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  1. I feel like if we could somehow put the end half of this episode on the steam sales page than people would just bawl money at broken age. Seriously, the feels are strong with this one...
  2. Check out Terence Lee for the soundtrack. One of the best musicians out there imo.
  3. Just ran into another one while doing shay's space walk sequence. When giving a line of dialog and moving in the space suit shay's mouth lags behind unnaturally.
  4. You mentioned work was done on space boy act 1. How many acts are we expecting to see, and how much game-play is making up an act?
  5. Excitement has been raised to the tenth degree! Love the whole surreal art approach Bagel brings to the table. It's going to make this game unique in the best possible way!
  6. I don't know how relevant this thread is at this point, but whatever. Imagine a desert landscape with dunes and whatnot but instead of sand the ground is made of a giant carpet. I was thinking a Berber carpet. A giant, hot, Berber carpet.
  7. Love it. If this is just the pre-viz I can't wait until the actual product. Sort of unrelated question though. Was the music and sound just thrown in for the demo or is it the same that's being put in the game?
  8. this kinda reminds me of rapture In bioshock. Take the city under water idea and then do something different by making a 20's era themed city. That's what needs to be done with a game setting. Spin an idea in a new direction that really captures the players imagination.
  9. surface of the sun. except its slippery and glasslike like ice. Functions the same way as an ice level, only on the sun.
  10. Awesome video! The whole free-writing thing really grabbed my attention because I've always suffered from the terrifying "blank page". The whole notebook thing puts everything on paper were you can see it, which is very appealing to me. Anyway, it sounds like you could do a lot with the whole double reality thing. what if your actions in one reality effected the other? There could be a puzzle or something that can only be solved by doing something in one world that changes the environment in the other. or has that been done before?
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