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  1. "O" and "P" are the coolest designs. Either of them or some kind of combination of them would be really cool.
  2. Like some people have already posted here, I would much rather have ONE story with one playable character than more. This because I would rather have Double Fine focusing on making that one story great and not focusing on making more than one story instead.
  3. I think this is a really good idea. I usually have no problem with spoilers but when you don't want them and you get them it's really annoying. Also, it's not a very hard system to use, just rating the post in this way. Very good idea!
  4. Really enjoyed the video. It was very interesting to hear about these things. Also, a big thumbs up for the overall quality, feel and style of the videos you are putting up. Really good work, watching these videos is very inspiring. Keep up the good work!
  5. Great post! Really interesting to see the creation of the visual style all broken down into different videos like this. I think the art style used here is really good and the camerawork (the panning and the following the character in the way shown in the video) makes the game-world seem more alive and more interesting to explore. Really, really cool and I can't wait to see this develop further. It's awesome to be a part of this whole thing and to actually get to see this stuff. Once again, can't wait to see the more of this. (Also, too bad about the leaking of the information)
  6. Thank you for posting this here. I had a great time reading it and finding out more about what happened behind the scenes in making the pitch-video. Thanks!
  7. The Secret of Monkey Island. Not back around it's release though but fairly recently.
  8. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge here. The Secret of Monkey Island was really good and funny, but I still like the story, style and overall feel of Monkey Island 2 more. I never did play Escape and Tales was good but not great.
  9. I'm going to play it on my Windows, but if it the backers get the iOS-version as well, I will most surely play it there too
  10. Good Point. Or just add a head (which looks like one of the heads on the logo) on the shoulder of the character. That would be awesome!
  11. I guess it could be cool if there was a Team Fortress 2-item based on the game and I see how it could help non-adventure-fans find the game. I do not think it is something that a large amount of time should be put into though, but it would be cool.
  12. I think it is possible to have more than one mood in the game, but I do feel that comedy has it's place in adventure-games. Of course it is not something that absolutely HAS to be in the game, but it was always one of my favourite things about certain adventure-games. They were actually funny. That said I think most kinds comedy would work, anything from completely crazy jokes (as in nonsense-jokes) to the more serious-style jokes that were in Psychonauts (among other games). That choice really depends on what kind of characters/setting/story/etc. they decide to use in the game and as long as the jokes works with the characters/setting/story/etc. I am sure it's gonna be fantastic either way.
  13. Very, very nice first episode. It felt like it's really capturing the feelings of the people involved! Looking forward to seeing this project grow and I am so glad I will be able to. Also, very nicely made video, I am looking forward to the next episode and all the ones after that one! Keep up the good work!
  14. I may have understood you wrong but I just thought I would point out that I think the Mass Effect-games managed to have choices in one of the games actually affect things in the sequels(like characters you choose to sacrifice in the first game being gone in the next game and such). I have not played the games myself but from what I've heard that is kind of a major part of them. I think that the idea of having different choices change the story in different ways is a very interesting one, but only if it is done right. I do not think it is a necessary feature, but it could be a cool addition to the game.
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