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  1. You ignored 1/3 of the research. 300 years should be enough time to research all the 3 class weapons and armor in addition to everything else. Some things should be sacrificed because not having a tradeoff isn't challenging though. I didn't ignore them. I didn't see any point in them. In a game driven by choice, I should choose how to spend my time, and if I don't feel something is worth researching, I'm not going to do it. XCOM can get away with it because it also has a build component, but in MC you're done building by year 50. Without things to research, you're just waiting for people to die. Also, if this is a game meant to be replayed, should it really be long enough to where I can get everything? Then what's the point of replaying it? Right now there's so much time that you can pretty much do everything the game has to offer, unless you get screwed out of one of the three classes, which isn't much incentive to go back.
  2. I'm surprised some people think 300 years is perfect. What are you doing during the last 100 years? I had already built everything and none of the research options seemed worth doing at all. I even maxed armor and researched a new weapon for caberjacks despite never having any caberjacks. The main thing I was doing was replacing dead people in posts like lightbulbs, and slogging through inconsequential battles. The exp was pointless by that time, so on the rare instances I actually lost someone in battle it didn't impact the game whatsoever.
  3. I still love the game overall. I love the visuals, and the music, and the toxic enemies slowly eating away at my borders. I like the overall snappiness to the combat, and deciding who to pair with who when the houses need refilling. But I think that the game is missing the mark on what I want it to be. Obviously, this is my personal opinion, and other people might approach the game in a completely different manner. I don't expect any of the fairly radical changes I'm suggesting to be implemented, but I still thought I'd give my honest impressions. I had planned on writing them after completing the game, but I've been bored since year 200. I've already researched everything worth the effort, my heroes are all 9-10, and the random events are too few and too shallow to make much difference. If this a game meant to be replayed, I shouldn't be just killing time. In Civilization, there's lands to conquer, a tech tree to fill, and goals to work towards. In Massive Chalice, the goal is to wait. I'v had all the land taken up fifty years in, and there's no mechanic to change or improve on what I've already built. I can't even change houses if I wanted to get more of a different class. There's sort of a tech tree in this game, but it's not presented well. I wish there was a visual representation of working towards better and better things. Instead, options just appear, and I've got a whole list of items that don't seem worth the serious time investment they call for. Equipable items take too damned long to research, and the best ones I've found are low hanging fruit. Fifty years in, I had five keeps producing babies, and individuals stopped mattering. It didn't matter what their traits were, what they did in battle, if they ever saw battle, because combined with standards everyone ended up the same level anyway. Since I was fielding mostly hunters, everyone murdered their enemies well enough to negate differences in individual performance. Relics didn't matter either. I had too many heroes to know who had them, and when I equipped them the difference in damage never ended up being significant. Ideally, I would rather heroes leveled more rapidly in battle to encourage me to use them more, and grow an attachment to them, and for all the outside effects to matter much less. I wish there had been more time to field those individuals, less children overall, and less generations to dilute my interest in the individual. With 300 years, and children being battle ready at fifteen, that's roughly twenty generations. If this had been someone spread out over 5-6 generations, including a family tree documenting these houses, the individuals would have become much more interesting. I also might actually be able to keep track of their relics. Not quite on topic, I still feel there needs to be a basic defensive option for each of the classes in battle. When I can see enemies but can't get in range to attack, and I'm forced to burn a turn because of it... that just feels bad. My heroes are going to suffer, and I'm letting them down because I don't have the option to prepare them for the incoming attack. There are also too many enemies per battle in the last third of the game. This doesn't really make the fights more difficult. It just makes the encounters drag, and make me dread the next one. I wish the enemy numbers would be reduced down to 3/4ths past 200 years, and make them a little deadlier. Things should be getting desperate. I should be losing valuable troops just to survive. I have yet to see an advanced bullwurk actually hit anything, and lapses more than half the time. Melee enemies rarely get close enough to attack.
  4. They should also play Valkyria Chronicles, especially now it's on steam. The game does so much right in not just the turn-based combat, but also caring about your individual characters.
  5. With all hunters, these enemies are a joke. They rarely get a chance to hit.
  6. I haven't been paying attention to traits at all. I notice little differences in battle, but it's more neat than significant. I'm year 200, and all my guys are level eight. XP in battle has been trivial for a while. Have five Crucibles because no reason to build anything else when I have more than enough keeps to keep my army going. I only have one Sagewright guild, but since I'm only really fielding hunters, I don't need many upgrades. I actually got a caberjack upgrade even though I've only been able to field that class once in two hundred years. Might be too late for this, but another building type would be nice.
  7. All penalties should be reduced in glancing blows, and not just damage. Sometimes damage is the least important since it's temporary.
  8. Yeah, they seem useless. The damage is nice, but the short range and especially the stun makes them not worth the hassle.
  9. There should be an enemy that can see stealthed units, and pop them out of stealth. Maybe the wrinkler since that's probably the least effective enemy unit. Make him very resistant to ranged while you're at it. The multiple target bow clears seeds pretty easily so I don't think massing enemies is the answer.
  10. The core problem is they'll be charging in drawing more aggro than you want to deal with. With the way combat plays out, it's best to take a careful approach, which means hunters advance under stealth to scout things out. Cabers stay behind where they shouldn't be since they'll almost never get the chance to hit anything.
  11. Maybe because I haven't got any high level cabers, but they don't do this for me. Actually, they don't do much of anything because they can't get in range to attack before my hunters have killed everything. They can taunt one enemy, but when there's a half dozen I'm dealing with, that's not much value. If I could stealth to position them for the attack I'd get more out of their knockback at least.
  12. I'd rather have function over theme. That's my problem with hunters having stealth. It makes sense from the theme, but mechanically it doesn't suit the rest of their abilities. When they can shoot from so far away, why are they the ones stealthing in to get close?
  13. I honestly think the solution is to give the stealth ability to the caberjacks. The hunters can shoot from so far away and have no real penalty for a close shot so they're the class this ability is the least useful.
  14. If they were individual, the research cost would be much cheaper, so why wouldn't you invest? Right now it makes the most sense to boost a single class and get all their best items, and fielding them, because splitting the difference you won't get the optimum power for your investment.
  15. I can understand that, but the end result is encouraging the player to only use and invest in one class. Diversifying is too costly.
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