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  1. I don't think we have a thread like this elsewhere do we? Anyways I thought I'd be neat if we discussed whats on our gaming plate. Since it's October now, I thought I'd bust out with some supa scary games to get in the mood. So I'm playing some Condemend 2 and a bit of Fatal Frame 2. But I just recently got my hands on some PS2 classics that are going to be hard to avoid playing. How 'bout you guys'girls? What are you playing?
  2. http://www.gotfuturama.com/Information/Articles/4_New_Futurama_DVDs/#Benders_Big_Score I just saw this. It looks like a new Futurama DVD Bender's Big Score is comming out on Nov 27! Holy zombie jesus!
  3. @Anemone Always down for recommendations. Especially those from the DFAF crowd. Phoning Home is giving me some Wall-E vibes. Looks interesting. I'll add it to my Wishlist! It really is a jam packed quarter of games. I passed on Resident Evil 7 as it was releasing too close to Gravity Rush. But pre-ordered horizon Zero Dawn as I figured I'd be done with Gravity Rush by the time that came out. I think my overall time on Gravity Rush was like 24 hours. I explored alot and did some side missions. Not sure what the average time is to beat the game but i can be kinda lengthy depending on how you approach it. I've been pretty much radio silent on Horizon since the announcement. I like going into some games blind. Looking forward to it.
  4. Anemone I haven't heard of POI before. I'll have to look into that as I am love me some more 3D Platformers. It's been so long since I played Ocarina of Time that I can't really remember if any of the dungeons really gave me a hard time or not. I should replay that someday and see what I think about it now. Bookdust - Witcher 3 is great. I spent far too much time just exploring the world and doing sidequests then any sane man should. Finished Gravity Rush 2 last night. I enjoyed the game and I think my overall impression is a good one. There seemed to be a lot of plot and missions that I think could have been cut from the game to make it a more streamlined ride that held better. Being able to get from one area of the new game's main city to entirely different one seamlessly by flying around blew my mind. The detail and scale of it were just incredible to me. When I first got arrived to the new town I went straight into first person mode and explored, that made a great impression. And can I say that I LOVE the fact they added the option for first person view like that. A little touch having the option to do so, but it really does help get some great perspectives on things and I am sooo glad they included it. Flying around in first person was wild too. But towards the second - third parts of the game it just feels like they didn't know what to do with the story. Personally I think some of it really could have been excluded. Had the game originally ended where I thought it did, I would likely have had a less favorable view on it. Heck I thought I beat the game and I was a little miffed that alot of the questions that I had from the first game never were addressed. Then I did a quick google search and realized the game was in fact - not over. That a side mission could now actually lead to the real final ending. And the true ending section of the game I did enjoy. The part dealing with the overall mysterious world and backstory. That to me was the truly interesting content I was waiting for. They created a intriguing world and lore. Still alooot of unanswered questions and ideas though. I do wish gravity control was played around with a bit more. You have control over a fundamental law of the universe and I imagine there are some outrageous ways that having control over gravity could lead to new game experiences. But that's never really delved into. The different modes could have been scrapped altogether as they never seemed. Gravity Rush 2 is a good game that does alot right. It's a bright tasty apple with a few dark spots on it. Just try to avoid the dark spots and enjoy the rest of the deliciousness. Question - What's the deal with Apples in this game anyway. The iconography is used quite a bit and I never really made the connection. I was thinking about it last night, and then the whole Sir Issac Newton having an apple fall on his head thus the revelation about gravity then hit me. Is that what is sort of referring to?
  5. Resident Evil 7 sounds so boss. I'm holding off on playing until September/October as I looove playing horror games that time of year. But from everything I hear about it, it seems like they did a bang up job. VR integration has had lots of positive buzz too. Currently I am playing Gravity Rush 2. Don't think I am very far in it yet. I've spent most of my time just wondering around and exploring the environments I've gotten to so far. Love the setup design of the main town where you can seamlessly travel to rather far away locations. Feels great traveling a huge distance like that and not running into loading screens or anything. Very fluid process. Enjoying the more colorful palette of the worlds so far as well, everything just looks and feels great. My only gripe at this point is the same that I had with Gravity Rush 1 - The soundtrack. Not that it's bad, just that while I'm exploring and wandering about I hear the same relatively short song again and again and again. It gets burned into my brain. So I just mute the music for the most part. Horrible I know, but it saves my sanity. Excited to see where the game goes from where I am. Random note - Somehow Gravity Rush 1 in physical form is like crazy expensive now. Think I'm going to hold onto mine as I enjoyed the game, but surprised to see the game shoot up in price like that. Does that happen alot to retail exclusive games? Hopefully it gets a reprint.
  6. Love the behind the scenes stuff. Seeing Whispering Rock with the updated graphics was radical. I'm trying not to watch too much of this content as I want to go into the game blind and be surprised by everything, annnnnd yet I want to watch all the behind the scenes and works in progress because I love seeing that. My brain is a fickle beast. Anyways thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!!
  7. PS4 exclusive?

    I don't have a Vive or PSVR but I am interested in them. However I can't say that I am "upset" that I can't play the game. It would be neat to see all DoubleFine's games on all platforms, but I think we as fans also need to understand the logistical and monetary issues involved with creating games. I don't think there is any need for fear or concern about all their content being exclusive to certain platforms at this point. This is just one game. And a bit of a special case at that, considering it is a VR game being released in the early days of VR. Looking at Doublefine's past output they generally try to get their games out on multiple platforms when possible. We don't know the specifics of how Rhombus of Ruin even came to be - It might be a case where the game might not have ever even been developed without Sony's assistance. Wasn't that the case with Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U? I know folks were kind upset that Bayonetta 2 ending up being an exclusive on a Nintendo system, but my understanding is that if Nintendo didn't put down the capital to make the game it never would have been made at all. In my mind I'd rather something cool like this get the chance to be made and end up being exclusive rather then never being made at all. This game will help to: -Introduce more folks to the P-nauts franchise and get the brand name out there being a PSVR game when there aren't many. -Maybe help improve some relations with companies like Sony. -And also help introduce the Doublefine team to developing in VR. Which are all positives as going forward this will undoubtedly benefit us - the fans. So yea, even though I can't currently play the game like some other fans might not be able to, other people will. And it will help Doublefine and Psychonauts. So I say look at the bright side of the situation here.
  8. Nice!! Let us know what you think of it. I've heard the new Resident Evil is pretty awesome too. Did you buy that as well? Do you have a standard PS4 or the Pro? I recently got a new computer and have been tempted to get a Vive, but the high price is still keeping me from doing so...for now. The place I work does have one though and for the few minutes I've been able to mess around with it, it's cool.
  9. Always impressed with speed runs. The commitment needed to learn the games in's and out's like that is wild.
  10. Awesome! PSVR seems like some interesting tech. Wasn't sure when the release date for this was, so that's a nice surprise!
  11. Wouldn't it be neat to have everyone share their videogame screenshots? Steam has a quick and easy way to take photos in-game which I have sorely been neglecting.
  12. fallout 4

    Ha, Those videos make me wish I played the game on PC. Mods look like alot of fun. Finished the game up the other day. I spent way too much time on the random side missions and exploring. I think I like exploring the Fallout landscapes more then anything else. But the ending was a disappointment for me. I don't want to spoil anything, but the choices I made had things end kind of abruptly. And the only choices I had seemed a bit violent for my somewhat peaceful playthrough. Also I think I wasn't able to finish things or have Preston as a companion as he seemed glitched in my game and I was unable to progress with dialogue options with him. Which was a bummer. But things before the ending provided some good gaming.
  13. The beta for a Hat in Time is out now? I almost forgot all about that game. Hopefully that means a release isn't too too far away then. I never finished Sam and Max season 2. I liked Season 1. Should try to get back into that at some point. Hit the Road was amazing back in the day. So darn good. I was finally able to finish Tearaway : Unfolded the other day. Great overall experience. And surprisingly longer then I expected it to be. I never played the Vita version, so I don't know what content was additional compared to the original, but I felt the variety of levels and overall length was just right. One part I enjoyed in particular was a optional challenge mission that had you using all the features of the Dual Shock 4 for some creative platforming. I wish there had been some more of that in the game. It really made for some interesting gameplay. Loved the soundtrack and the graphics to me are some really amazing stuff. The addition of being able to export photos and .Gifs was also a genius idea.
  14. This was a great idea for a thread Anonymity. Mad props broski.
  15. Funded!

    Great news! Congrats!
  16. This is awesome. Brings back a bunch of old memories from the PS1 days. And it's very neat to get a behind the scenes viewpoint from a game like this. Thanks for sharing it!
  17. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat was an intense game. The atmosphere is nuts. Seemingly everything is out to get you and you have to be super careful at all times. Fallout 4 does remind me a bit of it. The open world, radiation, monsters, and especially with the random storms that can swing in and mess you up. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. certainly seemed a bit more hardcore and unforgiving though.
  18. I loved Xenoblade on the Wii. It was a massive game however and took me literally forever to finish. I'd be curious to see what people think of the new WiiU game. My latest purchase was a Nuka Cola last night:
  19. A few months back I picked up a bunch of Teltale games. Jurassic Park, Walking Dead season 1, Game of Thrones, and A Wolf among us. I only got a chance to finish Walking Dead and I liked it. Once I get a new PC I want to try out the others. Is the general consensus that their adventure games have gone off the rails lately? I bought Tearaway on the Playstation 4 a while ago, but just started it the other night. I didn't expect the visuals to impress me as much as they did. It's a very beautiful game. I'm only a few hours in, but I'm enjoying it so far. I don't mind the running speed much, it's kind of nice to have a slower paced almost relaxing vibe to the game. The lack of a jump button was kinda odd for the beginning segment however. I do love the fact that the game uses features of the Controller in interesting ways. It sort of reminds me of when Ape Escape came out for the PS1 and the control mechanics of that game blew my mind because they were so neat. And I also am thankful they didn't force you to use the Playstation camera if you wanted to take upload photos and such. I just downloaded the Playstation app and use my phone for uploading images. Which is good fun. I imagine I still have a bit of a ways to go before I finish the game, but I am very happy with it so far and am glad Sony put the effort in to bring this to the PS4. More original fun, interesting games like this are exactly what I've been looking forward to playing.
  20. Do we know if you can add to your initial pledge after the fact, if you used the Paypal? I contributed towards the Basic Braining tier at $39. Thinking things over now I might want to add the $18 required to get a Playstation 4 code. But I am unsure how to do this, or if it's even possible. Anyone know?
  21. Ok, that seems like a good idea. Thanks for the response on this!
  22. So I actually contributed with my Paypal rather then going through Fig. I wonder if the Fig total takes into account the Paypal contributions for things or not? Because there could possibly be many more like me who preferred to use paypal and as a result the grand total for things could potentially be higher? Again not sure how that works. Edit: I also have some follow up questions: Do we know yet whether or not the game will get physical releases on consoles or not? If you back the game through Paypal, can you go back in and increase your pledge to qualify for more rewards? If the game is not going to get physical releases on consoles, I may be willing to contribute the additional $18 more to get a PS4 download code then.
  23. I just finally got around to see the new Jurassic World movie. Thought it was alright. Not good, but decent. There were a few moments that I thought were nice, like showing the awe and wonder kids can have when it comes to dinosaurs. Certain things felt a bit forced however. Like the product placement stuff, and constantly telling us Chris Pratt was "cool". Plus the two young brothers weren't exactly likable characters in my opinion. More then anything Jurassic World kinda made me want to re-watch the original film again.
  24. I too am currently going through Fallout 4. Taking my time and trying to do the sidequests and such before I get too far in the main game storyline. I don't think I really have a favorite Fallout game. I thought both Fallout 3 and New Vegas were good fun and enjoyed my time with them. Fallout 3 is a bit special in that it was the first Fallout game I played and the whole experience of going into a massive open world RPG was new for me. While I was a bit hesitant to jump into this current gen of console gaming, the past year has had some really enjoyable titles released and I feel like things are starting to come into their own. Looking forward to next year where it seems like even more high profile games are releasing.