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  1. +1 Please upload your message here as well: http://support.doublefine.com/forums/597328-full-throttle-remastered
  2. It's not the Legacy by GJ. And it is both in the classic and the remastered versions' files. PM'd you.
  3. I've always wondered about this midi track in the classic and now remastered games' files called "legacy" which is not by Gone Jackals as we know it. Was it supposed to be in the intro before they had GJ's music? Oh, and apparently you can rip the audio from the full.data somehow. Not sure if it's legal or not but I'll share the method once I know it.
  4. Would it be too much to ask you guys to share the 6 orthographic projections of Ben's bike? Oh I wish I could rotate them freely if the screensaver, but as I get it, there is no actual 3d data in game. (or is there?) Even the framerate is the same as in the original game, full rotation takes 79 frames. I understand this data must be an intellectual property, I have no intention to do anything shady like rebuilding and selling them or something. The reason I ask is I really want to see this hog in real, it's a dream of mine and probably of other FT fans as well. Not sure what are the actual chances of that happening, but for now I just want to play around in CAD applications, check the proportions of parts and everything. BTW Thank you for the game!
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