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  1. They mention in the video that it's only planned to be a test to get a feel for the art direction of Psychonauts 2. It would be nice to have it as a secret playground in P2, but I wouldn't count on it. Tim has made it very clear that he wants Psychonauts 2 to move forward without relying on too much direct nostalgia/reference from the original (creatively speaking).
  2. Man, that Art Test footage looked amazing! I'm so glad to finally see more of this game. The Levitation Ball Animation video is also really interesting and I suggest people watch it. There's so much work that goes into simply having Raz bouncing around.
  3. Thanks for the comprehensive answer, Jenni!
  4. A Bump to remind Mr. Spaff~ Also, it seems that with this new forum, only 1 badge is showing at a time? I swore I had a Massive Chalice one. Will there be anyway to switch them out or add them together again?
  5. Thanks for showing this! I missed it before.
  6. Thanks for the links! Rhombus is looking really fun at the moment!
  7. http://www.polygon.com/2016/5/11/11657448/fig-consortium-psychonauts-2-equity-crowdfunding-sec-delay-update Uuh, so it seems that the SEC is still pending approval for the collection of investments? I hope it goes through and soon.
  8. Yeah, Diduz. I'm over here wondering when I'll hear anymore about the game. Hopefully, it'll resurge upon Day of the Tentacle's release. I don't even care if it's something small like a concept sketch an environment. Just something!
  9. You don't think poster signed with Tim's mouth, armpit or feet would be more valuable some day? Haha, alright alright. Any body part that works then!
  10. http://www.fangamer.com/products/psychonauts-poster-unsigned-signed $10 Unsigned $30 Signed For all of you Super Psychoheads out there! It had better be HAND-signed, Tim!
  11. Oh man, awesome! https://twitter.com/RockBand/status/688088672848228352/photo/1
  12. I would LOVE an area as exploration-heavy as The Camp. I'm not sure if it would make sense for Psychonauts Headquarters to be so game-y, so it being the hub is a little out-of-the question. That said, a separate mind or real life section like that would be great. Replaying the game, goofing off around camp is one of my favorite parts about it. I also loved how the different campers had their own detailed insecurities and miniature stories. I want MORE OF THAT in this game when dealing with everyone, but especially the fellow agents in the Psychonauts headquarters. More details on the life of Sasha and Milla would be great too
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