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  1. The good thing about Max's hints were that he didn't actually tell you what to do, he only told you where you should go. He helped you avoid useless screens once you were done with them. There aren't that many screens in Broken Age Act 1, but on Vella's part I felt that the option to go back to the clouds once you got down was confusing a little.
  2. Spoilers from Vella's part of the game. After finishing the game, I must say I have enjoyed Shay's part a lot more. It felt tight and fun, while Vella's part felt a little tedious, long and confusing. While on Shay I knew every minute what I should do, but on Vella I was pretty much confused most of the time. Her "mission" wasn't as clear as Shay's. When I reached the clouds, I just started wandering around, not feeling that I should return. Vella should mention again that her family will be dead if she won't go back fast. After leaving the clouds, it is possible to go back there, probably because of the Riddle of Yorn, but so many screens and options left me confused. The Riddle of Yorn is unrelated to the clouds, even though you have to go back all the way there to find the answer. I am lucky that I had it with me already. The most confusing part about Vella was helping the mayor. I virtually gave him the sap just because I had a hunch. I did not understand at all that he wanted a way to make the sand stick. Maybe a small map should be added to the Vella part, to make travelling to the clouds and the sea a lot faster. Vella should mention from the moment she get to the clouds that she must go back now before Mog destroys her village. And making the mayor part a little more understandable: He should mention more clearly that the sand won't stick together.
  3. As seen in the image, when Vella tries to use the ladder to climb onto Jessie's nest she clips behind it. When she goes down the ladder she's fine. 1920x1080 Resolution. Intel i7 6GB RAM GeForce GTX 560 Windows 7 64-bit
  4. As seen in the picture, when Shay goes into the door leading to Marek's room from the left side, his leg clips onto the door. 1920x1080 Resolution. Intel i7 6GB RAM GeForce GTX 560 Windows 7 64-bit
  5. No no no I really like the floating subtitles! Please leave them as they are!
  6. Shay talking to Marek and asking "So that's a wolf suit? What are you underneath?" The subtitles are all the way to the right, out of the screen. 1920x1080 Resolution. Intel i7 6GB RAM GeForce GTX 560 Windows 7 64-bit
  7. The following sentence at the start of the Shay part of the game, when looking for the body that got stuck on the ship, gets cut in the middle. It sounds like: "Get off of me! Get o-" Intel i7 6GB RAM GeForce GTX 560 Windows 7 64-bit
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