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  1. You all must play "Flower, Sun and Rain" now! It's one of the 'jigglyting' best games evah! Althouh it is not a classic point and click adventure.
  2. Sorry about the cut in the phrase, I've already editted it. What I was meaning was that, as the game is also going to be released in mobile devices (and apps for mobile devices are generally very lite), it could affect the PC version by making it less complex. As developers have been saying all along the last design post, they're focusing on the tablets' port of the game by simplifying its characteristics (menus, controls...), and it could affect the graphics as well. I am not saying that simplified menus are worse, or that I prefer a more complicated interface, it's just that I'm a bit worried about it. (Sorry if I haven't explained myself properly, I'm not a native English speaker. ;P)
  3. When do you think subtitles are going to be ready? I can't wait to see the videos understanding a bit more! ;P
  4. I have the feeling that the iOs and Android versions will limitate what you are doing with the PC version, referring to terms of memory or graphic capacity. Please, keep in mind that the original project was only gong to be released on PC. Don't exclude some good ideas from the game just because of the "portable versions".
  5. I prefer it to be done in pixel-art, because hand-drawn could look as ugly as the "Monkey Island Remake", and I would like that. But, if it looked as well as Wario Land Wii, it would be perfect.
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