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  1. I killed a raider in the airlock and now the environment satisfaction of all my people is "sad". How can I get rid of the dead body?
  2. 3. It's easier to write a story for a game than to make a game out of a story: http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/how-to-start-your-game-narrative Thanks for pointing that out. Quite interesting. So probably I was wrong with this point. I constantly learn new stuff during this project But I still think that they mismanaged their budget. Well, anyway. Let's hope they also learned something after all the fuzz of the last couple of weeks.
  3. Ok, so let me explain what exactly I mean with "carelessness". Tim tries to make his dream of the "perfect adventure" come true with this project. Nothing wrong with that you might say, it's for the best of all of us. But is that really true? I also have dreams. But at the same time I have limited funds that prevent me from fulfilling my dreams. This is a simple fact of life. I have to make compromises. My impression is that Double Fine started to work on that dream and didn't stop to think until they hit a wall. They developed their own engine. They made a sophisticated design in "Bagel Style". They have parallaxing backgrounds and a lighting system which produces colorful rims on the characters... And after hitting the wall all they talk about is that they don't want to cut the story? The story?? Holy cow, these are completely wrong priorities! Stop polishing every nitty gritty byte if you can't afford it! Just give us a great story with fun and laughter and memorable puzzles. Did Monkey Island have all this technical stuff and design stuff? Or Day of the Tentacle? No. And they were great and still are. Did you try the short adventure of Marius Fietzek who made the internship at Double Fine? It was simple but it was great. I laughed my ass off after I put on the "beard bird" and Tim started to make funny noises... It's not the design and the engine that makes a great adventure game. But this is where all the money has been spent. I think that the story and the puzzles should not be any different with different budgets. Tim is writing this on his own. But it should be different how you visualize your story with different budgets. You should start with a story and then calculate what you can afford to visualize this story. Double Fine started with a dream and went "all in" from the beginning. And this is what I mean with "carelessness".
  4. Well... I'm not sure to be honest... The "GameStar", Germanys biggest and most influencial gaming magazine just released a column titled "Not cool, Tim, not cool at all" in it's latest issue. And as Germany is one of the few places on this planet where Adventure Games are still alive, this is VERY bad press! And I can't help to at least partly agree. Yes, we had a great time watching the documentary over the last 15 months. And yes, we also loved the invaluable insight that you provided regarding the development of a game. I personally think that this is already worth more than I pledged for the game. But the point is that in the end I pledged for the game. And the harsh truth is that this will most probably be the only thing that you will be measured against a year from now. Delivered the promised game / Not delivered the promised game. Succeeded / Failed. Black / White... Even worse is that you are still kind of a "lighthouse project" that is very visible. You started all that Kickstarter hype with your successful campain and paved the way for other veterans like Chris Roberts, Brian Fargo or David Braben. So I would argue that your responsibility is even bigger than "just" delivering your game. It's about trust in Kickstarter projects in general. Initially you asked for 400.000, you got over 3 Mio. and after 15 months you discover that you need at least 6 Mio. ? Phew. This is indeed hard to understand. You still didn't explain how this could have happened. With my limited knowledge I would expect that in the beginning you start with a project plan that lays out how many characters, places and lines of dialogue you can afford to create with the available time and budget, right? No? So how is it working and what exactly went so terribly wrong to suddenly double the budget needed? What about project management? What about controlling? What did you change to prevent this from happening again? And what is your plan B if "part one of something great" will not sell so great on steam? How will you be able to finish the game then? Currently it looks a little bit that the freedom of not having a publisher can easily turn into sort of carelessness.
  5. I also didn't like any of the given choices. Here are a couple of ideas from my brainstorming: - The Jolt - To The Stars! - Starving Monsters And Starships - Of Monsters And Moons - A Tale About Teens And Toads Well... Perhaps I have to explain the toads :-) There is this saying "You have to kiss a lot of toads before you find a handsome prince". I thought this could be a good allegory for the journey of the two kids seeking for something that is probably hard to achieve.
  6. So I think we all agree that a new Kickstarter Campaign would do more bad than good on a marketing perspective. But what about upping our current pledges? That really shouldn't be a big problem. Just give Chris Roberts a call and ask him how he did it with Star Citizen. His campaign was and still is brilliant! Guys like you and him should really work together for this vision of a better world without publishers :-) And it would be something that you can easily sell without being perceived as a "beggar". At the beginning of your campaign none of us had a clue what to expect. And as you can read here and on the comments at Kickstarter, a lot of people feel that they "owe" you money for what you already delivered! Hell, you did an awesome job and by far exceeded my expectations that I had in the beginning! The documentary and your forum updates gave me an insight into the game development process that is just mindblowing. I pledged 30$ and what you delivered so far is already more than worth it! I think especially those on the 15$ and 30$ tier are likely to increase their pledge to the next level. And the first three tiers are just digital rewards. It wouldn't generate any extra work for you (like printing or shipping). So I beg you to open it up to the 60$ tier again. In fact I think it would be unreasonable if you wouldn't! And you can legitimate it by "popular demand". I know that every project gets to this point sooner or later and that you will be able to cope with it. But it is a matter of fact that your business development guy is looking for more money right now and my suggestion would be one source that is easily accessible.
  7. Yes, I know I'm late... But I'm slowly keeping up ;-) Man, this was hilarious! The video already made me laugh :lol: And atmosphere was great already too. I am so happy to be a backer of this awesome team. I love you all!
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