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  1. @DF keep up the good work! almost holiday season so just a bit longer. *crunch crunch* (from eating chips and not working) @Greg, appreciated you're honest responses in the thread. keep up the good work!
  2. but we are the [now] generation! and it has been long... Episode!....Episode!...Episode!... :-P see it as a compliment
  3. Hi DF pr, nice episode again keep up the doc stuff! i would say, for EP2 give beta keys to us backers and launch the games and reviews to the public at the same time. i rather have the game at the same time as non backers, and you guys earn some money on this then that it hurts you're sales. i was also one to have some minor critique on the difficulty of the first act, almost feel guilty now ... but just keep up the good work, one of the difficulties of being a backer is, that you play the game full of assumptions and expectations, that will never be realistic, so don't mind us and just make the best game possible, we will all be happy in the end. greetz, MB
  4. Hi All, played a bit of the game, but must admit it is lite on actual gameplay. when you are in Shays world trying to brake the routine there is a room with fake controls and free huggs i kept trying to use the controls or do something with them, but the level was completely empty.. jsut a screenshot to walk in and do 1 thing. so i would urge Tim to step up for act 2 and make it more difficult, if he is afraid people can not complete the game, just add an "auto complete puzzle" button. people who want to use it can do that.
  5. so i will need to create a steam account, install steam, login to steam etc ? or will there be any other way?
  6. Great episode! nice how 2player and doublefine send out a positive vibe in this one. on the game, looks great, nice to see how the internal testing is done. hope you get the car fixed tim! ps. you do look better with a beard, or get some sun on that skin, you look like a nerd so pale
  7. "just" cut some stuff from the game, and work extra overtime for 5 months in a row (no weekends!), you should be fine good luck!
  8. Hi Tim, some good news here. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-11-06-happy-action-theater-used-in-school-for-special-needs-students
  9. when trying to start the translation i get the message "sorry these subtitles are privately moderated" does anybody know what to do?
  10. at the moment, when i go into my messages and select to start the task, the website holds on loading. i will try again in a bit. ... when i select the option to start the translation i get a popup stating. "sorry these subititles are privately moderated" and then the screen closes.
  11. "Also a reminder to use the "select your languages" tab at the top of the screen and assign a language to your profile. This way i can start granting permissions to work on the translations! " ... waiting..not having any permissions. did need to change the confirmation email address under edit profile. (just a hint)
  12. whoo just got added. now let's see how this works and get going on some translating.
  13. hi Just send a pm for Dutch Martijn3 is the user. mijn Vlaams is een beetje roestig
  14. - Escher painting (good for puzzles and other stuff) - Hell, burn baby - haunted hause with mirrors that grant access to another dimension
  15. @DF Oliver great to see al this, do you create any kind of uml shema or other technical documents to help you program? could you post a snipped of a design document if you have any, just to get a feel for the amount or lack of detail. how will a conversations system work? database related, xml files? can you explain a bit of the setup in high level
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