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  1. Well, they sure take their time. At this rate, they might be late for christmas... .
  2. Or you could use tools that deal with this nonsense and still "touch" the internet while maintaining your privacy.
  3. Have to agree with the OP. I haven't finished Act 1, but the puzzles (i wouldn't even call them that) are way too easy. Love the artstyle and sound though.
  4. I'll go with the original thoughts of Greg Rice: it kind of cheapens the product. Having said that, I'll backed your project, because I think you guys and girls know what's best. So if you think this is the best way to ship the game:
  5. Awesome sidequest. But now, I'm kind of sad that my Junost is gone...
  6. Survey done. What's the point of "primary language"? I'd rather not have Tim Schafer dubbed by some weird german actor...
  7. None. I've backed the Double Fine crew, not some random ks backer.
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