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  1. Progress Updates

    A is Anna, I'm pretty sure. B is Greg? C is Lee? D, I don't know - Anna again?
  2. I'd love this. It would be great to see a side quest where 2PP talks about their experience spending so much time with one game studio, the ups and downs, and the tension points, particularly any tensions between being partners in a project with Double Fine, and being impartial journalists Speaking of, how does 2PP see their role? Is impartial journalism what they're going for? Did you guys have other goals? Do you feel like you met them?
  3. Question from the uninitiated: What does it mean to "duck audio files"?
  4. The video is great! Very nice to see a little more gameplay. Also, yay, I got in for a wee, wee bit!
  5. Dear lord in heaven, I don't believe I did this. But here are some thoughts from me, yet another white guy in glasses. I tried to frame them a little more as a pitch for the game & documentary - not sure what you need for the E3 video.
  6. Got all new VO in game? Is that replacement scratch dialogue, or final voice-acting? If the latter, which characters? And what actors? Thanks for the update!
  7. Savegame wont load - Xbox 360 version

    I also had this error, but I wasn't playing with the Time Traveler. I was using Knight, Hillbilly, and Adventurer, and got the error message at some point after completing the Hillbilly's area. Since then, I've also started experiencing the same error in other games (Mass Effect 3), which I had never encountered previously. I've moved the Cave off my hard drive, just in case. A patch would be appreciated.
  8. I like the suggestion that "Double Fine Adventure" be part of a title. Immediate strong link to all the news coverage of the Kickstarter. I think it would work well as a subtitle to one of the one- or two-word titles that have been suggested. Like so: The Divide: A Double Fine Adventure The Cut: A Double Fine Adventure Or my favorite of the ones folks here have suggested: Chasm: A Double Fine Adventure
  9. Is the documentary available on regular DVD, or Blu-ray only? (I don't own a Blu-ray player, but would love to have a physical copy of the doc.)
  10. Cool - thanks, Chris! Ordered!
  11. Another question - the page says that for an extra $20, the print will be signed by "key Reds team members." Is there a definite list of who those will be? Tim? The 2PP guys? It doesn't matter a ton to me (I'm likely to order the signed version in any event), but I am curious.
  12. Black Lake Animals

    Just FYI on maned wolves - they are great-looking creatures, but they smell like skunks. For real - their urine is super-stinky. Although that might actually work well with the tracking mechanic for the game.
  13. Another backer here who hasn't posted much to date, but who was totally blown away by this doc episode. There was much, much goodness here - keep up the great work!