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  1. There... changed! Though no disrespect to Curse originally intended! I agree it's awesome. http://grumpygamer.com/9168384
  2. Check out Grumpy Gamer's latest blog entry! http://grumpygamer.com/5777333
  3. Even businessmen have the capacity for kindness!
  4. I reckon it'd raise much more than DFA... but then I suppose a good part of that would go to buying the rights from Disney, if they first agree to sell, and if they set a reachable price.
  5. Once upon a time, there was a genetically modified pig eating genetically modified soy beans. Suddenly, the pig, called Henrietta, had an existential epiphany. "Woah!", she said "Independent self is an illusion! These wonderful beans and I only exist relatively to one another, and we are part of one and the same infinite, conscious universe." While gathering her astonishment at this new sensation, Henrietta noticed a tiny door in a corner of the barn she'd never seen before. She took a single step. Farmer Bob appeared, axe in hand. His authoritive, yet dulcet voice chimed "No, my dear Henrietta. Forget your hippy nonsense. You and the beans are intellectual property, and this story is clearly going nowhere"
  6. That's the hope, eventually! Once we've done an open-source release, it should be fair game. That's amazing! I managed linking a couple of rooms plus some simple tricks on Adventure Game Studio, but if there were any programmery types on here, who'd like an 'artist' to work with when this is released, I'd love to make something more fruitful...
  7. Disney has bought Lucasarts! http://venturebeat.com/2012/10/30/disney-buys-lucasarts-alongside-lucasfilm/
  8. Nice! I locked myself out of my house once, forgetting to pick up my keys, which I kept on a hook near the front door (so I wouldn't forget them, no less). I could just about see them through the letterbox, so I got a wire coat-hanger from my friend down the road, unwound it and fished the keys from the hook. Ta daa!
  9. Ok, I don't think that Lucasarts have no right to creation, just that Ron also has a right. But is there anyone from the original development team or management at the time who is still actually there at Lucasarts to benefit from the IP ownership? (I don't know, but I get the impression that most of them have since left). The president responsible for the recent Monkey Island revival is now gone, apparently with a whole group of other executives, and George Lucas is in semi-retirement with a fortune of $3.2 billion! Is it the new executives' right? The shareholders? Even still, they don't have to sell, right? But if they want to stick to huge-budgets and huge sales, then adventure games are not so much use to them. Star Wars is bigger and more profitable. In which case, why not sell it? If they do want to use the IP, it wouldn't make sense for them to ignore a request from Ron, and a mob of supporters to license him to make one with full creative control. And again, if they don't want to fund it, it wouldn't hurt them one bit to allow Ron to fund it himself with a kickstarter, or undo any of the work he was paid to do, or the fact that they have already profited greatly from his work. Perhaps the only way Ron could buy it, is if George takes notice and decides to sell it for something affordable, out of respect for Ron, because he can. And why not? I understand why he might be very protective over Star Wars, but as rich as he is, I don't understand why he'd be that way about Monkey Island.. I hope my response is meaty and facty enough!
  10. “Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” - Albert Einstein http://www.destructoid.com/battlefront-3-killed-by-psychopaths-at-lucasarts-227066.phtml Ultimately, George Lucas is in charge of the company. I don't believe he started it to be a profit monster. It's not Disney-like or naive to challenge purely financial thinking.. the real world is what we make of it! Then after this, we can move on to world peace.
  11. Wow, I just read that the budget for the last Star Wars game was $200 million! but I also read that a million subscribers to the game, which they have more than, brings in $180 million profit every year. Yes it's a massive investment and a risk, but they're swimming in money. I bet they could retire now and live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Ron's not even asking for money. He's asking to be allowed to pay millions to millionaires to buy his own ideas. How is that too much to ask?
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