Then ask them for money for the privilege of being involved and demand that they get the survey done at once! Oh and Bartle group and Myers-Briggs. And as for if they are Hot and their phone number? Useless. "Are you EASY?" :kiss:
  6. That's because (almost) everybody else read the Episode Notes: Oh... well that makes it alright then.... Wait... No it doesn't! 5 MONTHS Holy crap. :ahhh:
  7. Jigsaw World! (As in the puzzle... not that guy from the Saw movies.... although that could be good too...)
  8. Great episode - I am really enjoying this And I can't believe more people haven't said it... 5 MONTHS Holy crap. Aren't we supposed to have a Beta in there too? No way. I await the 2PP episode "Stage 5: PANIC!" Aside:@omer It makes Lua a whole lot more readable that way. It's a weakly typed language and following this convention lets someone know at least what the intended use is for a variable. I'm just going to leave this here for you: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/Wrong.html Thank you for that article. Really. That was a very helpful read.
  9. I love watching concepts become art... (because I have no art talent) Can I ask a favour - from the 2 player productions team? Could you please show an artist doing one of these drawings from start to finish? (Lighthouse on the moon / oragami land type) With a clock or timer? Sped up - so not to be 'boring' - including mistakes and redos? Reason: I am showing my kids how ideas become 'worlds' and encouraging them to use their imagination. And showing them it doesn't have to take years. I want them to become game designers... since I never want them to be able to support themselves financially! (LOL)
  10. I have it! In the shower! (this would be a very easy level and ideally suited to the opening 'room' by the way...) Why? Because everyone does their best thinking in the shower! Don't they? That's why the level would be so easy too... everyone would just go "Ahhh! Of course!"
  11. In the place where money goes in the time between when you pay for something with your credit card and the money leaves your account... ...until it arrives in the retailer's account. Sorry, I don't know where that place is or what it looks like? Edit: Also, on one of the moons of Jupiter?
  12. Thanks. Enjoyed seeing the creative process. I remember "Free Writing" (hated it at the time - always ended up going in decreasing circles - mostly writing... "I hate writing") Anyway... I came away from that thinking of the XOR game. http://xor.ovine.net/downloads.php for some reason? Also, I read an article years ago about a maze with two travelers - it was in "Mathematical Recreations" in Scientific American. I think it was this Where Are the Cows? Where are the Cows? is one of Abbott's most difficult mazes. It first appeared in his book SuperMazes. Abbott warns readers that it "may be too difficult for anyone to solve." Since then, it has also appeared as the titular maze in the book Cows in the Maze. The complexity in Where are the Cows? includes self-reference, changing rules, and flow charts. It is also worded so as to provoke confusion between an object (such as red text), a reference to an object (such as the word "red"), and even more subtle references (the word "word"). The maze ends up being so complicated that it can even be difficult to work out the next move, let alone the end. In this maze, you have to use two hands, each starting at a different place. The instructions in one box might have to do with the box that the other hand is in, boxes you have already left, or complex combinations of the two. From here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Abbott_(game_designer) And got me thinking about games like one I played on the PS2 where you had a team of 4 people and they all worked together solving puzzles I don't know if this is what Tim Schafer was thinking - but that's what it got me thinking of.
  13. Of course DF won't deliver the best game ever... because they haven't had MY input yet...and as I said earlier based on my contribution this game had better be 0.000000000000004% exactly what I say! (I might be off by a factor of ten there? Meh, you can do the math) But in all seriousness, the internet isn't new and any developer with a forum has been under the microscope for a while now. I think Developers and Game Designers would learn to be pretty thick skinned in this day and age. The trick of course, would be to sort out the good and worthwhile comments from the screaming horde. Some forum posters do make a worthwhile contribution - and I am sure that in 2 or three months the DF Community Manager and Dev team will have a pretty good idea who might be worth watching. In fact...2 Player Productions (if you are listening out there?)... Community Creation, Management and Feedback along with Dev reaction to it all would be a very interesting episode please? Still - regardless of how the game goes - a large part of why I opted in was because of the inside look at all this.
  14. I've got it! A Suitcase full of money! $3,336,371. It should fall from the sky maybe? Maybe the main character should spend it on magic beans?
  15. In one of the interviews (sorry - I am about to rush out again - so i won't be providing a link) it said that based on the amount of money raised through Kickstarter, Double Fine were reassessing which game engine they would use? (or more precisely - could afford).
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