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  1. Thanks, I've voted too! i hope at least one of my selection gets chosen! Looking forward to the development process...
  2. DERP! I think I had to click the 'contribute and vote' button on humble bundle to purchase access to the 2014 documentaries. Sorry, I assumed it meant that I had to vote for something right then and there, and I didn't want to do that as I haven't seen the development process yet.
  3. Hi guys/gals, I just found out about AF 2014! Awesome! Where do I go to catch up on the development process (from the beginning) Will I have to buy this weeks humble bundle to access it like with AF 2012? By the looks of it, things have progressed quite far and I'm gutted that I've missed out! Help! Thanks!
  4. A place which was the vestige of what once existed... e.g. Volcano/Obsidian land Crystal (not ICE!) ocean Industrial wasteland Academic Aftermath Empty Parade Petrified/Still people (a bit eerie!) A kingdom of a Crystal Skull (wait, that one sounds like a bad one) Love the episode 4 video btw :-D Fortune and Glory, DF...
  5. Indy here proudly owns a BlackBerry Playbook! *whip crack* (Crowd: Where are the apps) They have top men working on it right now...TOP MEN! (Like the fine folks at double fine and whoever made machinarium)
  6. The first adventure game I ever saw was 'The Curse of Monkey Island', I use to enjoy taking part on the puzzles with my older brother. The first adventure game I ever played was 'Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars' which I loved sooo much! For double fine, I've tried to get into psychonauts but couldn't (didn't really give it a chance tbh), played brutal legend demo (I didn't purchase after finding out about the RTS elements) enjoyed costume quest demo but the lack of voice acting was a bit weird from what I remember (would make a better portable game) and haven't played stacking. I have enjoyed many lucasarts games though.
  7. Hahaha! Tim Schafer is officially the modern day Scrooge McDuck! Lovin' it lovin' it lovin' in! Really excited that we all get to set foot on this amazing (project related) journey, it's certainly the most exciting project I'm a part of! Really looking forward to all the video content, I just want to consume it all! Fortune and glory Double Fine! Fortune and glory!
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